Who The Hypest In New York City?
Friday September 15th 2006,
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After debuting on a J-Love CD a few months back, this cut gets an “official” release1 to set-up the next Theodore Unit2 album.

Ghostface Killah – Return of the Ironman

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  1. 1. If you consider Digiwaxx official. Hopefully J-Love will do a white label.[back]
  2. 2. While I usually avoid weed carrier projects, the “718” LP was worth getting just for that “Gorilla Hood” shit.[back]

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unghhhhh, that shit got me doing the “i just smelt a fucked up fart look”…

Comment by alphastart 09.15.06 @

Stop posting so much.

You making me look unproductive!

Comment by super boss b*tch 09.17.06 @

who the fuck is this producer trying to do a dj premier interpretation?

Comment by BR 09.17.06 @

^ J-Love (“that gangsta-ass DJ”) did the beat.

Comment by Robbie 09.17.06 @

J-Love is just too gangsta for my oreo-cookie ass. haha.

Comment by master gee 09.18.06 @

“who the fuck is this producer trying to do a dj premier interpretation?”

Which Producers DON’T do a Primo “interpretation” these days?

Comment by The Average Man 09.18.06 @

ones that don’t suck.

Comment by BR 09.18.06 @

Stop hating BR, it is what it is, let dude live…if you knew what time it was, you would know that J Love’s catalog of classic banging mixtapes are enough to give that dude a ghetto pass to last a lifetime…even if his beats do kind of sound like Premo (but then again, is there anything really wrong with that!???) word is bond.


Comment by neil nice 09.18.06 @

I got much respect for J-Love & his production…. I honestly can’t believe anyone’s having a winge bout this production. I love this style. This shit is Golden.. like the shower I got for you BR.. Ma ha!
I kid, I kid.

Comment by Bane the Carny 09.18.06 @

I actually like him as a mixtape DJ, I just think the samples in this sound kinda bland, especially since the sample of ODB yelling “GHOST..FACE..KILLAH!!” have been used in Ghost songs before. yall killa bees squads need to chill.
it didnt even have anything to do with the fact that he’s J-Love, I didnt even know who produced it.

Comment by BR 09.18.06 @

yeah, the samples could’ve been used much better and the levels are kinda wack but there’s something about the rawness of this track that makes it listenable.

Comment by thesurgeongeneral 09.21.06 @

You internet herbs are complaing about a beat that sounds too much like Primo? What do you want it to sound like, Swizz Beats? Get tha fuck outta here! BTW Primo and Ghost need to link for real! Ghostdeini is the illest!

Comment by Big Articulate 09.25.06 @

J-Love si white, but he obviously has cred – he’s Ghost’s boy and like the unofficial Wu mixtape DJ.

But now, I’m a white boy myself, and i say ‘nigga’ alot… but J-Love sometimes gets a big crazy wit it. I was listening to some new shit today and dude was warning listeners to stop “buying bootlegs from those African niggas! J-Love nigga!!”

its a bit funny, i dunno

Comment by es-won 09.25.06 @

this track is bangin times ten.
ghost is killin it again.
love the beat n the cutz.
i hope for the cutted hooks revival.
n that production isnt a premo
ripoff. not more or less than other tracks.
what about pete rock buckwild n others?

Comment by swordfish 09.25.06 @

Ghost has had the NYC crown for years now, IMO.

Comment by Mike G 01.14.08 @

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