Freestyle Fridays – Siah & Yeshua’s Classic Radio Appearances
Friday October 20th 2006,
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Here’s a welcome return from Keir Johnson, who’s been busy doing his thing in the skateboard game with his Catalyst Skateboards company and making videos:

Among the many striking artists that graced Bobbito‘s Fondle ‘Em label were two alluring individuals known as Yeshua Da PoED & Siah. Yeshua, now known as Yesh, represented the production side of the group, his intricate work on the The Visulaz EP often overshadowed the lyrical content, not to mention chemistry, that the two MC’s possessed.

Siah, after dropping “Repetition b/w Pyrite” and a few guest appearances, faded out of the hip-hop circuit and segued into the political sphere, the last I heard going through graduate school and getting involved in the international relations movement between the United States and the Middle East. Yesh still puts out material between his Wee Bee Foolish group as well his own records.

Some of the most impressive parts on The Visualz EP come when Yesh & Siah rhyme back to back, showcasing a unique type of chemistry seldom heard between two MC’s. This chemistry occurs most notably on the song “A Day Like Any Other”, an addictive 10 minute song that left many fans hungry for more. Unfortunately no such new material ever surfaced and their legacy is left to those few pieces of music they were able to put out. For Yesh & Siah fans out there here are three radio appearances from Halftime and Stretch & Bobbito from the Fondle’ Em heyday – full of never recorded verses and plenty of freestyles.

Siah & Yeashua – Freestyle 1

Siah & Yeashua – Freestyle 2

Siah & Yeashua – Freestyle 3

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Fucking Dope! Thanks Robbie! I always thought these cats were a head of their time. The music speaks for itself but the fact that their EP can go for anywhere from $50 to $150 still to this day proves that!

Funny story: Jasper and Pete (Owners of went to NYU with these guys and they were in classes together. Dudes were always freestyling in the hallways and hustling their 12 inches all day…

I still see Yeshua from time to time but i don’t know what’s up with Siah these days….anyway, great post and thanks again!

Comment by neil nice 10.20.06 @


another fantastic post.
what more can i say?


Comment by axiom78 10.21.06 @

Keir man we allready spoke on how dope Siah and Yesh were. I allways go back to that EP. All-time classic material. “A Day Like Any Other” remains for me the pinacle of Hiphop lyricism. Not in emotional or political depth but lyricism as spectacle. Skills on display, not to mention it’s the finest story rap ever.

Siah did a track in English, Arabaic and Hebrew a year or so ago under his real name Nadav Samin. It’s pretty impressive, more so the non-english parts. It’s called “The Long Night” and it’s still downloadable from some Jewish blog that I’ve lost the address of. Google is your friend.
You can also find papers he’s written on middle eastern politics. He is as you’d expect a pretty progressive and intelligent dude.

Keir you have any interviews with Siah? The only one I ever saw was in Fat Lace magazine here in the UK. I know Mr Huge reads this blog so maybe he might have some off the record Siah info from back in the day.

Comment by bse 10.21.06 @

The Siah & Yeshua EP is one of the greatest treasures in the history of recorded music, all the more so because of their limited output. Thank you for adding these pieces to the discography. Check my blog tomorrow for another one.

And check this link for the new Siah/Nadav Samin song BSE referred to above (thanks to BSE for providing it riginally):

Comment by nesta 10.21.06 @

i have the sia and yeshua ep on my shelf collecting dust…i burned it onto cd and have no real use for it anymore..if anyone is interested in it let me know….

Comment by T.S. 10.23.06 @

d-d-d-d-damn! nice drop.

Comment by Vik 10.24.06 @

keir. how you know siah and yeshua is my favorite hip hop EP ever…?!

Comment by djeurok 10.24.06 @

hey T.S i have the EP on wax too, hook up the mp3s!!!!

Comment by djeurok 10.24.06 @

what up fam this hot right here. if u could could u post some joints off the ep pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeee.

Comment by ujee 10.24.06 @

peace keir.. nice piece, i appreciate it a great deal. We are working on the 10 year anniversary rerelease on CD as we speak, should have a few treats on it -as well as instrumentals..i was actually planning on putting this particular freestyle on it.. i like it much better than the 1st appearance on stretch and bob..even though ken boogs kills shit..anyway…thanks everyone for the kind words .. if you want to check out what im doing these days.. you can peep me at also on you can dl some demos of new music i am working on.


Comment by yesh 10.25.06 @

Hey TS, I’d be interested in making an offer on that EP, let me know whats good.

Dope post Keir!

Comment by DJ Force 10.25.06 @

yes yesh yall. i like this EP very much. also, check their appearance on Deep Concentration 2: Deeper Concentration (“The Cure for Stagnation”) and WeeBee Foolish’s “This Kid” (had a video) and “Puttin’ In Work”


Comment by mordecai 10.27.06 @

Yeah one of the best ep’s ever! Yesh also did an earplug series ep which is nice and jazzy and the Dead Poets Society 12″ (pre quasimoto from what I remember) They appear together again on the wee bee foolish album Brighton beach memoirs, but it’s no where near as good as the ep. Incredible stuff

Comment by Cro 10.30.06 @

thanks for those clips. Yea the wee bee foolish LP is dope in its own right but on some different shit than that first ep. Haven’t listened to it in ages, gonna pull it out when i get home today.

Comment by Dan 11.03.06 @

Thanks for the support fellas, and please spread the word about the myspace page! Thanks

Comment by Nadav 11.05.06 @

Does anyone know the actual date of these freestyles?

Comment by Noah 11.19.06 @

I also thought i would mention that Siah & Yeshua made two tracks with the Unsung Heroes. They were called “The Norm” and “Transatlantic”. I think the Unsung Heroes were a production crew from the UK and the tracks are on their LP.

Great Blog Post! Siah and Yeshua are number one to me!

Comment by dris-one 11.20.06 @

If any of you want anymore Yesh, he did a DOOOOPE little jammie called “Ain’t Too Much” on New Medina Records with the incredibly talented Lynn Ness handling all of the production. L*Roneous & Sach also have songs on it too.
Hit up for it.

Comment by Matt 12.02.06 @

I really do hope the next album Underdog does get a release soon, Wee Bee Foolish are missed.

Comment by Jaz 03.05.07 @

Yo I found that Siah track, thanks for the info bse

It’s a great track

Comment by Jaz 03.05.07 @

where can a person find out about the re-issue of The Visualz on cd?

My scratchy copy needs an upgrade.

Comment by admaa 04.12.07 @

The re-issue is on it’s way from what I hear….

Comment by Telly 07.02.07 @

Does anyone know the actual date of these freestyles?

Comment by Basketball Sneakers 06.10.11 @

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