Lord Alibaski – The Top Gun
Friday September 08th 2006,
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In terms of being low profile, Lord Alibaski would have to be the most elusive Flavor Unit member/affiliate. I’ve never read so much as a paragraph about him in a magazine, seen a picture of him – nothing! All I can tell you is that he featured heavily on original issue of The 45 King Presents The Flavor Unit LP, contributing four solo shots and a verse on the posse cut. When the album was repackaged as Queen Latifah and the Original Flavor Unit in 1996, three of Alibaski’s songs were removed for some reason. 45 King has previously stated that most of the songs off this album were old demos – and it’s that raw, basement flavor sound that makes these songs so great. No over-produced dramatics here, just dope loops and drum breaks. Alibaski flexes the trademark Flavor U style – combining a dominant, deep-voiced delivery with a variety of flow patterns and an accomplished braggadocio technique.

Lord Alibaski – Top Gun [The 45 King Presents The Flavor Unit, Tuff City, 1990]

Lord Alibaski – Crunch Time [The 45 King Presents The Flavor Unit, Tuff City, 1990]1

Lord Alibaski – What It Takes To Be A Rapper [The 45 King Presents The Flavor Unit, Tuff City, 1990]

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  1. 1. Produced by The Mighty Maestro.[back]

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I’m glad I got the original one with his joints on it, because that’s a brother who vansihed…

Comment by Maad 09.10.06 @

Can’t you contact The 45 King for info on this cat? Also, I don’t think I can recall ever seeing Markey Fresh anywhere. Whatever happened to Sir I-BU? Where are they now? In other news, when’s the next feature from Kool Kim?

Comment by fosterakahunter 09.10.06 @

Funny you should mention that, I spoke to Chill Rob last week (after he left a comment here) and he’s going to try and put me in contact with Alibaski.

Not sure on the status of Ibu though…

There should be more Kool Kim stuff in the near future.

Comment by Robbie 09.11.06 @

This is kind of long the same lines, but a different artist. What do you know about Arkim who had some joints on Hot Day’s “It’s My Turn” LP? I liked his joints on the album, but can’t seem to find crap about him.

Comment by Travis 09.11.06 @

I spoke with Lord Alibaski a few years ago, and he’s a very cool guy. 5 things you should know about him:

1. He’s 6’8″.

2. His name is a combination of “Ali” for the great boxer Muhammed Ali, and “By-ski,” because when he played basketball, he drove to the hoop so smoothly it looked like he sliding by on skis.

3. He was going to record an LP for Tuff City, but Aaron Fuchs wanted a 2nd Lakim Shabazz album. Some of the beats used were slated for Alibaski’s lost album.

4. Unfortately, he didn’t have any unreleased material with him.

5. He now works at a youth detention center in NJ.

Comment by Scott 09.12.06 @

there was a poster of the flavor unit in hip hop connection with alibaski years back..

Comment by beatlover 09.12.06 @

alibaski is from jersey city…his voice was very similiar to kool moe d,except alibaski was a million times better….he was also signed to wild pitch records around the same time gang starr and lord finesse were……

Comment by T.S. 09.13.06 @

I know that throwback cat Lord Ali Ba-Ski! Because he is me. Yo everybody who made comments, good lookin out. Scott, I remember when you sent me those joints on Real Player (true fan) when we was kickin it on AOL One Luv. And you gave them the story about my name true to the point. Scott holla at me Labs68@comcast.net. T.S. that is the greatest compliment I have ever received in my career. Robbie, Chillrob told me you wanna holla at me on a interview. I’m still alive and have I got some news for you! Sun, slam Lyrics In Motion on the site (my personal favorite). Fosterakahunter, I used to be in the house with Latee (my mothers sisters son, yeah first cousins Apache his brother) and Chillrob is my dude! I never knew I had some fans period. Robbie, Chillrob sent me the link and I’m gonna check out what’s poppin. I also have some fire I did with my man from Grandwizard Gary T (deceased) 7 years ago. 6 Cuts from what was another potential album until he passed away. I’m 43 now, but hell yeah, I still have venom. Out!

Comment by Lord Ali Ba-Ski 09.14.06 @

I just tried to buy this record off ebay but failed :(

…But thats great news that the Lord himself has made an appearance! Big Up’s!

Comment by The Average Man 09.15.06 @

damn, nice to hear from you ali ba-ski! the way you got your name is classic shit. first cousins with latee that’s another legendary lyricist right there. you two are my favorites out the flavor u [and that’s sayin a lot!].

you do have a lot more fans than you might expect…looking forward to the interview.

Comment by thesurgeongeneral 09.16.06 @

This blog is the best.

Golden era cats are coming out of the woodwork to be a part of this shit.

props to you robbie!

Comment by Dave Mack 09.17.06 @

Yo its the BlakDon and AliBaski a.k.a the human body chart still has that piff and i know because i did a joint with him a few years back and signed or not there arent many mc”s that can match my intensity…peace…represent real hip hop!

Comment by Mr.Low Kash 09.29.06 @

Yo! Big props to the lord AliBaski I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this brother for over 30 years along with Chill Rob just not as long.I’ve also had the chance to listen to him free style while riding with him to work,some true sick shyt.The Hip-HOP game missed out on a true legend.

Comment by Kiajama 10.08.06 @

YO! ya gotta hear (GO HEAD OLD HEAD…..)sick shyt,just sick………

Comment by Kiajama 10.08.06 @

Yo, Ali… call up your man Chill Rob & 45 King, then head over to Tuff City (they are still in business) and line up a new LP for us old school fans! Let’s do this! Nobody’s getting any younger here and I know you guys still have this rap shit in your hearts & souls! The classic records that y’all put out will always be a part of me, much respects – BC

Comment by BC 10.14.06 @

Ayo, PLEASE do as Lord Ali Ba-Ski suggested and post “Lyrics In Motion” on the site!!! That and “Top Gun” were mos def my sh#t!

Side Note: I’m just sitting here in amazement that a blog like this exists!!! Big respect to Robbie on this!

Comment by HandSpeak 10.19.06 @

lord alibaski is one of the original hip hip true rappers. his free style is match by the likelyhood of kool g-rap. no one during his period of time could ever match up to the true king lord alibaski ~ you better ask somebody! real hip hop lives forever. peace to the gods! one.

Comment by master rob 12.16.06 @

Robbie, do you remeber that Flavor Unit article in Vapors magazine that Blaze did?

I think I might have it and I am sure there was a pic of Lord Alibaski…maybe even Markey Fresh…

Comment by Jaz 05.26.07 @


Do you know what track 45 King remixed for Antoinette please? and if so do you have that and
Stereo MCs-On 33 (45 King remix) please?

and credit where credit is due my friend


^ I must have mentioned you three times and provided links.


Comment by Jaz 07.19.07 @

Alibaski—-Always wanted to hear more from him..Pure fire man, your on this D.J. Muro and K.Prince mix tape that I have just totally ripping the mic into shreds……Thanks 4 poppin up and lettin fools know u are still alive my brother….Why did you stop putting shit out?

Comment by shamz 07.20.07 @

That “original” flavor unit albumwa crazy!!! I still have the cassette. Aside from Lakim’s “Hands of Fate”, Alibaski had the best songs on that album. “Crunchtime” was my favorite! Thanks for showing the legends love!!!

Comment by Zebulon The Griot 12.13.10 @

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