Sadat X Breaks Down His Gun Charge
Thursday September 07th 2006,
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Considering that Experience & Education was my pick for 2005 Album of the Year, when I heard that Sadat X was delivering another long-player I was amped. As it turns out, the reason for the quick turnaround is not so great – X got bagged by jake not long after the last album came out, and is due to start serving time in October. Look out for my review tomorrow, but in the meantime, Sadat let’s us know how it went down in this interview from the “Outro” off of the Black October album (I threw a Large Pro beat on in the background just for the hell of it).

Sadat X Speaks:

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Comment by BR 09.07.06 @

Brother Derek is looking a little rough these days.

Comment by Scott 09.08.06 @


Black October is going to be album of the year 2006–every track I’ve heard from it so far is awesome.

BEST ALBUM RECORDED WHILE OUT ON BAIL! Beat former champ, Slick Rick’s “The Ruler’s Back”

Comment by Finally 09.08.06 @

a tribute to ignorance

Comment by roman 09.08.06 @

it’s always somebody else’s fault

Comment by eric 09.08.06 @

I’m laughing at “I had an off day.” Motherfucker, you shot somebody!

Comment by masterg 09.08.06 @

He didn’t shoot anyone, I don’t think. If it was an on day, he probably would have. I’m still trying to decipher the audio clip.

Comment by Finally 09.08.06 @

Damn you gotta love Sadat X throwin adlibs over himself in his explanation of what went down…I mean just immagine a regular monologue, with extra emphiasis and adlibs like its 2 different ppl, but its all the same dude… funny shit indeed


Comment by TirednBroke 09.09.06 @

“I’m still trying to decipher the audio clip.”

Comment by The Average Man 09.09.06 @

…and those dreamin eyes of mine =)

pass that hydro.

sadat rocks the spot.

eddie cheeba: “i knock down celebrity ass wit no bling”

dats a line.

Comment by swordfish 09.09.06 @

I don’t think he shot anyone, he just chased some dude with gun in hand

Comment by BR 09.09.06 @

Oh. Well at least, if he didn’t shoot anyone, that’s a plus.

Comment by masterg 09.09.06 @

“Now I’m in jail, doing life and I’m scared, some kid snuffed me cold and greased me where no one dared!” Slick Rick, The Moment I Feared

Comment by masterg 09.09.06 @

So I guess after this “sabattical” he wont be going back to the teaching job?

Comment by BK 09.10.06 @

Yo I gotta say, in this specific picture, he reminds me of Papoose. I don’t know why, but he just does.

Comment by Kafka 09.10.06 @

Black October album drops Oct 3rd on Riverside Drive Records, PICK IT UP! (feat. Brand Nubian, Diamond, DJ Spinna, Boss Money, Greg Nice, J-Zone, and more!)

Comment by Culturama 09.11.06 @

sadat didnt shoot anyone nor did he chase someone with a gun. the cops jumped out of their car and went straight for him, reaching in his waist for the gun. they already knew it was there [someone snitched]. the album has some definite bangers on it and sadat proves that is still a strong voice in hip hop. no one can really touch his flow without obviously trying to sound like him. and im not saying all this because im distributing the record, it is a dope one for real.

Comment by jkg 09.11.06 @

I can sense his frustration with the youth of today..the kids he was beefing with were like 4 when Brand Nubian dropped. No respect for their elders, they likely needed a good pistol whipping.

Comment by BK 09.12.06 @

I’m picturing him in court giving this explanation to the judge.. “You see, your honor, the thing is there just ain’t no thorough ass niggas no more..”

Comment by Jay Smooth 09.12.06 @

thats what happens when you dont have a gun liscense or a liscense to carry…

Comment by T.S. 09.13.06 @

This is so fucked up.

Coward ass lil young ninjas put cut in the work.

Then gon snitch.

First law in the streets:
Don’t never call the law on NOBODY.
I ‘ont give a fuck who it is.

Never call the law on nobody.

This punk shit gon’ come back on them little faggots that did that.

Derek X, the bid ain’t about nuffin’. It a be over in a minute.

Them other dudes some faggots. I hate softcore males. Giving men a bad name.

Tellin and shit.


Like the punk who shot up unarmed unprepared kids at school today up in canada.
Or them bitch ass suicide bombers blowing up innocent ladies at at fishmarkets who shopping with stocking on and pocket books on they arm.

This shit ain’t funny. a fuckin generation of prideless cowards.

All y’all some bitches.

-Black People

Comment by Black People 09.13.06 @

this shit is hilarious. Ive never heard adlibs on an interview!!!

Comment by BrooklynUnion 09.14.06 @

As much as I like Sadat’s music, he sounded like an idiot trying to explain what happened.

Comment by Drlrockwell 09.14.06 @

To me the coward is the one, when confronted with the thought of facing another man TOE-TO-TOE, throwing the fists, goes for the gun.

Comment by anonymous 09.19.06 @

could someone tell me what this Large Professor beat in the background is? shit’s nice…

Comment by fuzzz 10.08.06 @

the sadat x deal is a sad thing in itself and the problems with the young bucks; well i think every person over twenty-five that has some business in the hood whether it be illegall or just going to visit their aunt in the projects run into some sort of riff with these little guys and it doesn’t matter where you from north, south, east or west me i am from the south, nc to be exact and i have listened to sadaxt/brand nubian since seventh grade and the brother makes good music. this thing he is going through is not just some bullshit to be laughing at because what if someone tried to play you how would you take it? you just got to say your grace and hope that God keeps you because if someone touch you where it hurt, (pride, money, girl and last but not least family) you liable to pop something. honest talk pray for the brother if you support him and by the way i never even met the dude this is just me displaying the right mindstate and not that bitch nigga mind state that the world seem to gravitate to. mr lucas

Comment by mr lucas 10.11.06 @

Yo, that shit is come-dy come-dy. Wow. the great Dottie X. Why you even fuckin with street shit like that fam? Read ya Post and hold it down. Sill got much love for dude though

Comment by Rich Nice 10.14.06 @

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