Exclusive: NYOIL’s “What Up My Wigger” video
Friday November 24th 2006,
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After the huge response to NYOIL’s first video, you know I had to hit you with the follow-up. His new joint tackles another issue entirely, but as usual he gets straight to the heart of the matter, and the video is a lot tighter than the “Lynched” one thanks to the Boondocks drops.

NYOIL @ MySpace

NYOIL “What Up My Wigger”:

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I like the last line in the credits. Nice one.

On the surface, the initial impression one gets from the media is that non-whites are far more accepted by the white majority in the UK and US than ever before. However, my perception is that the embracing of ‘black culture’ in the US is not healthy as it’s not real black culture but a molested media version; this culture stands for material possessions being people’s goal in life, backed by cringe-worthy MTV stereotypes and fake, forced integration – ultimately, to make corporations more money. These are an extremely negative façade which could be adopted by the next generation.

This theme was explored in NYOIL’s first video on Unkut and extended further with this one. I’m glad that there’s another artist making an effort to expose this way of thinking and try to educate more people.

Good work.

Comment by Ross 11.24.06 @

well this song is certainly better but when is this guy gonna get a video budget? I’m sick of seeing Boondock Saints music videos.

Comment by BR 11.24.06 @

Yo Duke, Keep bangin ’em in the head with that unkut raw that cats want to turn a blind eye to. Much respect. Your message is ill.

Comment by Ron Gallardo 11.24.06 @

Anyone (not) seen the Michael Richards (Kramer) racist outburst?

Quite aside from the guy acting like a dick, that kind of sums up what this is about.

At one time use of ‘the ‘N’ word’ by black people was appropriation, probably for a lot of reasons, but mostly to subvert it’s power.

Now it seems to have come full circle, and in some ways seems to have re-entered common usage without any real understanding or ‘respect’ as it were for it’s origins.

These days the stock of black urban cultural forms is riding high (as it has been for the last century or so, let’s face it) and is thus pimped relentlessly back to us by corporations wanting to make a fast buck – and everyone’s buying.

As Patrick Neate set it in “Where It’s At” (dude himself’s white by the way)

“…Hip hop slang is perceived as culturally valuable. It is ironic, therefore, that an urban black kid’s use of this language might be precisely what holds him back. Ebonics can grant a white person cultural value within mainstream society at the same time as it stops a black person entering such society. ‘Yo dog!’ says the white thirtysomething and he’s down with alienation. ‘Yo, dog!’ says the black kid and he’s down and alienated.”

or as Paul Mooney said:

“The black man is the most copied man”

Comment by Eyeman 11.25.06 @

Hip-Hop has a very strong impact on kids no matter their race, but unfortunately most kids are infatuated with the image of mainstream hip-hop and not with the contents of the culture. I am italian and in Italy it’s really easy to meet 16 or 17 years old trying to look like 50 Cent or, even worse hearing people repeating the N word just because they have heard it on some record. Probably they don’t even know the meaning of it but for someone who understood the evil of racism mostly through the listening of Hip-Hop, it’s very discouraging to see superficiality prevailing. That’s because Hip-Hop has been fagocitated by mainstream and that’s why we need artists like NYOIL!Keep up the good work, nice concepts, dope image research.
Peace from Rome.

Comment by ceedub 11.25.06 @


Comment by gex 11.27.06 @

What is it you want exactly? I watched the video and I’m still not sure what you want. Do you want white kids to stop messing with hip-hop entirely? Or do you just want them to buy it, and not act it? I am curious what it is you’re after NYOIL, to me it seems that you would wish for segregation. I love the fact that all cultures can come together in this country. I wish for nothing more than to see the day were all cultures can move forward as one.

Comment by Kornphlake 11.27.06 @


Comment by YIDIEL TRAVELMASTERZ 11.27.06 @

Strong work!

Comment by ENGINEER 11.27.06 @

good video, that word will not go away if people who are black keep saying it all the time, true story, like someone said earlier, it was first changed to end with ‘a’ and then used to try to take away its power when it was used wrongly by whites, but it has indeed come full circle and has been used so much by blacks that white people now wrongly think its okay to say it (see: kramer). it just needs to be totally removed from everyone’s vocabulary now and never said by anyone, regardless of race, just like all racial slurs. keep it up nyoil.

Comment by thatwhitedude 11.27.06 @

Kornphlake – i’m not nyoil but the way i see it, that words needs to stop being used by rappers, and then people in society of all races will hopefully stop saying it entirely as well. as far as hip-hop goes, the problem is built into the system. you got mtv and bet only playing videos that are either gangstas or coonery and not playing the stuff with substance such as nyoil, common, dead prez, etc. the problem is with the system and includes all the conglomerates, record labels, def jam, bet, rap mags, etc. the problem is so deep into the system its disheartening. but it will need to start with little steps like not financially supporting cooning artists like all those seen in “yall should all get lynched”, stop saying the dreaded n word no matter how its spelled/used, seeing more lupe/common/concious rappers on bet and xxl and the source, and educating yourself and others (see msg at the end of video). sorry if it wasn’t my place to respond sice i’m white and not nyoil but i figured i’d start some kind of discussion on here.

Comment by thatwhitedude 11.27.06 @

german oven mitts…wow

Comment by thesurgeongeneral 11.27.06 @

To Komphlake, what is it that you don’t understand? If I may, I think this cat is saying that he’s tired, as I am, of hearing members of other ethnic groups (mis)appropriating the use of the word, NIGGA. You can follow Hip-Hop; you can enjoy the music, you can be into the culture, you can embrace everything that comes along with it. I just fail to see why anyone feels that the dreaded ‘N’ word has to go along with that. Hell, I’ve heard white kids let that word spill from their mouths than it ever does from mine. That is unacceptable. I never hear any of those other groups use the racial slurs that are specific to their ethnicities.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 11.27.06 @

Very exciting to hear this type of provacative track…very well made. I agree that white people, or any other race should not be using the N word…for hatred, slang, affection, or otherwise. That is why it will be up to hip hop to stop using the word in songs. What is heard in music is guaranteed to be repeated by the listeners. It is confusing the masses and makes it seem ok to use the word. Once again this is a case of looking our Hiphop-selves in the mirror and understanding it is up to us, as Hip hop, to make change.

Comment by navi 11.27.06 @

or as Paul Mooney said:

“The black man is the most copied man”

Paul Mooney needs to get his hand off his cock. It’s comments like this, acting as though one race is superior to another, that’s a serious problem. Every culture/race has contributed to globalised culture. Aren’t Arabs the most copied for inventing maths?, or how about Whites for inventing suits and ties and shoes and democracy?, Chinese invented gunpowder, the compass, printing and paper…Africans and thier descendants make fantastic music. All cultures have made amazing contributions to earth so everyone should chill the fuck out with their superiority/inferiority complexes.

Comment by tired 11.27.06 @

can gay people still say nigga since black people say faggot sometimes?

Comment by BR 11.27.06 @

(no homo)

Comment by BR 11.27.06 @

Comment by Kornphlake 11.27.06 @

To wit.. I just want white people and people of all creeds and colors to understand that calling blacks Nigger is not an acceptable term. it isn’t cool Hip or anything else. In fact it is a dangerous thing that can end badly for u in the wrong circles.

As far as not wanting white people in the culture… I really can’t see where u get that from

Comment by NYOIL 11.27.06 @

Comment by YIDIEL TRAVELMASTERZ 11.27.06 @

Holla at me fam.. i am definitely interested with working with all Lovers of the music.

Comment by NYOIL 11.27.06 @

(no homo)
Comment by BR 11.27.06 @
mmmm hmm.. yeah aiight.


I think truthfully it is all disrespectful. Look I’m not for that PC shit where u can’t even speak to a person without having to be super careful not to be politically correct.. to the point that u can’t even make a solid point anymore cause u might offend someone

but i mean come on man.. u can’t be a human being and not see how skewed this nigga thing is right now.

i’m not even going to dance with anyone with a bunch of similtueds and symantics. Common sense speaks to the matter and common decency.

Comment by NYOIL 11.27.06 @

german oven mitts…wow
Comment by thesurgeongeneral 11.27.06 @

yeah that shit is rough.

Comment by NYOIL 11.27.06 @

I’m with Korn on this one.
What the hell do you want NYOIL?
I think your a nigger.
You know why?
Because you keep saying you fucking are.
What name do you use to represent someone other then the word they call themselves.
I don’t go around calling my friends Crackers, so you don’t usually repeat it.
I still call faggots faggots, and I’ll still call nigger’s niggers. Rolls off the tongue better then African American.
Or would you prefer Blacky?
Nah nah, you’d prefer your name, but say I don’t know your name and I gotta pick you out of a crowd of white people, of course your going to hear it.
I think everyone has to just stop riding this racism spree, give up on curse words, and just pay more attention to the tone and specific use, and then you’ll realize my intentions.
No word is negative on it’s own, sitting free; without the voice behind it contorting it and making it so.
Sorry Nigger.
But I still love you.

Comment by Jopo 11.27.06 @

I am white. I am not american. I get REALLY angry when I hear someone referring to people with african descendance with derogatory terms. The same for every ethnicity, actually. I HATE it, I think it is the peak of hatred and ignorance. I feel like NYOIL is trying to let the Black community and all hip-hop listeners trying to understand that racism goes deep and it hurts a lot to use those kinds of words. Like the credits at the end say, read a book!

Comment by ceedub 11.28.06 @

I want to put some information in your ear…Aristotle and Socrates came to Africa, specifically, Kemet (modern day Ghana) for college education, in fact, the world did. Before the Greeks and Romans great cities were built, Kemet was the center of education and business. Please do not forget that African men and women invented virtually every thing that we use today: washing machine, stop lights, elevators, escalators…and on and on…One person listed Africans as creating good music as if all we do is entertain-not the case. In fact the birth place of humanity is Africa-the oldest remains of a woman were found in Africa. It is time for black folks to claim their history-a history filled with creation, education, royalty, and world influence. CLAIM IT!

Comment by srbumblediva 11.28.06 @

Comment by Jopo 11.27.06 @
I don’t even understand what u are tryning to say..

but i got the part about me being a nigger.

Tell u what.. u be certain to tell me that to my face if u should ever be close enough to do that.

that’s the whole point of the fucking song dude.. that shit is disrespectful.. and if u think that shit is going to ride regardless of some wack ass point u are tryna make .. u are sorely mistaken..

but do u..

u just better mean that shit when u do it homeboy.

Comment by NYOIL 11.28.06 @

Comment by ceedub 11.28.06 @

Indeed CeeDub

I am tryna to open peoples eyes to certain shit that goes on.. that is just plain wrong.

fuck who says it and what it is supposed to mean.. this is what it IS.. and it’s wrong

it’s time to start talking as humanbeings.. fuck your clan or creed and recognize what is wrong for the human experience

cause WE are tired of it.. and we aint gonna take it anymore.

Comment by NYOIL 11.28.06 @

“it’s time to start talking as humanbeings.. fuck your clan or creed and recognize what is wrong for the human experience

cause WE are tired of it.. and we aint gonna take it anymore. ”

That’s exactly my point man, I hate how I come off internet fag on you. But you have to drop all words if you want harmony man. Call me a cracker, seriously, I don’t care. You could tell me to go fuck a goat or ride my ass on males genitals, but it’s not gonna change the fact were all individuals.
We all see the same points in our own way, I’m saying let’s drop all pretext of ancestry and recognize our own situations. Where we are now.
I don’t agree with my parents, why would I agree with my governing body? We need to respect the difference and allow all matter, no matter what matters to you, to be able to matter as matter.

Ha, everyone becomes a genious when they know how to speak…until you forget what it’s like not to be able to. You censor words, you censor people.
When you say time after time in your song nigger, you know what happens to my short term and long term memory? after I hear that word so many times? It becomes lodged into my mind. I love the hip-hop culture for life, honor and respect everyone associated with it, in all there own struggles.
Don’t rub yourself in the wrong way, because I’ve got nothing against you.
I’m not trying to spark clashes between races, but we it seems we need intermediates, and I’m trying to understand what the fuck is wrong with people.
Remember the tone man, remember the tone. When you speak in poetry, syllable counts to pounds of heart the heart reflecting struggle of life, of the beat.
Remember that the greatest men tell you to set by example. So give them your word of strength, give them the word that you want as a people to reflect the resistance that is in you that is there to oppose.
But in reality you gave me that word already, no matter what you want to believe. I’m canadian, were associated in odd ways with slavery I don’t even want to get into.
The word is Nigger, Because if we are to truely respect eachother like I can with my close friends, its to be able to call them whatever comes to tongue. Whatever is mainstream usually ends up on the mouth.
When I can say Nigger to you and then you can call me Cracker, and both be cool about it. That we can say those words without hatred and them to become other words.

So what up NYOIL you crazy nigger?
“Not much, what’s up cracker?”
(to the side*-omg omg omg! NYOIL responed to me! omg omg omg) you celebrity.

Comment by Jopo 11.28.06 @

Jobo, no disrespect but I think you are full of ignorance.
Your ignorance is so evident that you just should stop typing on the net and go take some history lessons. How can you say that a white dude could refer to a Black dude with THAT word? Don’t you know what it means? I don’t know if you know Black people who allow to get called that, but if you do, well, that’s exactly the point NYOIL is trying to make. He is saying that all we need is RESPECT, respect for the others and respect for what we are. THAT word cannot be said without hatred because it IS hatred. If you use it it means either you hate the Black race or you hate yourself. And by the way, NO WHITE MAN WAS EVER TREATED AS A SLAVE BY A BLACK MAN CALLING HIM CRACKER. That makes a little big difference to me. Thinkaboutit.

Comment by ceedub 11.29.06 @

Ya, I guess I am ignorant.
I’m ignorant enough to believe in total tolerance.

There is no word you can call me to piss me off.
Only actions.

Fuck I’m trying to understand you on this.
I’m probably the only white kid in canada with a Dead Prez cd.

I don’t know, sitting here talking to another buddy of mine and we just mentioned the word Ba Hum Bug. which used to be an old swear…doesn’t seem to hold the same punch as I guess it did back in the day when they were burning people they thought used magic.

Guessing it’ll kinda me like nigger, when time has passed and we’ve all started having more interracial sex, and there are no more black people, cause brown people have slept with everyone already. Then what happens to that word?

Then can I use it to say I’ve nigger rigged up a bong? Can’t we toke it now, and all get along?

Comment by Jopo 11.29.06 @

“Fuck I’m trying to understand you on this.
I’m probably the only white kid in canada with a Dead Prez cd.”

hahahahahahahaha. that’s classic. “I bought a Dead Prez CD in Canada, so that pretty much gives me immunity to do whatever I feel like.”


“when time has passed and we’ve all started having more interracial sex, and there are no more black people, cause brown people have slept with everyone already. Then what happens to that word?”

hahahahaha, people seriously believe that crap??? that we won’t have white/black/whatever people anymore after a while because everyone is going to look the same from mixing?? that’s like the DUMBEST thing I’ve ever heard.

Comment by BR 11.29.06 @

^ go ahead and say nigger to somebody in real life and see what happens to you. next time get permission fro your mom to use the internet.

Comment by god 11.29.06 @

Great Song… Keep It Coming.


Comment by tarhaka 11.29.06 @

Whatever, be angry. Cause I don’t mean to be, everytime you attack me though gives me cause to not give a shit about you. I care about everyone until they prove they should be treated otherwise.

-mom jokes are lame.

“^ go ahead and say nigger to somebody in real life and see what happens to you. next time get permission fro your mom to use the internet.”

tsk tsk.

Comment by Jopo 11.29.06 @

I wish people would open their eyes to the world instead of their own little shit-hole hood and see that race is just a minor distraction keeping us away from examining the real exploitation that goes on between mankind and governments, corporations, religion, media, and so on. Keep arguing about nigger vs. cracker, black vs. white, while mega-corps patent life and parts of the human gnome. Keep arguing arguing about Jesse Jackson-level bullshit when every block has a camera recording your every move and your phone is tapped. Keep arguing about your dumb shit when a dead police dog will get more media airtime than a whole bulldozed village in Palestine, or what’s going on in Darfur, or Iraq . . . or any other place on earth where there’s a struggle between the oppressed and an oppressor. And that’s what it really boils down to: the oppressed vs. the oppressor. Fuck race. Race is just a distraction. At some point you have to detach yourself from your city, state, country — whatever, and just see yourself in relation to the entire world. Everything else is artificial.

Comment by bedouin 11.29.06 @

Yeah…. anyway. Good song. good clip. Britney with fronts.

Ceedub is fagocited a real word or a typo? If thats a word i want to use it.

Comment by gex 11.29.06 @

I like to hear a song trying to approach an issue like this. Some everyday shit that everyone has an opinion on, but seems almost completely ignored in hip-hop, save Q-Tip dropping a couple lines a million years ago.

Comment by nesta 11.29.06 @

Like bedouin said, drop the racist card.
Let’s stop the fuckin crackers. As in the brittle, salty human squares in government that I want to crumble. So we don’t all end up in the same package and become premium plus, because as good as tomato soup is with crackers, some times you need to have it without.

Comment by Jopo 11.30.06 @

Comment by gex
Ceedub is fagocited a real word or a typo? If thats a word i want to use it.

sorry for that. it’ìs an italian word which actually means something like “swallowed”. Makes no sense in English but I thought it sounded good…

Comment by ceedub 11.30.06 @

“Ya, I guess I am ignorant.
I’m ignorant enough to believe in total tolerance.

There is no word you can call me to piss me off.
Only actions.”

Man that’s bullshit, if I tell you that I hate you the resulting action will be that I won’t show you love. If I call a black man THAT word the resulting action will be that I will have no respect for him and his descendance. If you say it just for fun you have a problem because you will pay the consequences from the very people who get seriously hurt about it. Shut down the computer and go read something right now, probably a Dead Prez CD is not enough for your ass.

Comment by ceedub 11.30.06 @

If you use a tone of hate, telling me you hate me is an act of not showing me love. If you use a tone of love; if you come up to me, hug me and tell me you hate me. I’m not really going to think you hate me am I?
That’s the way I use nigger I guess.

I love racist jokes, from all sides, I hate racist people, on all sides.
Maybe I am just fucked up.

But whatever, when you talk to me in person, you get to see that I’m not a threat. On here, I’m just more letters.

Anyway, keep telling me to read I guess…as if I haven’t already figured out where that gets you. Right back here where I can tell my own situation, and somebody can tell me to read, like I’m not thrown into this everytime I go outside.

I’m sick of thinking relative to recent reality without really risking the right ideas to remove this ridiculous recurrence of racism from what is really going on.

So I’m gonna give you even more R’s to deal with your recent racism problem.

The 3 R’s!
Remember them?

Use it in context with nigger.

Reduce it in terms of meaningfullness, with the addition of it into your own vocab to call out your own people.

Reuse it again and again to deliberately assert that you will not take it as an insult to your cotton picking days.

Then recycle it into something new, a new word with the same syllable structure to show that you are free from the tyranny of that word, yet it’s still the same word as it was from the past, so that we will never forget what it is that you did to help prop up the American Society, that it could have never done on it’s own, had the white people who settled there, built the country on their own backs. (Which would have snapped…weak ass white people.)

But you’ve already done that haven’t you? To an extent of course, there is still racism and there is still tyranny.

Or just give us a new word to flip around? We emulate you in so many ways now, give us another word of your freedom. Then sit back and watch, because we will use it.

“Excuse me sir, you don’t like the words i propose?/ Put your chin up, while your extending your nose/
Excuse me sir, but just as this world shows/ You can’t mean shit for shit ’cause theres nothing that a know it all knows.”

Comment by Jopo 11.30.06 @

Theres always so much left out of every post…
Tell you what, tell me when you’ve got your Noah’s ark built that’ll fit the entire population you believe should be able to use a certain word. Then I’ll heat the glaciers up here and flood the world, then you can have your utopia.
Ignorance really is bliss isn’t it?
I can’t wait till I can grow up and lose more brain cells.

Comment by Jopo 11.30.06 @

what u are not connecting to in this situation is

These particular words are connected directly to painful hurtful abusive situations for black americans in particular.

now maybe if u were raped as a child..and the rapist called u puddin’
if someone called u puddin.. u might find that offensive.. regardless of how it was meant..

not because the collection of letters together is hurtful.. but the pain associated with the word is.

Comment by NYOIL 12.01.06 @

Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were so fresh out of slavery. I didn’t know that you had a burning mental image of your slave master calling you a nigger while whipping you.

I remember when back in the day when this kid started calling me a Putz to try to make fun of me. But before I allowed it to become hurtful I realized it sounded cool, so I adopted it as my nickname and totally turned the tide. Maybe you could do the same thing.

I don’t know, I’m trying to give you suggestions as an aspiring artist to spawn some new forms of tolerance for unity sake, for every manipulated white kid in the suburbs who no longer knows better.

I remember when I used to think that nigger meant brother, because I heard a black guy say so. He was the first person I heard use the word, and is still one of my spirit voices for definition.
“Nigger? When I say what’s up nigger? I’m asking, what’s up my brother? What’s up my nigger?”

So you make a cool song and say nigger a bunch, it’s really catchy with all the ways you say nigger, and all the other shit you say about crackers and christ killers. Gets stuck in my head, and I repeat it, because I’m a brain washed white kid who’s only purpose in a white society is to be identical to everyone else, until we got media. Then we were told to ignore everyone else, but we didn’t, because we found people that were cooler then our people, and that was you.
Fucking white people.
They say it boondocks the best don’t they? how we just laugh at everything? We really do.
That’s why were cursed to burn under the sun.

Anyway, I confuse myself at times, so I’m just going to stop. This is obviously going to need more consideration and effort then I had originally intended to assert.

Still a good song. Later.
Btw, If I do ever meet you in life, I’m going to call you a nigger when we first meet, like you asked me to. Uhh…don’t lynch me. Thanks.

Comment by Jopo 12.01.06 @

The word Nigger, or Ngr, means God or divine in ancient Egyptian.

Comment by zingalamaduni 12.01.06 @

No i don’t have the experience of slavery

I have the experience of being called nigger by a bunch of white kids as i walked to the skating rink as they threw bottles at me.

I have the image of standing with my two white friends at the mall and some white boys roll up on me in a car and spray JUST ME with a fire extingisher in the middle of the fucking winter

I have a million other experiences of the like

not some bully calling me a putz.. that shit aint even in the same world as what black men and women deal with behind that word.

my man.. I know what u think u are trying to do..
but u are SO ignorant to this issue.. that u’re argument is offensive.. and childish too.

so i’ll leave u to your own devices.. like i said..
U make sure u call me a nigger if u should ever see me.. and the money u think u would get in a civil case wouldn’t come close to offsetting the hurt I’ll put on u.

Comment by NYOIL 12.01.06 @

First off i’d like to give props to NYOIL, for actually making hip-hop that actually makes you think and provoke thoughts/discussion (remember when it used to do that?) and not the usual, shoot this, suck that, smoke this type shit.

Props are also due to this site for bringing some intelligence and raw emotion and giving such topics/artisits the platform to air their views.

Comment by tareq 12.01.06 @

Cheers for filling me in on that ceedub.

^^^^^^^^????????? Jopo why does it mean so much to you too use a word that has nothing to do with you and people find offensive? If you want to be called pudding and putz thats one thing but there is alot more attached to this word.

Comment by gex 12.01.06 @

Wow, you’re a little bitch. Serious.

You got sprayed with a fire extinguisher? What difference does that make in winter? I’ve been sprayed with one by my best friend, it’s like getting a lot of dirt on you, its not cold.

Why does this mean so much to me? Because if you start with one word, then it blackballs into a bunch of other words, like fuck, cunt, asshole, douche bag. All the words you love slowly get weeded out, and I take that as an attack on my liberty. I’m sorry if you find it offensive, but I could really give a shit. There are so many things that different people find offensive, It’s not worth it.

Like that one guy say, nigger used to mean devine. Before that it was neggar or some shit, a german word for a guy that plows fields, and your telling me you don’t think this word will go away on it’s own anyway? Or become another meaning. Now your just being ignorant. Think I will call you blacky then, because you don’t have any connections with that now do you? Just like you guys call us whiteys.

Balance is a Bitch.

Comment by Jopo 12.01.06 @

btw. telling people they can’t dress like you is just as disrespectful, with that little part at the end with the people with bandana’s, as if the cowboys didn’t have em first.

Call a chink a chink, he gets mad.
Call a jap a jap, he gets mad.
Call a nigger a nigger, he gets mad.
Call a cracker a cracker, and he laughs.

You see my issue?
I know you do, because I can hear the intelligence in your song writing.
The difference is you told me you’d harm me, and I never said I’d lay a finger on you.
Those are the words that count.
So like I said before,
Sorry Nigger;
But I STILL love you.
and that’s the difference.

Comment by Jopo 12.01.06 @

obviously you’ve never had experiences where someone was a personal threat to you based on your background or ethnic heritage alone. that is, not attacking you because of something you did, but simply attacking or threatening you for looking the way you were born.

I’m all for free speech and I don’t think any white dude that uses the n word should be lynched or whatever, but c’mon man, reading this shit on a hip hop forum is not cool. no one is looking at you like maybe you’re making a point. I’m reading your posts and I’m like “what is wrong with this dude?” why do you CARE SO MUCH if a person CHOOSES to find a certain word offensive? how is it even any of your business? if you have the right to find this word unoffensive (which you do), he has just as much of a right to find the word offensive and protest it. get the fuck over it already.

Comment by BR 12.02.06 @

“get the fuck over it already.”

Just curious in how you meant that to sound.

OBVIOUSLY I have never been attacked based on my personal appearance.

Just curious in whether you read that in your magic 8 ball.

As for the rest of what you said.

Just curious as to when you shoved your head inside your ass.

Where else do you talk to the person about a song they wrote about racism, on racism, then in a comment section devoted to the song?

Whatever, I always come out as the arrogant prick in conversations, it’s in my nature.

But I’ve started reciting this certain combinations of letters these past couple of months, dedicated to the outcomes certain incidents I’ve had in the last couple of years.

“I don’t make me right, you make me right.”

Only time ever tells.

Comment by Jopo 12.02.06 @

Ignore him and he might go away.

Comment by gex 12.02.06 @

Japo, Jopo whateva…

You’re talkin shit my man and you know you’re just trying to be deliberately annoyin with your bullshit argument

You want to live in a world where word mean no offense well I got news for you, idiot. Wake the fuck up from your weed induced stupor you moron, this is planet earth. Here, words steeped in historical context do mean something.

Take it like a man and stop bitchin about it already

Comment by newdanger 12.04.06 @

Interview with NYOIL on 125th St – good stuff. The man has balls, respect that.


Comment by Daddy Bones 12.04.06 @

Can you rememember that people’s perspective of history is relative to self?

No, you won’t, and don’t.

We had nursery rhymes that used to take care of this stuff when back in the day.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

If you allow words to be weapons against you…you’re just a useless nigger now aren’t ya.

Call me a crazy, call me I deserve/ Call me a cunt, call me whatever you’ve heard/ Call me it again so I can flip a third word/ An absurdly deserving cunt cradled by the world which occured.


Comment by Jopo 12.04.06 @


Comment by newdanger 12.05.06 @

“It is time for black folks to claim their history-a history filled with creation, education, royalty, and world influence. CLAIM IT!”
– Comment by srbumblediva
That’s what’s up.

“The black man is the most copied man”
– Comment by tired
You had better recognise.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 12.05.06 @

I wrote that wrong.

“Call me crazy, call me what I deserve”

Comment by jopo 12.06.06 @

German oven mitts…..outstanding! I give credit where credit is due, and at least NYOIL is creating hip-hop music that actually STANDS for somethig again! Whether or not you agree with it (Jopo) is up to you, but at least his work has you actually thinking about something meaningful. If I wanted to listen to nonsense shit talking over casio beats that take 3 minutes to produce I would buy a birdman album (sorry BK), but I don’t, so I THIRST for some shit like this! Something that actually makes me want to still care about hip-hop. So thanks to NYOIL for doing something fresh, original and creative.

Comment by Big Spice 12.08.06 @

“You can be a black man and lose all your soul
You can be white ‘n’ blue but don’t crap the roll
See my shit is universal if you got knowledge or dolo
Of delf for self, see there’s no one else”

Comment by Big Spice 12.08.06 @

I’d like to produce the remix featuring RA, Jin, Immortal Tech., Ras Kass and some kid named “Firewater” (that Im gonna go down to the reservation and sign). Maybe over a Hyphy Beat?
On the real, Jews have definitely been the most persecuted people EVER. Slavery? Check. 100 Billion people that will openly admit they want you destroyed? Check. More than one attempt at organized, systematic genocide? Yep.
Yesterday I was at DISNEYLAND and saw a fat, middle age Skinhead walking around with a shirt that said STOMP ISRAELITES and a picture of a boot. If that shit was about the Blackman, the Park might not do something, but you can be sure SOMEONE would put his ass in line (no homo). With Jews, if there isnt enough around to say/do something (aka outside of say, new york or LA) it’ll probably get by.
All beings be well- free from hate, ignorance and greed. I’m waiting for the return of Sun Ra.Space is the place.

Comment by BK tha fullest 12.11.06 @


U my friend, are an idiot. No need to reappropriate the word or take pride and stamp your self with it as your newest nick name. I mean exactly what it spells.

Grow some self respect and take some responibility over what comes out of your mouth. The media’s use of the word Nigga, Nigger or any other derogatory word is no excuse for it to slip off your tounge as a conscious human being. Also, at no point do Dead Prez condone the use of the words Nigga or Nigger and if they’ve ever used it is in keeping with the same context used by NYOIL… to deconstruct the oppressive institutions that have allowed it to prevail. Buying their C.D desn’t give you credibility as a stupid priviledged white kid from Canada -oooh let me guess, your best friend’s black? U still can’t relate, seen? When the revolution comes, you will clearly still be on the other side.

Stop trying to sound deep, you make no sense. Probably because you clearly don’t give any thought to the meaning behind the words you use. That is problematic… I am a white femme from Canada and Dead Prez live in my stereo… their music is a work of art for me to appreciate, and a source of knowledge to add to the books. It is not a medal for being the downass blackest white chick on the block.

Get over yourself, quickly.


**NYOIL… if you really are an accessible artist man we could do some things.**

B’zeen -Spoken word artist, H-Town, On.

Comment by B'zeen 12.21.06 @

Hit me on myspace..

I’m on all the time..


Comment by NYOIL 12.21.06 @

i really respect what your saying to the people but (and i might be late) how can you get thiss across to the public? we need to be more consious of what is really going on in the so called hood to really hit home with it. Now down here in the south we or should i say they, don’t have anything other than the net to get hold of anything that is benifecial to us as a black community in whole. WHAT CAN WE DO I ASK!!!
Get bakc at me with your food…Again i realy like the vidio…dynasty

Comment by Dynasty from n.c 03.01.07 @

Robbie, can you do me a favor and post Rass Kass’ “Nature of the Threat”? I think these toys need some science dropped on them!!

Comment by Marc Davis 09.10.07 @

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