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Tuesday December 12th 2006,
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Another Bbatson Shazam hook-up – the Kool Genius shreads the PA with a live spot from 1992, featuring the “Herman Munster” of UK Rap Radio – Timmy Westwood. After doing some Live & Let Die material over “Peter Piper”, he jets for a minute while some other kid (one of G’s TCF dancers?) attempts to get on and freestyle – the crowds response is priceless. Eventually, G returns over “Do The James” for some classic anti-social vocals. There’s also an entertaining (although predictably renamed) remake of “Men At Work” with Cormega, snatched off J-Love‘s Mega mix which I think he lifted from a Future Flavas broadcast anyway… I might have to fuck around and make this “G Rap Week” at Unkut.com just for the hell of it.

Kool G Rap – Hijack Freestyle at Arches club in Vauxhall, UK, 1992

Cormega & Kool G Rap – Thugz At Work (live)

Meanwhile, it seems that the “Beat Biter” post from October is still going strong, as El Da Sensai and Just Blaze have recently chimed-in on the debate, while the original NYOIL post recently cracked the 400 comments mark (which is around 380 more than average!). Only a hundred to go to get that Gold certification I guess.


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g rap is da man.
still on top of things.
he influenced everybody.

Comment by swordfish 12.12.06 @

On one of the G Rap re-releases, I saw a Raw [remix] featuring G Rap. Do you know anything about that?

Comment by turtle 12.12.06 @

It was featured on DJ Edan’s Fast Rap Mixtape, that’s the only release I’ve heard it on.

Comment by Boris 12.12.06 @

The “Raw” remix was on the “Best of Cold Chillin'” compilation from the UK. It’s the same as the regular version except it features a killer G Rap verse.

Comment by Robbie 12.12.06 @

does anyone an mp3 of have hey mr. mr. by g-rap? i never could find this one. thanx

Comment by siderealist 12.12.06 @

still searchin for rikers island
on vinyl. (got it as cd bonus track)
a clue anyone? fanx.

Comment by swordfish 12.12.06 @

Yo…the “Raw” remix that you all are refering to is actually the “original” that was suppose to be on Kane’s 1st LP, but there was some type of “beef” b/w the two at the time and the track ended up in limbo…if you check the BDK LP you’ll notice that the track “Raw” is actually listed as a remix….atleast the US release was…..

Comment by B.McGee 12.12.06 @

Rikers Island is on that triple vinyl “Best of G Rap” comp but I swear I’ve seen it on a 12″ before, maybe it was a boot. Lookin forward to G Rap week.

Comment by Kin Corn Karn 12.12.06 @

That Raw remix is I believe a radio appearance by G Rap and Kane. Kane kicks at least one extra verse aswell. Shit is butter.

That Road To Riches reissue package is really nice with all the remixes, instrumentals, radio spots and even the extened version of Men At Work. I wish traffic would do that with every classic album they reissue.

Comment by bse 12.12.06 @

Thanks for the heads up on that Road To Riches reissue, I hadn’t seen that around yet. 4X LP with a Men At Work instr. & acapella!?!?! It’s time to do some xmas shopping for myself.
For anyone else interested:


Comment by Kin Corn Karn 12.12.06 @

Thanks for the info. I wish most golden era stuff would be re-released with b-sides, remixes, etc.

Comment by turtle 12.12.06 @

Damn that “Road To Riches” repress looks nuts…

@ B.McGee: I’ll be doing a little something on Kane and G Rap’s “rivalry” later this week.
@ siderealist: I’ve got “Hey Mr Mr” lying around somewhere. Classic ignorance right there.

@ swordfish: “Rikers” is the b-side of the “Rhyme Time” 12″. You don’t see it around much these days though. I’ve heard there’s also a twelve of just “Rikers” with the instr. on the flip.

Comment by Robbie 12.13.06 @

I’ve got the “Rikers Island” 12″. It is a red label cold chillin with vocals on 1 side and instr on the other side.

Comment by planb 12.13.06 @

oh. fanx.
now i know what to search for.
this site is killin’shit too.

Comment by swordfish 12.14.06 @

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