Jay-Z Wins The First Annual “Fuckouttahere” Award
Friday November 24th 2006,
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Jay-Z takes a call from Marley Marl on Ed Lover’s radio show

Listening to Jay get interviewed these days is like watching Meet The Press or some shit – a whole lotta spin. But who actually believes that he would’ve used a Marley Marl beat on Kingdom Come? As far as the other comments, let me just translate:

“I love Premo, but just Just Blaze is where I’ve got that chemistry right now” = Premier refused to make a song out of “Superfreak”.

“Tim is in another zone right now” = Timbaland is busy making fruity shit like “Sexyback”.

“We gon’ put the security clearance with your name on it” = Don’t ever call me again in your life Marley.

For those that missed it the first time around, listen to this Jay interview from just before Reasonable Doubt dropped for a little more honesty.

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Thats what the fuck I was wondering… where are the Premo tracks?

Comment by dj forcefed 11.24.06 @

I have heard different things, regarding the DJ Premier/Jay-Z thing, DJ Premier gave Jay a bunhc of beats and Jay told him he wasn’t feeling them and didn’t want them, which pissed him off.

The other story I have heard is that hey got into a fight years ago because Jay Z wanted a sing a long chorus and DJ Premier only wanted a scratched chorus on a song. Jay told him he was through and would never work with him ever again and hasn’t since.

The new Jay-Z is barely average,wasn’t he supposed to retire…for the 50th time?

Comment by Jaz 11.24.06 @

I’m not doubting what either of you are saying but i believe the real story is that during The Black Album sessions Jay-Z invited Premo to come through but Preme was busy touring for the Gangstarr Owners album and there were some scheduling conflicts. Once Preme finally got back into town he went digging the same day he was scheduled for his session with Jay (it’s my understanding that Preme never makes beat CDs-everything is done during the session with the artist) Anyway, he cooked something up and Jay heard it and was supposed to lay vocals on the track but he never did which lead most peeps to believe that he really wasn’t feeling the track and that was pretty much the end of the road for the both of them…

I believe Preme never heard from Jay after that and Preme is too much of a stand up guy to try and get at Jay (or any artist for that matter) just to have a beat on his album.

At the end of the day, we all know it’s really Jay’s loss (and our’s as well-thanks Jigga!)…

Comment by neil nice 11.24.06 @

marley looks like he needs to take a piss in that photo!

Comment by essargh 11.25.06 @

Can’t lie: I feel that for right now, Blaze has that corner locked. When it comes to the heavy street banger, Blaze has it. That’s no knock on Primo at all, but just like Marley fell back in the 90s and was replaced by Pete Rock and Primo, Just Blaze is holding down the oficial NY sound right now.

Comment by DanjaMania 11.25.06 @

That’s fine and dandy that he’s feeling Just Blaze, but what about Premo on the remix or Marley Marl for that matter, he should give a little of everything to his fans.

Comment by MAAD 11.25.06 @

ironic that he has a track with “Chris Martin,” only it’s the wrong Chris Martin as far as hip hop fans are concerned.

Comment by theGrandWiz 11.26.06 @

Just Blaze made that beat as a joke in the studio and I think he was pretty reticent about actually using it for an album. It may well be an over familiar sample but then he’s totally re sequenced the notes, that shit is what Hiphop production is all about.
Why on earth should Jay be working with Marley? Did I fall asleep and miss 15 years when Marley was making dope beats?
Timbaland has also said he wants to go back to working on whole albums rather than doing random tracks for hire, something I commend and wish other Hiphop producers would do more often. You don’t like Sexyback then fair enough but you dont think My Love is a dope beat?

Comment by bse 11.26.06 @

Despite what Just titled the track on his myspace page, i don’t think that beat was a joke (maybe it started that way). possibly dude was a little self conscious about how some purists would react, but frankly, it’s the hardest beat on the Jay album, recognizable sample or not and Just Blaze DESTROYED that shit.

Is “It ain’t hard to tell,” not dope because it’s Human Nature, c’mon dogs, the recognizable shit is a non-issue to me. if shit’s hot, it’s hot.

Comment by theGrandWiz 11.26.06 @

Is “It ain’t hard to tell,” not dope because it’s Human Nature, c’mon dogs, the recognizable shit is a non-issue to me. if shit’s hot, it’s hot.

^^^Agreed to the fullest. Now tell me who hadn’t heard “Human Nature” (or for that matter, the SWV “Right Here” remix that sampled it only a couple months prior to “It Ain’t Hard To Tell”) by then. That shit was instantly recognizable for sure, but it was also a dope-ass song. And at the end of the day, that’s really all that matters.

Comment by DanjaMania 11.26.06 @

The way Just flipped that Rick James shit was pretty good – don’t read too much into those translations I did. Timbaland is making good pop records for Nelly Retardo I guess.

I’d rather hear Jay do a whole album with Rick Rubin and a crate of “Ultimates” to be honest, but I’m a non-progressive fucker like that.

“Did I fall asleep and miss 15 years when Marley was making dope beats?”
No, but “Bridge 2000” was amazing, although that’s seven years old by now.

Comment by Robbie 11.27.06 @

I thought the Marley remix to Busta’s “NY Shit” was a banger. The cut he just did for UGK is aiight too. What happened to that Marley Marl/KRS-1 collabo album?

Comment by Slo Mo 11.27.06 @

What, Marley doesn’t make dope beats anymore?

Comment by Fosterakahunter 11.27.06 @

Is Jay wrong to say he’s feeling Just moreso than Primo? Just right now has the sound Jay is looking for. I know a lot of us ‘heads’ love that good ol’ dusty boom-bap sound but maybe just maybe could it be possible that Jay as an artist is in a diff place and time? I mean he’s done those type of records before, hasn’t he?

Has anyone heard Marley’s output lately? He’s a legend in the game mos def but the stuff he’s put out lately flat out sucks…

Comment by yawn 11.27.06 @

“the Bridge 2000” was “amazing”? Ummmm… wasn’t that just a reworking of a song he’d already done 14 yrs. before?

Comment by DanjaMania 11.27.06 @

“Ummmm… wasn’t that just a reworking of a song he’d already done 14 yrs. before?”

Not really. I’m talking about the Trag & IMAN Thug version.

“What happened to that Marley Marl/KRS-1 collabo album?”

That’s still coming out. A couple of tracks have leaked already.

Comment by Robbie 11.28.06 @

hey man all i got to say is jay can do what he wants and he has now that he sells are not what they used to be he can not wonder why. i don’t know what went on with jay and primo nor do any of you. all we can do is assume. but jay response to marly’s questions makes one wonder what the hell jay is smoking. Not knocking him for for working with blaze, but come on jay you and primo made some great songs together, why leave that behind, good chemistry with producer and artist is not something you throw away. so jay lets be real and tell us why your really have no tracks from primo.

Comment by so real 11.28.06 @

The only thing Jay has ever been good at is promoting and marketing himself. He’s been nothing but a spin machine for his entire career.

Comment by Wallabee_Champ 11.28.06 @

Jay-Z never sounded that great over Primo tracks.

Comment by BR 11.28.06 @

“Jay-Z never sounded that great over Primo tracks.”


Comment by ObjectUnknwn 11.29.06 @

Jay-Z never sounded that great over Primo tracks ???!!! Well, he doesn’t shine as much as Nas over primo beats but anyway, the “Reasonable Doubt” works of mart are bangers…

Comment by GregO 11.29.06 @

real shit. marley marl

we the best out of the south no bullshit real talk…New Orleans in here yall get @ us we about to blow up baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Comment by gudda brudaz 11.30.06 @

“Jay-Z never sounded that great over Primo tracks.”

Two words: So Ghetto


Comment by bse 11.30.06 @

So Ghetto is aite… but its not even that great. for what I’d expect from two giants like Jay and Primo to collab, I would expect much more than a song that, at best, is another cool Primo song.

Comment by BR 11.30.06 @

@neil nice:

You’re absolutely right. But I talked to Preem in late 2004, and he told me back then that he squashed the whole situation with Jay at the BET awards. So I don’t really know what’s going on these days between those dudes. But I suppose Preem is too busy making records for Christina Aguilera right now. Even Fat Joe wanted to get a beat for his new record, and Preem did not manage to come thru.

Comment by chillus 12.02.06 @

BR, have you forgotton about that track ‘Bring It On’ ft. Sauce Money & The Jaz off the Reasonable Doubt LP????? Cos Jay FUCKING MURDERED THAT TRACK

Comment by Kevin 12.02.06 @

he was good… but Jay-Z is really one of the last people I think of when I think of people who sound good over Premier. who I really think of are people like Guru, MOP, Nas, Big L… when these artists drop a song with Premier it’s not just like a song, it’s really like some other shit, like DJ Premier’s beats make them go into a completely different mindstate and their shit just suddenly sounds different. they just have real chemistry with the beats. When Jay-Z raps over a Primo beat it’s always just like another good Jay-Z song to me, there’s not that special chemistry, it’s just like Premier doing a beat to Jay-Z rapping. Jay-Z has real chamistry DJ Clark Kent, their chemistry is amazing, I can’t believe they didn’t have a Clark Kent beat on an album with a superman-theme.

Comment by BR 12.02.06 @

*with DJ Clark Kent

Comment by BR 12.02.06 @

I know what you mean by the chemistry part, but I still think Jay can hold his own

Comment by Kevin 12.03.06 @

You know we put Jay on this super high status, that when he put out something aight we ready to tear it apart.. Kingdome is know Black album but its solid… My first round with Kingdom come I wa like meh.. Kinda boring, but the I listen to a little later and its really dope. I’d take an okay Jay album over a dope Jim Jones or Diddy album any day.( Don’t even front)

Comment by wavecap101 12.11.06 @

i think the problem with Jay right now, is he has nobody to tell him ‘NO’. No, this album should be marketing as an Shawn Carter album, he built this great alter ego, ‘Jay-Z and people expect certain things from that character. The tracks on this album are really the man, put out two albums, leave Jay-Z for party/bling/slicktalk, on another album. Dame Dash did serve a purpose. As for him taking tracks from Marley, I don’t think that was the reason for the call, don’t close your circle. When you close ranks, and your shit ain’t tight, problems. You got crazy producers sitting on heat all over the US, open up the, take a track from Premo, he still has a lot to prove.

Comment by richdirection 12.12.06 @

………all this talk about dj’s and beats just lets real motherfuckas know that hip hop is dying right now….atleast the rap portion of it is, because at one time it was the lyrics that mattered the most in a rap song, not the beat. If a emcee can not move the crowd with just his lyrics alone, then he or she is not a rapper. they are just someone who accommodates the beat, to accentuate the dj and the music. a real rapper is either a crowd representitive, a crowd exponent, or a crowd compeller……but the very best of them are a little bit of all three………but then agan, the great emcees are mostly compellers, because they move the crowd with nothing more than the sheer force of their personalities…

Comment by evenwhenilie 12.15.06 @

…..In talks with def jam, black wall street, dipset……hear this lil nigga before you see him on Rap City. myspace.com/polohiphop

Comment by Joe Panitiero 12.21.06 @

Unfortunately for MOP, they only have that ill chemistry with Primo. I love MOP, there isn’t a group in Hip Hop like them, but they’ve gotta put out some product, what is going on with them?

Comment by Kai 12.22.06 @

man i dont know what happened to primo. he’s not banging them classics out like he used too. i think hes starting to lose it

Comment by Vicky Ankles 12.28.06 @

Termanology – WATCH HOW IT GO DOWN
NYGs – Gs and Hustlers
Verbal Threat – Reality Check

Thats what all yall need, if you think preem is losing it! Forget Jay, Preem is too busy working on the Whitney comeback album!

Comment by Crossover 02.06.07 @

BR, a legion of hip-hop fans disagree with you on the Jay/Primo note…Jay and Primo together has always equaled a great song: So Ghetto, D’Evils, A Million and One Questions (!!!), you name it, when Primo and Jay work together they make magic…on that note, Jay needs to get back with Ski too…Ski + Jay = classic material…word to ‘Where I’m From’…

Comment by Spirit 07.19.07 @

The honest truth is,Jay is an opportunist,when it was fashionable to work with Preemo he did,I love Just Blaze,but I hate when a new producer or artist comes out and Fans start calling them”the new so-an-so,the fact that you have to measure them by previous talent,means they lack their own staying power.As for Marley,it pains me that he gets the thumbs down today,when he mentored(Pete Rock)”broke”a lot of the underground records by many of “our”mid-late 90’s favorites,and influenced all of”our”favorite late 80-early-mid-90’s producers.Forget what he’s doing right now,respect his conributions.As for Jay-Z,he does not need any new production from anyone,he needs to officially retire,and let the crop of new talent(good or bad)have their shine,instead of using his veteran knowledge as an advantage in his commercial records he calls”HipHop”.THAT SHIT IS NOT HIPHOP!!!! It’s not even rap!!!!!-Roger Jones

Comment by Roger Jones 07.19.07 @

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