Xtra-p and OC on Stretch Armstrong, Nov ’93
Friday August 25th 2006,
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To my mind, there are two incarnations OC – the humble vocabulary-spill expert who used to roll with Organized Konfusion and gave us Word…Life, and the flashy, show-off O who simplified his advanced vocal techniques so as not to scare off the broads at the bar. Confused?

Compare this:

Large Professor and OC – Live on The Stretch Armstrong Show, Nov ’93 [Freestyle Frenzy Vol. 1, Dolo, 1994]

to this:

Dude could still rap his ass off but it just wasn’t the same.

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OC destroys it on the Stretch Show. That clips schmooved out.

Comment by Hams 08.25.06 @

from OC to Mic geronimo to MCgruff to big l to biggie to pharoah in 99, a lot of quality mcs went flashy.jewels was a great album though, not classic but still better than mic geronimos vendetta lp or even in my lifetime vol. 1. in my humble opinion which were both out around that time. Jewels also had better sell out songs than life after death did…

Comment by cv 08.25.06 @

So that Large Pro beat was over a year old when Mad Skillz used it for “Skillz in ’95”?

Comment by Lotuz 08.25.06 @

I like both OCs.

Comment by End Level Boss 08.25.06 @

STARCHILD and Smoke & Mirrors — two of the dopest releases of 2005 IMHO. Totally underrated.

Comment by Finally 08.25.06 @

I like both OC’s too.

but there’s also a third OC – one who hasn’t been able to pick beats to save his life for the past 6 years.

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 08.25.06 @

O.C. one of the most underrated true lyricists ever! In my mind, no one from D.I.T.C. was ever the same after Big L passed and the bling era emerged to confuse everyone’s styles. Some nice joints on Starchild though.

Comment by Big Articulate 08.25.06 @

probably my fave rapper ever…. still waiting for those UK DITC gigs :(

Comment by The Average Man 08.25.06 @

word life..was pretty amazing for a first album,
Jewelz was a good sophomore effort.
That last joint smoke and mirrors? that shit was
straight anemic.such a shame for IMHO one of the
greatest storytellers since slick rick the ruler.

Comment by Palm Sterling 08.26.06 @

Could anyone please point to where the missing new Large Pro lp snippets have gone? I remember dl-ing them from this dope site but I can’t find them anymore, I burnt the tracks but lost the disc. Damn, unlucky again. I have mad bad luck.


Comment by silent_minority 08.26.06 @

‘My World’ is probably my fav OC joint, but the rest of the album was just aiight. Premo laced him with a banger, can’t deny that.

Comment by Funk Jones 08.26.06 @

So that Large Pro beat was over a year old when Mad Skillz used it for “Skillz in ‘95″?
Comment by Lotuz 08.25.06 @

Large also played the ‘Hard’ beat during the radio session, which came out like 3 years later as the b-side to ‘I Juswannachill’.

Comment by Funk Jones 08.26.06 @

I particularly like the literal miming dances on that video:

Yvette Michelle –

“Not your average MC, put a smile on your face” (mimes smiley face with fingers)

OC –

“I gave ideas to L Ron Hubbard to write books on Dianetics” (mimes opening book)

Were Pan’s People brought in as consultants on that shoot? sure looks like it. Other than that, the whole motocross/horse chase shootout thing is genius.

Also, if Large Pro can freestyle like that, why does all of ‘1st Class’ sound likes he’s rapping off an autocue with a hangover?

Comment by Eyeman 08.26.06 @

I’ve always iked this – god knows why they wasted money on a video though? I had ‘Far from yours’ on a kay slay mix tape and used to rewind it like crazy to hear it. That and Ali Vegas when he first came out. Don’t think Oc can do any wrong, big up Serchlite for him!

Comment by farns 08.29.06 @

i actually like this vid (assuming its Far From Yours as most seem to be referencing. YouTube is blocked here at work) and song a lot. (just picked up the 12″ too.)

Smoke & Mirrors was ok, but not very good. One of many rappers who I wish would retire rather than ruin their legacy. (So much flooding the industry that older MC’s are trying to save it, but instead not helping since they are so out of touch or just can’t pick good beats)

Comment by mordecai 08.29.06 @

Maaaaaan, I don’t think it has anything to do with bein’ “confused” at all. It’s possible to explore different styles/flows/subject matter- it ain’t gotta be one kinda thing all the time. Back in the day, I believe they used to call it “versatility”.

Comment by DanjaMania 09.02.06 @

^^^and besides, it ain’t like OC went straight popcorn on that song anyway. I’m sure all the kids who were gettin’ their healthy diet of Puffy & Mase didn’t give a fukk about this guy talkin’ about Dianetics and shit… and O’s sales off of this album pretty much confirmed that.

Comment by DanjaMania 09.02.06 @

I wasn’t saying OC was confused, that was just a way to introduce the audio and the video. He confirmed in interviews for the release of the second album that “the first album is personal, this one is business”.

Comment by Robbie 09.04.06 @

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