Greg Nice – The Hardest Working Man In Showbiz
Tuesday October 17th 2006,
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Over the last few months I’ve noticed that former T La Rock beatbox and Nice & Smooth member Greg Nice has been getting kinda busy. Although he hasn’t put out a record in a minute, he’s guested on a few Beatnuts tracks as well as keeping busy lending his voice to car commercials and the like, but right now he seems to be everywhere – beatboxing for Rakim here, hype man for Sadat X there – not to mention a few shows with Smooth B.

Not content with these hypeman duties, he’s also been recording new joints. “Work It Out” is classic N-I-C-E, as featured on a recent J-Love CD, while he also teamed-up with Sadat X for a track off Black October. Not to mention he provides the chorus to Cormega and Lake‘s “Don’t Start”. His mans Smooth B isn’t resting on his laurels either, as he did a single with DJ Premier last year. I’m not sure if they’ll be another Nice & Smooth album or if they’re going to stick to solo projects, but either way I’m glad to hear Greg doing his thing. Don’t sleep on his production skills either, he flipped the beats for his solo shot and the Sadat piece.

Greg Nice – Work It Out [J-Love’s Street Savior mixtape, 2006]

Sadat X feat. Greg Nice – My Mind [Black October, Riverside Drive, 2006]

Smooth B – Game Over [twelve inch single, Fat Beats, 2005]

Lake featuring Cormega & Greg Nice – Don’t Start [My Brother’s Keeper, Fast Life, 2006]


Check out some of his recent appearences (before YouTube turns into BoobTube):

Greg Nice beatboxing for Rakim:

Greg Nice & Sadat X in Barcelona:

Greg Nice backstage interview in Boston, 2006:

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1st bitches

Comment by Billy Sunday 10.17.06 @

I see Greg Nice doing all kinds of shit to stay active in the game. He breastfeeding Russell Simmons kids and I think I read that was producing a track for Kool Moe Dee.

Get that paper nigga!

Comment by Billy Sunday 10.17.06 @

You’re also the first to ever call “first” over here.

Comment by Robbie 10.17.06 @

I’m so glad there wasn’t any violence at a Nice & Smooth show. We all know lyrics like “I don’t want trouble, I’m humble like Barney Rubble, If you gimme trouble I give it back to you double!” get brothers not knowin’ how to act.

Comment by Finally 10.18.06 @

OHHHH, God, PLEASE don’t start that stuoid “firt” shit over at this sight. It’s bad enough to read the first ten responses at XXL saying first, plaese don’t ruin this sight with it…I beg you please!!!!! On the other hand let’s all here it for a new Nice & Smooth…maybe Babygrande or Traffic can put it out.

Comment by I Like Rap 10.18.06 @

Oh yeah, I know I can’t spell, sorry for all you english majors out there!!!!

Comment by I Like Rap 10.18.06 @

I’ll tell you what I don’t want him act in another movie. Picked up one of those ‘Black Films’, with him in it, dont know why these dudes bother…

also…please, lyrics don’t cause violence, stupid ignorant fools cause violence. Specially when there was no violence and some fool decides to bring up the fact that there was no violence, like violence is part and parcel to hip hop shows. GROW UP. Dont be glad, or sad or whatever. Nothing happened ,it is what it is! Stop looking for negatives in hip hop! Keep the culture strong by keeping your thinking positive. Negative thoughts only bring negative reactions….

Comment by Lion XL 10.18.06 @

I had no idea this dude was still out there. existing.

NO frontin, and not for nothin, but I used to secretly like all their singles when they came out

“It’s in my nature, to be kiiiind
girlfirend, what’s your,
zodiac siiiign”

for real, there needs to be a NICE N SMOOTH apprecitation post.

“I heard it thru the grapevine… no static, got an automatic
too much of anything, makes you
an addict”

If they ever come back in style, I want them to bring some old school slang back. like slimmies, skeezing, etc

Comment by Bang 10.18.06 @

an ‘apprecitation’ ^^ post. that should be interesting

……fucking spelling

Comment by Bang 10.18.06 @

Off topic

What happened to the boys at freemotionhiphop, every time I try to get on it says error. Did the FBI finally shut them down.

Comment by rapStallion 10.18.06 @

I’d like to definately hear a Nice & Smooth album cuz they got a crazy vibe. I also heard that track Greg nice did with the Beatnuts. It was cool. I also heard the joint Smooth did with Preemo. Famous qoute by Smooth B:

“I dont go broke, I just run out of cash!”

Comment by Curt McGirt 10.18.06 @

Nice and Smooth is funky, also hip hop junkies. That debut album (I’ve got the cassette) was bangin’ with the Awesome Two production. By the way, look at all of this Fresh records gold at

Comment by planb 10.18.06 @

“What happened to the boys at freemotionhiphop, every time I try to get on it says error. Did the FBI finally shut them down”

^ Yeah that FBI Blog Squad is no joke. Post an old Pharcyde song and you might catch 25 to life.

Comment by Robbie 10.18.06 @

Greg Nice and Smooth B: poets that defined generation, a gift to the English languange. Wordsmiths.

Comment by BK 10.18.06 @


I love the old Nice and Smooth shit but I really don’t need a comeback. I think people get nostalgia mixed up with shit. Blazin Hot was the ONLY good tune on the album of the same name and that was nearly a decade ago.
Now I’m going to listen to Funky For You and watch my girl play the cello.

Comment by bse 10.19.06 @

Oh while we’re talking about Fresh Records. Does anyone have a clue what FRE 01 was? Their first release? I’ve never seen it listed anywhere.

Comment by bse 10.19.06 @

a-yo, dizzie gillespie played the sax..wait, didnt he play the trumpet?

Comment by BK 10.19.06 @

I saw Nice & Smooth + Tim Dog live at Hammersmith Palais back in 1992. Still one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

Comment by End Level Boss 10.19.06 @

oooh that beat and verse by Greg Nice on that Sadat joint is SLAMMMINNNN!!!!!!!!

Comment by es-won 10.19.06 @

Nice & Smooth made albums with mad replay and sing-along value…

The stuff Greg Nice did with Preacher Earl, like “Return of The Body Snatchas,” was dope too…

Comment by MAAD 10.19.06 @

Where’s that Preacher Earl track at? There was supposed to be a “P-R-E-A-C-H-E-R….PREACHER EARL AMD I’M CONSIDERED A SUPERSTAR!” (sorry) solo a zillion years ago…but never dropped.

Comment by Finally 10.19.06 @

I’ll dig up that Preacher Earl single and post it when I get a chance. Greg Nice did the beats on both tracks – it’s good shit.

Comment by Robbie 10.19.06 @

yo the made some hot tracks that kept the bronx alive,, i spoke to Greg Nice,a couple of years back in jimmy’s on 169 & clay,,he’s a cool brother,,& i would mind hearing something new from both of them,,WORD

Comment by dj pugsla 10.19.06 @

bse, Just Ice’s “Put that record back on” is FRE-03x and y (x and y sides). I would guess it is a Mantronix record maybe?

Comment by planb 10.19.06 @

The amazing Hanson & Davis are FRE-01.

Comment by planb 10.19.06 @

saw greg nice perform last month here in toronto with chubb rock. the man had crazy energy. hypeman is the word.

Comment by Del 10.19.06 @

Greg with Chubb Rock in Toronto? See what I mean – dude’s everywhere!

Comment by Robbie 10.20.06 @

I found it it’s Hanson & Davis – “Tonight (Love Will Make It Right)”. Garage/Disco tune. Not that ineresting. Never mind.

Comment by bse 10.20.06 @

Robbie, I’m trying to hook up with Greg when me and my fellow Fat Lace ed Dan large go to NY in a couple of weeks. If it happens, I’ll get some interview stuff for you. Hit me off with any Q’s you want asking

Comment by Drewhuge 10.20.06 @

it’s official let’s get nice n smooth a koch deal so hey can harmonize and yell rhymes for us

Comment by Bang 10.20.06 @

Big Up to Greg Nice for rocking the Old School BUFFALO SABRES jersey in the “old to the new video.

Comment by Dante Severe 10.20.06 @

Chubb Rock? You could have collected Prince Paul’s debt and maybe got yourself a little comission.

Comment by Finally 10.20.06 @

I think Greg Nice was an underrated beatboxer, he had some of the illest drum rolls I’ve heard. Check out that 3 Minutes of Beatbox on T-La Rock’s ‘Lyrical King’ joint – BC

Comment by BC 10.21.06 @


I’m currently seperated from my record collection and I’ve been looking for a copy of Nice & Smooth’s first album; the self-titled one. If anyone knows where I can buy it or download it PLEASE HIT ME UP! G-O-L-D, G-O-L-D, G-O-L-D…

Comment by Ausar 10.21.06 @

Yo Robbie, thanks for puttin up that SMOOTH B track… I really enjoyed that! – BC

Comment by BC 10.21.06 @

“Whatever”… Ausar, what’s that all about? – BC

Comment by BC 10.21.06 @

sometimes i feel like bobby’s world/rock the microphone – jheri-curl/single-mingle no main girl/on the low like secret squirrel…

Comment by thesurgeongeneral 10.21.06 @

Ausar, here’s the first Nice & Smooth I got from Poisonous Darts from the okayplayer board. Peace to Unkut, WUYD, Bust The Facts, etc. for keeping the classics alive:

Nice & Smooth- Nice & Smooth

Comment by Kin Corn Karn 10.21.06 @

Track 15 is corrupt on that Nice & Smooth–anyone got the last track?

Comment by Finally 10.22.06 @

man those Greg Nice tracks are…………niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice

Comment by BR 10.22.06 @

Who eats a “Big Beef BLT” for breakfast other than the one Greg Nice?

Comment by Finally 10.22.06 @

seriously this Greg Nice shit is off the hook. I’ve listened to Work It Out like 30 times between today and last night. I never really listened to Nice & Smooth so the only time I really heard him was on the Gang Starr song where Guru talks about lemonade. When I listened to this shit, I was like “daaamn, I cant believe this is the same guy”…

This is the nicest shit I’ve heard from a New York rapper in a minute…for sure

Comment by BR 10.22.06 @

No bones in ice cream

Comment by BK 10.22.06 @

d needs to grab his camera and be my photographer. :)

he’s great.

Comment by Dayrell 10.26.06 @

Yo, BIG UP to Kin Corn Karn,

That was good lookin’ out on the first Nice & Smooth Album.


Comment by Ausar 10.27.06 @

Greg Nice was spinning at the Apple Store Fifth Avenue a few weeks back. They had a sign printed and everything. Missed the show, though. Love me some “Yo Yo Yo”.

Comment by Phatinum 10.29.06 @

Nice and Smooth was one of my favorite groups back in the day. Yeah, most of their rhymes were doo-doo, but they just had something about them. Good beats, a lot of ill sampling (No Bones in Ice Scream, with the Just the Two of Us sample before anyone else used it.) I hope they reunite and put out an album just like their old ones. I don’t want to see them try and adjust their styles for 2006.
Work it Out is what I’m looking for. This shit is hot.
“I’m about to show my ass!”

Comment by Jay 11.03.06 @

i use to be on dat D-Nice shit taking out sucks on I didn’t know how i did it. that was my shit.

we the best out of the south no bullshit real talk…New Orleans in here yall get @ us we about to blow up baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Smoke & Doe’ Ja
Born and raised in what now is known famously as the “UPT” Smoke and Doe’ja we’re born in the 17th ward in the neighborhood of Gertown. Having been exposed to the usual climate of violence and drugs the boy’s mother though it would be better for them to move downtown with there grandmother to a middle class neighborhood in the 9th ward. Press Park would only offer the same environment being so close to one of the city’s most notorious projects. The Desire was known for some of the city’s most violent crimes, and that’s where they would get their first taste of rap music. Doe’ja was introduced to the hip hop culture by his big brother E-Mac which helped him expose his self in Grambling, LA doing shows at various clubs with artist like UNLV, B.G. and U.G.K. Being heavily influenced by artist like Scarface, 2pac, LL Cool J, and I Cube, Doe’ja would have his first experience in hip hop in 1984 at the New Orleans World Fair. This would be the beginning of his journey for rap success. With several performances under his belt, he and his brother E-Mac started a group called the Unknown Mob, while younger brother Smoke in the wings waiting to prove himself he started his own group which would lead to him making beats on his own. The brothers would go on there own roads to achieve success.

Doe and E going to Grambling and Smoke going to Southern they all worked on different projects. Smoke collabing with the Baton Rouge hip hop scene would work with some of No Limit’s prominent artist such as, Kane & Able and Fiend. Then to move on to Atlanta to try to further his career. He worked with underground dj’s, and featured on HOT 107.9 as a freestyle artist and got a chance to freestyle with the industry’s best like Mr. Cheeks, Slum Village, Archie and producers on the come up like him. Trying to come up on the hip hop scene Doe’ja was offered many different offers from local rap label that didn’t fit the bill, but with his hustling skills decided to start his own record label Heavie Weight in 1998.

Unable to score a deal that was gravy enough for Smoke to sign a deal he decided to just create his on sound and buzz the underground music scene. Since then Smoke has dropped a solo project and both have dropped underground disc. They would join forces years later after the death of the big brother E-Mac which would bring Smoke back to New Orleans to work with his big brother Doe where they would collabe to introduce to the world who they are “ DA GUDDA BRUDAZ”. Having their first finished project at a hault due to hurricane Katrina which they experienced first hand by staying in their studio to finish mixing down the album to be released. Having to evacuate their studio in boats and spend a week at the New Orleans Convention Center. Smoke & Doe’ja had to live up to their names and kept it Gudda in the conditions they were placed in. Now after the storm there city is out of commission, but they are bouncing back on the music scene, with the gudda music for the streets, from the realest of the the real gudda streets of New Orleans, LA.

Created May 2, 2006

Comment by gudda brudaz 11.30.06 @

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