Jacob’s Ladder
Monday November 06th 2006,
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This has been out for a minute but it stood out as being one of the more original songs I’ve heard in a while, plus R.A. really destroys shit on here and Stoupe‘s cinematic production is perfect for something like this. Apparently Vinnie Paz and The Rugged Man are doing a whole album together following the strong response to this track.

Jedi Mind Tricks featuring R.A. The Rugged Man – Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story [Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell, Babygrande, 2006]


While we’re at it, here’s an ill clip from Redman‘s favorite movie ever – Jacob’s Ladder:

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yeah this song has been out for a minute, Id be surprised if there was someone online who hasnt heard it yet… I really like it. It’s really different but still dope. even Vinnie Paz’s verse is good.
and Jacob’s Ladder is a dope movie as well.
now can we take this chance to discuss how wack Jedi Mind Tricks are when they’re not doing a song about Vietnam?

Comment by BR 11.06.06 @


Completely unrelated, but here’s something to look out for. Should be good for a laugh. Review the mc serch series robbie.

Comment by taylor 11.06.06 @

I hope that Serch show is as good as when C-Rayz Walz taught that kid to rap on MTV’s Made….

“The Blizzard Is Coming!”

Comment by Robbie 11.06.06 @

I saw JMT live a few years back when they did a show in Hollywood. Jesus christ. I’m not a huge JMT fan (Violent by Design is dope though)….but they have a cult-like COMMAND of a crowd. The whole place was going NUTS. I got pushed way back to the walls as everyone was going berserk for every single song they did on stage. Insanity, really.

I’m no sure why, but JMT has a *RABID* following.

Comment by Finally 11.07.06 @

How about appending a sample of RA before he was rugged, with an MP3 of “Let it All Hang Out.” I’ve been trying to find that for a while now.

Comment by bedouin 11.07.06 @

Back when he was known as Crustified Dibbs, I used to see R.A. on the Stony Brook campus out on LI. This was back when blunts were an all day every day thing, mind you.
I seen dude with this busted ‘fro wearing green NYC sanitation worker pants. Not knowing who this was I assumed he had to be a writer (graf).
When I went bombing with some other local writer he was like, yeah, “you know my man R.A.? (im like THAT dude?)… Yeah, he’s sick..he got a song with Biggie, but he probably wouldnt like you. He’d say you don’t get no pussy” (No Homo).
At the time I found that comment strange..now that R.A.’s infamous it makes perfect sense.

Comment by BK 11.07.06 @

Rugged man is one of my all time favorites. Ig’nant yet, lyrically untouchable. This track hopeful shuts down the haters…

Hey Bendouin, What’s this ‘Let it all hang out’ Mp3? Where’s that from..? I thought I had everything..

I’ve got a fairly average copy of ‘Night of the Bloody Apes’ if anyone wants it… OR better yet has a good copy & wants to post it.

Comment by Bane the Carny 11.07.06 @

I dunno, I’m probably wrong . . . but somebody told me when RA first came out that he was actually A.D.O.R, of Pete Rock/Let It All Hang Out Fame (I found the MP3 meanwhile). I did some Googling and I’m guessing that isn’t true. I had that one 12″ he did with Sadat X in the mid 90s but can’t say that I’ve been much of a follower, not out of any specific hatred though.

Comment by bedouin 11.08.06 @

How many people stole RA’s style? Check “Cunt Renaissance” with Biggie.

Comment by BK 11.08.06 @

R.A. definitly isn’nt A.D.O.R. and if you have’nt seen jacobs ladder check it out silent hill stole the concept.

Comment by c.s 11.08.06 @

nice selection from jacob’s ladder. that’s one of my favorites. and the first section of that clip, while they’re wheeling him in, is a most memorable scene. the way his surroundings just keep getting more and more twisted. this poor cat is like ‘what kind of a hospital is this??’ meanwhile, that damn wheel spinning around! genius.

Comment by eddie teller 11.08.06 @

Elliot Wilson is a ‘tard that blows, and that’s ’cause I said so. F@#k him.

Comment by fosterakahunter 11.09.06 @

Ego Trip was the best mag ever, possible exception is On the Go..But Elliot said some shit about how white boys grow up and get jobs at Merrill Lynch and then forget about hip hop.
What an ign’t comment..I mean, what if they work in the mailroom? ASSHOLE

Comment by BK 11.09.06 @

on the real R.A. has 2 lines that hit me in the head everytime I hear them…

The first on is….
Bitches and guns, this is every man’s dream/
I don’t want to go home, where I’m just an ordinary human being/

and the other is….

I still try to think positive/
Cause in life, God take, God give/

some of simplest but realest shit from that whole verse….that song puts shit in perspective for you if you think about…


Comment by Tired & Broke 11.11.06 @

was just listening to the jedi mind tricks album today and r.a. definitely kills it on that track…his flow is incredible on that verse let alone his attention to detail…unfortunately i think a lot of people write r.a. off as just a shock value emcee due to his crustified dibbs material etc but the guy has definitely got skills…this verse on the jmt track and also his verse on black market militia’s ‘the renaissance’ from earlier this year are two of the best rhymes of 2006 in my opinion…

Comment by Ryan Proctor / Blues & Soul Magazine (UK) 11.15.06 @

I just gotta say tha RA is top five MC in my list and this song just bumped him up a couple places…

Comment by CENZI 12.23.06 @

on the real, Resident Assistant the rugged man is pretty ill, but other than overseein’ dorm rooms, hes got some sick rhymes, sometimes too sick that it goes too far, but i feel like vinnie paz brings consciousness to hip hop on the servants in hell kings in heaven album, like hes growin a brain past all that esoteric apocalyptic deagle bustin’ which is odd considering hes paired with R.A. on this track, you’d figure he’d want to bring it just as ill if not iller, first time i really heard rugged man was on the high and mighty air force 1 album on the song you don’t wanna fuck wit feat. havoc and i thought, who is this cat, so needless to say i would definitely cop a jmt (pazman) and R.A. collabo… oh and the reason jmt has such a cult like following is cause most those cats at the shows are thinkin like mujihadeen wantin’ to ditch their nine’s and shotties for some rpgs, they should probably get a job at lockheed martin and pack a ballistic/cruise missile like the real gangstaz in the govt.

Comment by gstatty 01.02.07 @

Yo what up peeps, I may be a bit too late for this thread; BUT, I am definitely up for that Crustified Dibbs – Night of the Bloody Apes joint. I got A.D.O.R., But (Unfortunately, I slept hard on Dibbs/R.A.) i was only 16 and in Philly, in ’94 so my excuse is that I didnt hear about it (shoulda been listenin better i guess).

check us for real, judging from this thread you cats would enjoy our audio stream:

Realest Hip-Hop on the Web and it’s FREE!

Comment by Angry Tony 04.18.07 @

The Code didnt work HIT THIS LINK, 4 REAL!

FatRat Radio

Comment by Angry Tony 04.18.07 @

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