Sadat X – Black October Album Review
Tuesday October 10th 2006,
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Sure, I was going to review this weeks ago but I wanted to wait until I could rock it in the whip to get a true appreciation. The verdict? Not great, but not a complete waste of time either. Although it lacks that finished touch due to it being a rushed product as a result of Sadat’s impending incarceration, I’d still rather hear this than most of the other albums that I’ve had to endure lately.

That being said, there’s ususally an element that detracts from a lot of the tracks, whether it be an awful chorus (“Chosen Few”), poor production (“Who”) or unnecessary sequel (“The Post”). There are some bright spots though, as The Beatminerz contribute an unusual yet enjoyable beat and the one and only Greg N-I-C-E makes a welcome return. There are also a couple of hidden tracks, one of them being “Why? (Lesbian)”, which is a classic Sadat record from a couple of years ago that never got a proper issue, as he takes on the role of a character who’s trying to prevent a broad seducing his girl! It’s these kind of original concepts that keep the X Man relevent after such a long tour of duty in the rap game. The title track with DJ Spinna is also noteworthy, as X gives us a suprisingly honest account of preparing himself for jail.

For loyal fans this is still worth checking out, but if Education & Experience didn’t move you then this project will do little to change your mind, for although Black October is miles ahead of something like Behind Bars, it’s no Wild Cowboys either.

Rating: 3 Becks

Sadat X “Black October” [Black October, Riverside Drive, 2006]:

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I’m curious to know what albums you’ve had to “endure” lately.

Comment by eric 10.10.06 @

Pretty much anything that has an annoying “watermark” on the advance copy, where some douchebag screams “This is a promo copy for press only!” every 30 seconds. It’s meant to “reduce piracy” but all it does is make me stop listening to the CD (Brick and Babygrande are the worst offenders).

Comment by Robbie 10.10.06 @

I like this new Sadat joint, but I do agree some joints do sound a little rushed and not mastered perhaps, but all and all it’s quality. Yo Robbie, do you approve new registrations for the message board? I registered a couple of weeks ago and stil haven’t recieved any e-mails. Yodel – alphastart

Comment by alphastart 10.10.06 @

hey robbie thanks for linking me, definitely one of my favorite blogs, keep up the good work.

Comment by spotrusherz 10.11.06 @

whats crackin Robbo?
am I the only one that wants to hear an “album” from Boss Money Gangstas??

Blam Blam…is one of the sickest joints this year…and the P Brothers are just…THAT dope…

bring forth the Trem album man…shit’s gonna be NEXT level

Comment by AFFEX 10.11.06 @

does anyone happen to have an mp3 of that old sadat x/MBP freestyle with the roots from wnyu 89.1 circa 96??

Comment by 10.11.06 @

alphastart, regarding the forums it should register automatically if you’re email address is good. Maybe give it another try.

AFFEX, I agree on all counts.

Chris V, I don’t have that but I posted that Money Boss/Large Pro radio session a while back if you do a search on here.

Comment by Robbie 10.11.06 @

Man, you’re not the only one hyping MBP.
That track on the dat x album was pure heat.

Comment by sdub 10.11.06 @

There’s an MBP album for sale on cdbaby or something. I bought it but it wasn’t so hot–the last track, “Who You Foolin'” is fantatic though. Too bad the rest of the album doesn’t hold up.

This Sadat X album isn’t as good as the 1st–but it’s still decent. “Throw the Ball” is AWESOME! But it’s obviously rushed…contender for best record recorded while out on bail? “The Ruler’s Back” still holds the title though.

Comment by Finally 10.12.06 @

Ive your comparing this too other stuff released recently id personally give over a little more becks. Couple of teh songs arent great but the beatminers track is sick, so’s the brand nubians track, never heard sadat rap in that lower tone of voice before, sounds good. Actually they all sound a little different on that. Anyway cheers for teh tip off on this. gotta get the previous one. Apparently hes done 5. any idea what other ones other than wild cowboys?

Comment by gex 11.06.06 @

X has only done “Wild Cowboys”, “State of NY Vs Derick Murphy” EP and “Education & Experience” before this one, plus the five Brand Nubian LPs.

Comment by Robbie 11.06.06 @

Must have got confused with the Brandnubian Lps. do you have any idea what happened to Shawn Black from wild cowboys? Only thing i can find on him is on this site in the biggie vs jeru post where jeru disses him. . Dont know whether thats the same guy. i always thought he was prety good on that albumn personally.

Comment by gex 11.07.06 @


Comment by Beppi 11.25.06 @


Comment by mcdj melun 12.10.06 @

ChrisV – I have that Roots freestyle session

Comment by Spek27 12.01.07 @

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