Hearing Voices In My Head
Monday December 04th 2006,
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As the art of constructing solid, cohesive albums becomes more of a lost skill with each passing year, rap is returning to it’s roots as a single-based music. The thing is, vinyl singles are rapidly becoming a collector’s-only medium as technology and digital record pools take over, so mixtape compilations have been a staple source for all the good new shit while record buyers cross their fingers that someone’ll white label that shit. With that in mind – here’s six sure shots from recent times1

Black Market Malitia dropped this remix with R.A. earlier this year, but I only just around to rocking it. Rugged Man‘s verse sounds like the precursor to that Nas name-dropping piece, but he wisely avoids shouting out Fu-Schnickens and Oaktown’s 357. PR reheats “U.F.O” for a Styles P and Sheek one two punch, while his future-shock masterpiece “Game of Death” still sounds the business since it first dropped (although I still prefer the Rock Marcy solo version). Preme’s buddy Termanology exposes a whole different verbal technique than he showcased on his break-out single for “100 Jewels”, while Premier produces an ill conceptual Poet drop which still hasn’t surfaced on black wax despite being a few months old. Finally there’s the obligitory GFK material, as his veers away from shop-talk for a classic bugged Starks narrative over what I’m assuming is a Doom producto.

Black Market Militia feat. R.A. The Rugged Man – The Rennaissance 2.0 [Natural Selections, Nature Sounds, 2006]

Styles P, Sheek Louch & Pete Rock – 914 [J-Love’s Street Savior 3 mixtape, 2006]

The UN – Game of Death (Remix) [UN or U Out, 456, 2004]

Termanology – 100 Jewels [Hood Politics IV-Show and Prove mixtape, Brick, 2006]

Blaq Poet – Voices [DJ Premier’s No Talent Required mixtape, Year Round, 2006]

Ghostface Killah – Alex (Stolen Script) [More Fish, Def Jam, 2006]

UPDATE: Since most of you would already have the new Ghost/Theodore album by now, here’s another remake from the Unit:

Ghostface Killah, Shawn Wiggs, J-Love & Trife Da God – Theodore Returns

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  1. 1. The UN shit is a couple of years old though, but since not enough people heard it the first time around, I had to bring it back.[back]

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Thanks for the tracks Robbie. That RA verse is real dope.

Comment by DJ Forcefed 12.04.06 @

I just put that UN album back in the deck. Shit is fresh for right now.
And was that Roc M. solo version of “Game…” available on wax?

Comment by ENGINEER 12.04.06 @

I loved that Marciano track. I never heard this version though. The Marciano version is on the back of the UN’s “Deadly On Arrival” twelve and its ridiculous. Flow! also the way he comes in is like DANG.

Comment by bse 12.04.06 @

Just out of curiosity, and because I can’t recall, are the Theodore joints (damn near the whole LP) on ‘More Fish’ rehashed from the ‘718’ mixtape/cd? If so, that’s dope that Gost can turn in an album of retreads and still get paid off of it.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 12.04.06 @

Disappointing how Premier used that Grover Washington record on ‘Voices’.

Comment by Lotuz 12.04.06 @

Nah, all the songs on “More Fish” are new. There’s around four solo cuts from Ghost, plus a bunch of posse cuts and solos from Theodore members.

Comment by Robbie 12.04.06 @

best of all is the bit where they shout “WIGGANOMICS” at Wiggz. Hilarious.

Comment by bse 12.04.06 @

i got a cd from THE U.N. called WORLD DOMINATION…it came out like a year or two before their official album…it has basicly the same songs and a bunch of others that were not on their album….its kinda of rare and i was wondering if anyone else on here has the WORLD DOMINATION CD ???

Comment by T.S. 12.04.06 @

Haha…”Wigganomics”. Damn that kid’s voice is annoying.

I’ve got a burn of that “World Domination” CD – it’s dope. There’s a couple of good tracks on Rock Marciano’s solo mixtape from around the same time as well.

Comment by Robbie 12.04.06 @

Yo Robbie Rob, nice assortment of hip hop once again.

That Amy Winehouse remix ghost has on the new shit is a straight banger, he needs to push it to single immediately.

Comment by Skylar 12.05.06 @

the UN is/was down with this MC from long island named Trife (not the theodore unit trife). If you listen to the track that the UN is on on that petestrumentals album, he’s on that track. he’s also featured on the game of death 12″ with pete rock and rock marciano. Trife is probably the dopest mc never to blow up, his few recorded appearences dont do him justice. i have this tape with him and MIC’s Megalon/tommy gunn ripping shit

Comment by cv 12.05.06 @

That Alex track is a Doom beat. New Doom as opposed to the recycled herbs Ghost uses.

Comment by Stef 12.05.06 @

I feel bad for fronting on that J-Love track on the Ghost album now, that track is fire

Comment by BR 12.06.06 @

That Game of Death track, I listen to it from time to time, Nice to see you havent forget it either.

Comment by djeff 12.06.06 @

Nice selection dun.

Comment by End Level Boss 12.07.06 @

yo rob… you got the full version of
Termanology & Trife Da God – Think It Over???

lemme know


Comment by Tired & Broke 12.07.06 @

I couldn’t believe when I heard RA rip that verse. He always seemed like kind of a joke to me.

Comment by nesta 12.07.06 @

RA is cool. Not as good as he thinks he is but he’s entertaining, especially live. Plus he has such a fucked up backstory

J-Love is 20 lbs a shit in a 10 lb bag and he uses the N-word a little too much for someone who isn’t black, but “Ironman” and his 9mm bros remix are kinda nice.

Comment by Skylar 12.10.06 @

“yo rob… you got the full version of
Termanology & Trife Da God – Think It Over???”


Comment by Robbie 12.10.06 @

“PR reheats “U.F.O” for a Styles P and Sheek one two punch”

Damn, they took it back with that break. I’m ready for dudes to be using “Synthetic Substitution” and “Impeach The Presidnet” in crazy amounts like they used to.

Comment by Rah-Love 12.11.06 @

voices is sick……….

Comment by dj big phill 12.11.06 @

i got a cd from THE U.N. called WORLD DOMINATION…it came out like a year or two before their official album…it has basicly the same songs and a bunch of others that were not on their album….its kinda of rare and i was wondering if anyone else on here has the WORLD DOMINATION CD ???

oh serious? dope i’ll have to track that down. UN or U Out is one of my favourite albums, i’m real keen to check anything else they’ve got.

Comment by Headlock 12.13.06 @

Hella props and good looks for the track Robbie…

Ima havta cop the wax and support the art


Comment by Tired & Broke 12.14.06 @

anyone know where they still have the u.n. – give it to yall 12″?

Comment by thesurgeongeneral 12.18.06 @

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