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Monday October 16th 2006,
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Here’s an email interview I just did with NYOIL, who’s “Y’All Should All Get Lynched” video is stirring-up some mixed feelings at the moment.

Robbie: I liked what you said on your MySpace blog about not showing your face and letting the music speak.

NYOIL: These days before you even get to hear the music, your bombarded by images. Dudes mean mugging the camera, women half dressed – they try to sell you the album before you even heard it. They (the powers that be) have it so down pat that nine times out of ten you do buy the album without hearing more than one song. I wanted to be able to just present my music, my lyrics, the production and the message. I want to be a “Car Stereo” artist. When you’re in the car and you put your CD’s in, only the stuff that you are really feeling is going to get any play time. So I want to be that sort of artist.

I feel that if I get caught up in who I am more so than what I am doing then I am going to diminish my ability to do all the things I would like to do. I really couldn’t have done a song like “Get Lynched” and try to be a public figure…it would be too contrived. But doing it as a faceless artist, in my opinion, allows it to represent an ideal – more than one person’s opinion.

Were you given a reason why your video for “Lynched” was removed from YouTube?

Not yet, not at all. I sent them an email asking why my video was removed whilst other videos considerably more offensive to blacks and others alike play all day everyday uncontested. I haven’t gotten a response. Considering they are making the sale to Google, I guess they didn’t want any trouble. Which is deep, why would a song like “Y’all should all get lynched” be more troublesome to YouTube than the thousands of videos of under-age black girls and white girls alike doing jigglit videos (videos where they are in essence shaking what they got for the camera)? Doesn’t that sort of imply child pornography? That doesn’t strike you as odd that of all the filth on that site one of the things that they are diligent about is a song that is in essence reminding the people of the sacrifices that were made and to live up to them? Because the shame you are bringing upon your people and ancestor’s deserves punishment of the highest order.

It seems that certain people can’t handle anti-“cooning” messages, even going back to KMD getting dropped over their artwork for Black Bastards in the 90s.

And that’s why were all fucked up in the game today. I don’t know what it is about people but it seems as if they have the highest tolerance for disrespect, but if someone tells them to do right for themselves they are up in arms. Where are these voices of concern and outrage when black women are singled out above all women as bitches and hoes and skeeyos and all sorts of other fucked-up names? That shit’s all good with these people. When these pussy-ass rappers who don’t know anything about real hustling beyond what they heard from the next dude jump on a record and not only give a damn play-by-play description of how to sell and transport drugs, but then go on to advocate the sale of the drugs in the hood.

What kinda traitor shit is that? You don’t sell Cracks and Meth and X in your own hood! Look, do what the fuck you gonna do – if that’s how you gotta eat? Aight, fuck it. But damn you ain’t even got the rules of the game right. That’s violating all codes. But no one has shit to say about that. I never hear anyone say shit about what is going on in the schools with girls and boys getting assaulted and beat the fuck up on the daily because they aint gang affiliated – where was all this outrage then? But nah. I said “Malcolm X died so you can act like this” and thus the behavior deserves to be lynched. And to be honest, no I ain’t mean it figuratively. Some of these motherfuckers need to swing from a tree literally, that is the depth of this offense.

People been lynched for real in the name of securing you the freedom to act like this, people have been mauled by dogs and blown over by water hoses so you can act like this? There are people that have been locked-up, and are still locked-up right now, in the name of liberating blacks in this country. Where the fuck is the outrage for them? Nooooo, fuck them right?! But God forbid I should say of the people who shit on the spirits and souls and sacrifices of my ancestors that they should get lynched…aww well, then all the sudden motherfuckers are real sensitive.

You notice that these motherfuckers that talk all sorts of greasy shit are awfully sensitive about what the next man has to say about them – totally disregarding the fucking cesspool of filth they put out with every record. And the people kill me even worse, ’cause they let themselves be disrespected at every turn by the media, politicians, and big business every day – and don’t say or do shit about it – up until this black Man has the nerve to speak up for his people.

The sad thing about the rap world today is that anyone who criticizes the weak shit gets called a “hater”. Have you been accused of that?

I am a hater. So are you. I read your column, you’re a hater big time. So is most of the people that come to your site. What’s wrong with being a hater? I hate certain shit! I hate the fact that a brother can come home after 4 years of college, struggle his ass off, no food ’cause he on a limited scholarship, barely keep a roof over his head, living off TopRamen noodles…Gotta rock the same 4 or 5 outfits for the semester cause his family ain’t really got it for him to get fresh. But somehow that brother stays strong and makes it through, and after all that struggle he come home to nothing. This nigga ain’t shit in the hood he get no glory. But let this fucking dude come home from lock up after a 4 year fuck up. 3 hots and a cot after basically being a fucking loser ’cause if you got locked up that mean you fucked-up somewhere along the line – so your not even a good criminal. “Aww, this dude is the shit”. He gonna get some pussy, the block gonna have a fucking picnic, parties, niggas is gonna have a new outfit for him a blunt already rolled up and the whole shit. That don’t inspire hate in you? You got love for that injustice? If you do then you’re some kind of pussy.

I had a line in the song that said: “I saw a porn online the shit blew my mind had to be the biggest disrespect of all time. White boy and a black girl on a dirty bed, had her moaning ‘Heil Hitler’ with his foot on her head…” I ain’t make that shit up – I saw this shit with my own eyes! I mean, fuck dude, I like porn like the next dude but got damn! That’s the new shit now? And blacks ain’t outraged by this? I mean hey, if you’re a white dude, the fuck do you care, but if you’re a human being that shit has to upset you. But I’m a “hater” ’cause I subscribe lynching to people who without good cause or reason do this sort of shit.

And you know what? Fuck that “hater” shit! Fuck “Keeping It Real”! Fuck “Stop Snitching”!” Fuck all these wack-ass rap slogans. So any type of bullshit you decide to subscribe to is just “keeping it real”, and if someone take exception to it, they’re “hating” on you? And this “stop snitching” shit? What the fuck? Look man – not for nothing. This dude that Busta Rhymes keep shouting out – his bodyguard – that was watching his jewelery! Do you understand? The brother was being paid to watch a bag full of fucking processed metal and rocks! A father with young children we are talking about. Some ole’ bullshit rap beef between niggas that are getting mad money as it is pops off and guess who gets killed? Now Busta is tryna be street credible, so he goes on a “Stop Snitchin'” campaign? Doggy, that’s not snitchin’…

Me and you rob a bank, we pull the shit off but somewhere down the line I get pinched by the cops. They interrogate me and offer me a plea, or they try to break me into telling ’em who I was with – or they just bag me up – and instead of taking my bid like a man, I start snitching. That’s snitching. Someone killing another man at your vidfeo shoot which is like someone coming into your house or your place of business and violating like that. You supposed to either straighten it out yourself or you supposed to see to it that the family get justice. And you know what? I love Busta, but I love justice more. And we see where that street cred got him – the type of people that respect that sort of bullshit got no love or loyalty to anyone.

What are some of the most memorable battles you’ve been involved in?

Mostly in Washington Square Park. That’s where the best battles were happening. This is around ’94-’97 – that was a real hip-hop Renaissance. The true backpackers were there. You had to rock a backpack or a nap sack because you were going to be out from like 10am till 3am the next morning. So you needed something to hold your rhyme book in, some shoes if you wanted to go to a party that didn’t allow sneakers, a change of clothes if you got the chance to bun up, your weed needed a safe place along with your dutch. And if you were smart about it you might even bring something to eat so you didn’t have to spend money.

I remember battling this dude…I don’t remember his name but the dude said this rhyme that was so fucking ridiculous – he was going hard and then the dude went into some…man, I can’t even articulate what this dude did with his voice and flow, suffice to say I had to come with my very best shit to even it out. And you know what was fly about those days? There was a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect. If someone got the best of you, you wouldn’t get mad – you’d go home and write like 10 fucking verses to try and be ready for the next time you saw him. It wasn’t about money or things. It was about getting busy.

Is there anyone else on your shit-list right now?

Nah. No one is on my shit list. You see that video I made, it implies that I am talking about these artists, per se. The truth of the matter is I did the shit on Microsoft Movie Maker – taught myself how to do it the same day I made the thing. So truthfully as “video’s” go the shit is some trash. But people feel it cause it’s visually what Wu-Tang was with Enter the Wu – some ole sloppy, stripped-down raw shit that gets right to the point. It’s some hip hop shit – someone with limited resources making the most out of it. So I don’t have animos with the dudes and ladies in the video as much as I want them to look at it and ask themselves: “Am I guilty of this?” Sometimes you need someone to pull your card for you. The shit is love for real, but you know the dickrider types that are on some “fanboy” shit are going to just take offense to the fact that some dude dissed their favorite rapper.

It’s good to hear that you’ve got taste in beats instead of all this drum machine and synth bullshit.

I’m a hip hopper. But rest assured, I may be heard to spit over some of these bullshit beats just to clarify how it should be done. You know I am not here to big myself up – this song isn’t for sale. It isn’t getting me any money, I’m not signed to anyone, I hide my face so I aint even gonna get that groupie pussy thing going on. I am doing this for this reason – I am trying to be the catalyst. The dude that comes and shits on the status quo, starts to shake shit up a bit, wake people up – sorta like Morpheus. At first Neo thought he was the man, but it turned out that Morpheus was just trying to open the door for Neo, so that he could fulfill his destiny.

That is what my mind tells me I am here to do – open the door for the next slew of ill artists that might never get any shine because they actually have talent and want to say something. But because this industry got the music in a choke hold they won’t even make the music they are capable of making because they have to conform to get on. That’s sad and I would see that bullshit undone. And finally, I want to say that I am not going to be on a campaign to make people agree with me or like what I said or like me as an artist. I’m not tryna be “the best MC” or “Your favorite Rappers Favorite Rapper”. I’m just trying to be the best that I can be, so I can get these thoughts off my chest. And for all those folks that want to say how I could have said it a better way and got my point across – you’re wrong. Y’all soft-talking apologetic Negroes and politically correct types have accomplished nothing more than a facade of equality and respect. This country, these communities are getting worse and worse each generation. If your way was so right then I would never have been compelled to write the song in the first place.

And on some honest shit – just so I don’t seem like some over-angry psycho – I got access to beats for days and days. If you got a better version of the song I’ll send you a beat, you put your video together on Movie Maker and make some fucking impact and change. If you cannot – and of surety ye cannot – then shut the fuck up and let me handle my business. When I finish the dirty work, then you can come in with your nice talk and open arms and hug and kiss and coddle just as many of these fuckers as you want. But just know that the only reason they are even listening is ’cause a dude like me woke they ass up!

When can we expect your debut album?

Who’s to say? I don’t care if I ever get a deal. But I bet that when my job is done you’da thought I was signed to Def Jam or something like that. I just want to make an impact. I have other things in life to accomplish…this is just one of them.

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well done, its rare to have an artist, these days with a point of view. Keep doing your thing.

Comment by richdirection 10.16.06 @

dame unkut you can,t see that this undercover
crakker useing this pro black bullshit as a pre-text 4 to sale his fake ass bean pie products….
wake up! yall should be………….
but new york will be new york!

Comment by MF CORNBREAD 88.7 MIAMI UDG. RADIO 10.16.06 @

I think itz a good song. I really don’t think it will make much of a change in the game. I like that technology gives brothers a chance to express what they think about the state of Hip Hop. It creates the balance. All thingz need a balance. For every wack rapper that sales/We have great onez that don’t. Keep making music free without boundaries. He did open the mind of someone with that video……

Good Luck

Comment by FOCUZED 10.16.06 @

—I am a hater. So are you. I read your column, you’re a hater big time. So is most of the people that come to your site. What’s wrong with being a hater?
– – – –

I feel the same fucking way. In my eyes, you hate something because you love something else so much. I hate shit that harms/negatively effects what I love in life; like if you love kids, you hate pedofiles. You love your people, you hate their enemy. You love your neighborhood, you hate crime. I’m latin, and I hate racists from any side

And from seeing all the shit going down, and with sometimes trying to get around violence can be the hardest thing in life sometimes. That’s some shit that didn’t resonate with me until I grew. Hate is is not to ube used without thinking abotu the reprocussions

Yea on the real mayne, what growing up has taught me is that hating doesn’t HAVE to equate to violence or anything above what may be called a ‘conflict.’

Each one teach one. Reach out to those that are willing to listen and build on that. I feel the message, but I don’t think that ‘lynching’ ign’ant black folks makes sense when you could possibly educate and turn them to your side. To say that you really want lynching to happen is not even acting like you want to rebuild. There’s the idea of destroying and rebuilding, but sending out the message of destroying your own, when you could have that brother as a helper in the cause is foolish. To say that you’re eager to lynch blacks before you’d wanna hang a devil is not what’s good

Either way, I feel a lot of what was said on a certain level and I big him up on the idea of a wake up. If we kept the arform real, and kept speaking from the heart we could all share our ideas and whatnot. That’s what they gon hate the most, when we dialogue and build. So you get props for shit like that and raising up the topic for all of us to speak on. Music is just the start. Let’s not front, real change happens OUTSIDE the booth, but when you spark the brains with dialogue and music we can get the start of some awareness and results

Stay up, Peace

Comment by Bang 10.16.06 @

Ayo, I remember them Washington Sqaure Park days, and if you were part of what that was – and from hearing “Lynched…” and after reading this interview, I hope that you keep it up and bang shit out for the old heads, the lost ones and the idiots…Peace.

yo – Robbie I still can’t log in mannnnnn!!!!

Comment by alphastart 10.16.06 @

So if you not a hater your a pussy?

Nah fam not showing your face while calling niggas out is Pussy.

Comment by skreetz 10.16.06 @

“So if you not a hater your a pussy?

Nah fam not showing your face while calling niggas out is Pussy.”

unggh. thats some painfully dumb paraphrasing. Hes not showing his face so people listen to what hes saying and it doesnt come as shameless self promotion. if hes been battling since 1994 im sure heads know who he is by his name.

Comment by geko 10.16.06 @

I like the video. So real and deep. Us black people need that. and to stop thinking one sided and blaming people. I love it. Don’t matter if he wasn’t talking about the rappers in his videos..he blasted some rappers out there bad. Which is a good look!

Comment by UrbanlyBlissful 10.16.06 @

Washington Sq. park back when you could smoke el’s? What about the pot day parade in the park? Damn, it’ll never be like that again.

Comment by BK 10.16.06 @

My thoughts after reading. This guy is mad because he got a degree and cant get it poppin, been rappin for years and aint been recognized by nobody, came up with a new jack ghost face killah 93/mf doom marketing plan to attack the people with the problem as opposed to approaching the establishments that are the root of the problem, hypocritical due to the fact that although many enjoy smoking weed, it still contributes to the poisoning of the mind but it was cool to do it back in the day in the park, speaks on the club, a place where you usually go to 1 get drunk, 2 get a jumpoff jumped off or 3 dance and socialize. the latter seem strange since there is a greater number of sinners there than philosophers and revolutionarys. I think you are a bitter coward to not show your face and not confront those you have issue with in a more reasonable nonjudgemental manner and also for condemning you own kind on some holier than thou I aint in it for the money but buy my album for the “real”. Now am I a hater?

Comment by Dr Flav 10.17.06 @

yo, looks like someone hacked his myspace page….

Comment by alphastart 10.17.06 @

Uh oh. I guess Jim Jones got his “Internet Hacking Team” to mess with his shit.

Comment by Robbie 10.17.06 @

Here’s the thing: We all know that shit, for the most part, isn’t right in the industry. We all know that don’t we??? So if this dude makes this track without showing himself does that really mean he’s a coward or is he just voicing the true opinion of the people that still give a shit about what they listen to??? Who knows, this may be the only track he ever does that gets any kind of “buzz” – but does it really hurt to listen to and to appreciate what he’s saying???

Comment by alphastart 10.17.06 @

I like this dude and i havenot seen the video yet. where can I see it?

Comment by gem 10.17.06 @

You are My New Favorite Emcee:

Comment by tarhaka 10.17.06 @

nyoil = kool kim

Comment by aka 10.17.06 @

nyoil = ultramaddness

Comment by Truth 10.18.06 @

nyoil = ultramaddness My Bad yall’

Comment by Truth 10.18.06 @

Brother NYOIL is absolutely right.

Most of the time its easy to be Understood if you speak in an apologetic voice. But when you slap a motherfucker in the face he gonna react in 2 ways…. Be ready to kick ass or that person is gonna ask why you did it.

Either option stirs it up. You can never worry about the approach. You just want a result from your actions…or at least expect one.

Nyoil…. we all have a hard path of change to overcome but I like and respect your direction. We all have contradictions within us but when there is no balance to these projections of self then we end up numb …. acccepting what is feed to us.

There is alot of shit out there to be angry about.

But those lyrics and video definitely have that OH SHIT factor.



Comment by HOBBS 10.18.06 @

“hypocritical due to the fact that although many enjoy smoking weed, it still contributes to the poisoning of the mind but it was cool to do it back in the day in the park”

haha man shut up

Comment by BR 10.18.06 @

Yo to any folks who “hatin” on this keep “hatin” you have the right to “hate”. But this straght up is the truth. Malcolm X worked hella hard for the rights and freedoms of the African Americans. Just look at what has come of the ghettos in America. Brother NYOIL rock the truth by “any means necessary”

Comment by ike 10.18.06 @

The African American people need to Unite and strive for a better living, reach a spiritual and positive change. Yet it is really hard to do that since the “white man” “corporate power” controls the media and fellow African American Brothers and sisters fall into the materialistic bull shit piece of the pie and get lost in the glamour and glitz. Then there is the power of the media, this Gangster killing, Booty Shakin, Money Makin hip hop scheme is definately washing off on every youngster that listens to Hip Hop or Rap or whatever you would like to call it. All that, that is in those videos and such is all negative imagery. Why are ya’ll killin your own poeple. I am lookin at this from the outside. I am not of African decent. I just see atrocities happening and feel that i should say something. Because it’ sad to see such negativity that has brainwashed most of the American society. So any artist who speaks out for the betterment of the poeple, Props Madd Props. We are just to lost in all that we have. The Western World is very unthankfull, you see third world countries who do not have anything, praise the lord everyday because they dont have much. I truly believe “corporate America” loves what is happening in the Ghetto’s, oppress the African American poeple so they cannot acheive Wealth or Greatness. So what do these rappers do they settle for the Holloywood bullshit gangsta rap image and get all the bullshit glory which will mean nothing when they are gone and dead, what will they have done when we look back in history. Hmm.. not much.
My opinion is my opinion and my look in to things. Just some thoughts, anyone who has not read the Autobiography of Malcolm X, should definatley read it. The Brothers and Sisters of America should read it. The conditions have worsened, reason being is because The African American poeple accept it and move on, You cannot move and accept it. Support these artists who actually have something to say. I am not going to name any rappers because I am sure everyone knows the main Gangsta Rapper dudes who are on the TV all day rapping all that mindless bullshit. The American Government or the “upper control” has done a great job of covering up all that is going on, so many people are ignorant of what is actually going on. This is just one issue that is holding minorities back, there are many more atrocities going on around the world, but we have to work from Home to succeed furthermore.

I know some poeple might say ” ah this is another dude on some other revolutionary bullshit and such” but I believe it is the truth, I actually do believe its what is happening, its wether you chose to see it or not. Just Like NYOIL has said and shown in the video.

Inshallah poeple will unite.

Comment by ike 10.18.06 @

sorry ima drop another line I just read some of the posts. See its not about if this brother shows his face or not. Why do we care for that. Listen lets pay attention to the images and what NYOIL is saying, who gives a shit if he aint showin his face, his agenda is different his tactics are different, Its what he is saying we gotta hear. Forget the face and this bullshit about how NYOIL is a pussy for not showing his face, man atleast he did something and has said something, we sit on the computer and write posts and shit, hopefully I can make an impact somewhere someday. Do the same. Do not look in the direction of what is irrelevant, look at the relevance of things. His voice is relevant, the images are relevant. His face… who gives a shits.

We need VOICES

Comment by ike 10.18.06 @

TRue…. We definitely need voices. Any body hated on what this brother is saying or representing just wants to continue the cycle of bullshit being played up in Hip Hop music….

Comment by HOBBS 10.19.06 @

Lead and the rest will follow!!! Word up, home skillet just said alot of what I think most of us feel.

Comment by DF MALO 10.19.06 @

Definitely.. How do you rebut that? You end up playin yourself. It would be interesting to hear what other MC’s bring to the table for this?

This is a straight up battle rap. This joint almost puts an end to the whole battle concept.

How do you come at this?

I’m no MC but I would hate to be on next….

Comment by HOBBS 10.20.06 @

“the thousands of videos of under-age black girls and white girls alike doing jigglit videos (videos where they are in essence shaking what they got for the camera)? Doesn’t that sort of imply child pornography?”

If he ruins this shit, I’ma kill him.

Comment by nesta 10.21.06 @

YO, Brotha was ReAL. GIVE IT UP. SOme of the comments Ive read still shows that many of you are in LA LA land. I guess NONE of you heard what the man said. Either way, THE question that begs is “IS HE RIGHT?”

Comment by MoniQTEE 10.25.06 @

I think its a good song and he speaks the HONEST TRUTH.. It appears what alot people HATE the most is the TRUTH..

Comment by AUTOBOXX 10.27.06 @


Comment by The Truth 10.29.06 @

‘And to be honest, no I ain’t mean it figuratively. Some of these motherfuckers need to swing from a tree literally, that is the depth of this offense.’


good shit Rob


Comment by Tired & Broke 11.05.06 @

Lynch these motherfuckers. Their ancestors are disappointed anyway, and I’m sure their kids will be…

Comment by momowilly 11.06.06 @

eye’m proud of you brother! It’s about time someone such as yourself (and groups like Dead Prez) speak up… I so wish the masses heard it.. because it’s as if u’re preaching to the choir.. Eye’m going 2 try my best to spread the word like the plague. Eye’ll most definitely b reaching out to you!

Shem hotep!

Comment by sendtokevin 11.06.06 @

“dame unkut you can,t see that this undercover
crakker useing this pro black bullshit as a pre-text 4 to sale his fake ass bean pie products….
wake up! yall should be………….
but new york will be new york!”

MF Cornbread is a complete idiot & needs to swing from a tree for his constant ignorant comments, but then again on his myspace page he reveals he’s a mason so……go figure! This brotha is on point with some real shit & needs to be heard period. If you’re not feeling it, chances are your ass is in a coma & need to wake up!

Comment by DJ 11.07.06 @

man to those sayin its coward for him not to show his face…whats more important his face or his voice? the point is his rhymes are speakin for themselves, his face shouldnt have anything to do with that. i hope i keep hearin this man’s music and will definitely go cop an album if it comes out.

Comment by vamosarapiar 11.08.06 @

all you pple are waisting your precious time on this shit.
The real war is inside the belly of the get in there and confront the devil directly.
Chant down babylon with institutional frameworks and not petty petty methods like music and videos.

Comment by UGANDA reality 11.09.06 @

dude didn’t show his face because he’s just a little punk trying to get attention and he’s scared hell be shot…which should be done anyway, we should vote on which rapper should shoot him

Comment by infantryman 11.10.06 @

Articulate, reasoned, intelligent, justifiably angry and gifted. This explains some of the ignorant, misplaced comments regarding NYOIL. Read his interview over agin and you might just get it. This kid spits the real shit.

Comment by R Daley 11.10.06 @

” Y’all soft-talking apologetic Negroes and politically correct types have accomplished nothing more than a facade of equality and respect. This country, these communities are getting worse and worse each generation. If your way was so right then I would never have been compelled to write the song in the first place.”

I no longer live in america for this reason, this rapper’s got my respect.

Comment by Ian 11.15.06 @


Comment by international relations officer 11.17.06 @

It bugs me out how most of you cats don’t even get it. Yall are talkin about hes a pussy for not showing his face? You care about his face? Why? You wanna marry him? Words speak, not faces. And its not all about the industry as far as these rap cats go.. its about the ‘artist’ because they allow the industry to use them. What ever happened to saying ‘no’? ‘No I aint doing this’, ‘no I aint selling myself or anyone else short’. No matter what someone does, yall will find some negitive shit to say about it. Meanwhile.. what the fuck are you doing? Keeping it real? Pssshhhh

Comment by Brooklyn on top 11.17.06 @

where can I buy his C.D., I and WE need to support rappers like him,ruthless records gave fake rappers a way to come out of there house and not being themselves and look who we have…snoop dog,game,masterp,etc..

Comment by landry 11.24.06 @

From a old schooler who has lost is his 15 y/o son to hip hop violence. I could not be more trilled with your song and video. Those very images have pained me for years. Thanks for truly keeping it real.

Comment by JAMES 11.24.06 @


Comment by kel 11.27.06 @

Dr flav is way off base with his comments and sounds to be one of those NYOIL speaks of

Comment by jon-jon 11.29.06 @

all you pple are waisting your precious time on this shit.
The real war is inside the belly of the get in there and confront the devil directly.
Chant down babylon with institutional frameworks and not petty petty methods like music and videos.

Dumb Ass!! Music has created various instutional frameworks your point is fuckin wack at the same time gives a voice to our people nimrod! stop lookin on the surface and peep the facts

Comment by jon-jon 11.29.06 @

well done. need more media with a urgent message. hiphop is a STRONG influence on youth (of all colors) and in the high school in philly where i work, you see kids diligently memorizing every new killa cam bullshit. i mean, some kids who are failing every class and they got a whole album memorized! i dont want to write hiphop in general off, but the materialism and madfaces and thug (with no higher purpose) glorification shit is laughable. yall hard cause you got a gun or a chain or a car? ANYBODY can buy those things…even my old white grandma. manifesting meaninglesness.

plus, my man sampled one of the dopest joe pass records out ther! respect!!! those that dont know…need to learn-o!

Comment by tripledouble 12.03.06 @

He would have been hot in like the early 90’s. He just like a lot of other MC types are mad because they can’t make no money in the rap game. I’m an emcee myself but I’m from a differetn era so my shit sounds different that lets say buck shot. Or Rakim. I thought about not showing my face at first and it woud have been cool. But if I’m gonna take a shot at some niggaz I’ma gonna make sure I put a face behing the shit talking. But dude is just pullin niggaz coattails on some love for black people shit and I don’t knock him for that. But I’m pretty sure he knows that if he shows his face he might have some unwanted confrontations in the street.

Comment by lbs. 12.12.06 @

man im glad theres people hu care about dis man, i cant wait until da word gets spread about you man and i agree wit ur argument about youtube ive seen a way worse film were blacks is beat up 4 nuffin man i dun no da name of it and i sent a email tellin em about it but ive had no response.
good luck wit dis man and kno dat u got all dese niggas behind ya man

Comment by nonigga6 12.12.06 @


Comment by kel 12.30.06 @

NYoil rocks. He is a voice to listen to. like Gil Scot-Heron in his day. There are so many talented musicians out there with great gift but no real aspiration for themselves or for black people. who seem to admire Donald Trump and Al Capone more than Martin Luther and Malcom X. I grew up on Bob Marley, Al Green, James Brown, Sam Cooke, Grandmaster Flash, Rakim, Lakim Shabazz – these were/are leaders, with vision, hope and love and fire. So many musicians today are nihilist motherfuckers, smirking George Bushes in big sneakers, chasing nothing but empty dreams of money. Slave mentality. Thank Christ for brothers like NY oil. His words are harsh but his message is true. Maximum respect.

Comment by JDub 01.08.07 @

NYOIL is real,he spits real shit. All those who don’t agree are either a hater of the black race or some wanna be white person who are just too happy with how the world is at the moment coz their loved ones aint been killed or robbed because of bullshit. These people hating on NYOIL are real pussies. I mean if something really kicks off and you gotta fight for equality or something for humanity most of these mutha fuckas hating the dude would be runnin to hide in churches etc, people like me would fight for a cause. These people who are loving this flossing, degrading women shit on tv just love watching it coz they’l never have it or even have the ‘nice girls’ on tv. stand up for something or you’l die for anything you muthafuckers!!!! For all the peeps who understand and feel what the rapper NYOIL is saying this is not to you. The others should all get lynched coz they be a waste of fuckin space! 300 years ago these muthafuckers wouldn’t be scared of a slave rebellion they’d probably go and tell the slave master about it.. people like you seem like you are the descendants of all these uncle toms who didnt do shit to help us get where we are today…. NYOL keep our head up coz if these mfs die no one will remember them they aint doing shit for their childrens futures.

Comment by Tiger 01.23.07 @

I see deleted my last comment….Just like the Mass Media…You get a Brotha on here writin something intelligent and thought provoking and you pull the plug….NY OIL keep doin you and don’t stop wakin these Ignorant baffoons up. Keep walkin against the grain!


Comment by QGODFEAR 05.21.07 @

Fuck NYOIL! Oiling faggot , bitchass nigga did racisme promos yo.
You aint a black revolutionary farrakahn, when your
Promoting slave names & slave pictures bitch.
Aint no black soldier that should do that, Your
Selling yourself out on weak mentality for doing that.
Im not sure about the Porno statement he said, Cause thats a lyie.Cause Porno does have legal laws & rules about how in fact too do the filmings.
Dont belive that bitch he`s just making it up.
There are, However role playing & acting in Pornos.
But either way fuck NYOIL..Support real hip hop

Comment by Real_Live_Nigga 10.12.07 @

It’s unfortunate that it’s come to this. I, too think Hip Hop is in an awful state. I, too think that we have lost control and are over the deep end. But the thing is this: the things that we produce; writing, music, film, etc will never change unless we change the condition of the people…and that doesn t come from “calling out” our ppl but instead sitting down, talking to, listening to, and understanding where a person is coming from. It’s just saddening.

Comment by love 03.13.08 @

“Cause Porno does have legal laws & rules about how in fact too do the filmings”, “There are, However role playing & acting in Pornos”. Yeah Im sure the victims enjoy it. Of course, people follow said rules when making kiddie porn, animal torture, rape scenes, and other fucked up shit like that. Yeah im sure they are following these “RULES”. Are you really that skullfucked to actually beleive that. My god you should really shoot yourself. I mean it man. You come on here to dispespect the man for tryin to do somethin that nobody else has the god damn balls to do. Why the hell should he she his face. So some punk fan boy jail bait motherfucker like Real_Live_Nigga can fuck him up in the name of “KEEPIN IT REAL”. Cause that is all that these these a bitch dickriders can do. True heads keep rockin, I can only hope more cats like NYOIL decide to speak up and school these cocksuckers.

Comment by kairoo77 10.15.08 @


Comment by Fuck the system 08.03.09 @

The O.G did his thing in the 90’s in the group UMC’s on wild picth records-teaching the youth then and now he just got a little older and wiser with it. I know i’m late but it’s still one to grow on.

Comment by BIN GRIM 09.06.09 @

NY OIL is a breath of fresh air and I haven’t been more excited about a song or video since 3rd bass did the Gas Face video and Tim Dog did “FUCK COMPTON”!
Shit that needed to be said at the most crucial times in HIP-HOP MUSIC.
NY OIL and I did a track I’ve never releashed but will soon and That dude is a real stand up cat and get nothing but love,respect and props from me,Dunny.

Comment by DJ DAVITO 11.25.09 @

I had a moment or two to build with the brother. He’s committed, and actually a humble dude. I don’t always agree 100% but more times than not he’s on the money. We need the Balance that a NYOIL creates.

Comment by BIG CORE 07.13.10 @

I agree 100% with the brother we need songs like this. I remebered when Tim Dog did fuck compton,3rd Base did pop goes the weasel,EPMD did the crossover, Shante` did big mama NWA did fuck the police & Paris did bush killer, Nas with hiphop is dead, the list goes on and on. there was a time when you could go aganist the grain and people respected you for that, now it’s look on as hating. Man fuck that we need stuff like this and lots more of it. I’m tired of artits being politicaly correct all the the time.They talk all that street shit but scared to attack the ones that are keeping there. Stupid coon as niggers And I spelled it that way on purpose. I hope we get more of theis because the way artist are now it’s a damm discrace. especailly 95% of the music from the south. Gucci Mane had a line saying I DON’T READ WILL GOOD BUT I SMOKE WEED WILL GOOD WHAT KIND OF COON SHIT IS THAT. THAT SHIT ANI’T COOL OR FUNNY. SO I SAY BIG RESPECT TO NYOIL & XCLAN NEW JOINT (MAINSTREAM OUTLAWS),PARIS(ACID REFLEX)MARCO POLO&TORAE’S (DOULBLE BARREL)AND ANY OTHER ARTIST THAT IS TRYING TO GET A MESSAGE OUT.

Comment by derrick 09.11.10 @

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