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Wednesday December 06th 2006,
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You may have noticed that the last month and a half has been a little sparse on the update tip, but the real world got “mad real” as every rapper in 1993 would spout every five seconds, and without boring you with the details, those of you that have stuck with will be rewarded with some killer shit over the next month or so. I’ve got a stack of Mini Discs (remember those?) packed with all kinds of interviews from that the last 18 months that haven’t even been transcribed yet, so I’m finally starting to catch up on some of that time-consuming grind.

First up is the Chill Rob G conversation that happened off the strength of my post about him earlier in the year, which in turn led to him hooking me up with DJ Mark The 45 King and some other Flavor Unit originals. There’s also about fifteen other pieces I’ve been holding onto that I might unload up here in the near future, not to mention an ill new logo and masthead which is almost good to go. Who know, I might just fuck around and update Salute To Weed Carriers! (Whoa…easy there pal). Look out for a return to more vinyl rips as well….

In other news, I’ve added a couple of new tracks to the Battle of the Breaks post to showcase the version that was on El Da Sensai‘s album from the start of the year, plus a K-Def song from the same LP.

Elsewhere, the people’s champ Combat Jack drops by the house that DP built and bodies a “wigster” who seems to have overstepped his mark in classic CJ style.

Rafi deliver’s a stand-out “Rock The Bells” recap over at Oh Word, while the crew at Halftime Online bring a quality in-depth interview with CL Smooth, who reveals some interesting shit such as this:

Halftime: Heavy D’s crew was in the streets scrappin? I wouldn’t think of him as a cat in the streets like that.

CL: Trouble T-Roy was always the catalyst for all of it. Trouble T-Roy was a tough dude. He didn’t just dance, he’d dance on your head too.

I promise never to make another crack about see-through raincoats again. Hevster, all is forgiven.

For some bizarre reason I’ve also found myself enjoying some tracks off the new NORE mixtape, which I can only put down to the fact that my intake of booze and boom in recent times has increased dramatically.

N.O.R.E featuring Beanie Sigel – Badman [Norminacal The Underbelly Mixtape, Thugged-Out Millitainment, 2006] Courtesy of Shogun Distribution.

CNN “T.O.N.Y” video:

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banging, always look forward to Unkut my man.

Comment by wax 12.06.06 @

>He didn’t just dance, he’d dance on your head too.


Comment by Bol 12.06.06 @

where is that photo from?

Comment by BR 12.06.06 @

I’m definitely checkin’ for the Chill Rob G segment. Ride The Rythm is one of the most underated albums in Hip Hop history!

Bring It.

Comment by Ausar 12.06.06 @

Word. All good shit.

I can’t fuck with NORE though… Reggaetwon or whatever the fuck they call it, that shit’s bad for the ears

Comment by Skylar 12.07.06 @

We love you Robbie :…cheers…hic…

Comment by Jaz 12.07.06 @

Can’t wait to peep the new shit.

Comment by End Level Boss 12.07.06 @

“I can’t fuck with NORE though…”

Nah that NORE album is tight… peep this:

Comment by BR 12.07.06 @

They refuse to address black disfavor on a macro level. The Counsel/Management Team/ruling species (the gods) abuse black people so hard, from east African drought/famine to AIDS in Africa, the crack epiemic to gang membership, black-on-black violence to mass incarceration of their young. They refuse to address the issue of the prison industrial complex and its wholesale warehousing of young black men.
Prior to civl rights blacks had their own press.
They’ve employed so many tactics to hurt black people:::Misogyny, materialism/superficiality, masculinization of women, extreme individualism, gang violence.
Never doubt your gross disfavor.
“Black power” envoked the anger of the gods. Know humility. When the grossly disfavored are not humble it incurs the wrath of the gods, as blacks have experienced in the last few decades.

They sent young blacks clues NOT to fall prey to this materialistic culutre of hip-hop::::
-$200 NHL jerseys hanging in your closet you don’t wear anymore. They don’t even let black people out on the ice!!!
-You didn’t learn from this lesson and you bought a $5000 grill. Because it is custom made there is no secondary market
-The gods punish you with materialism by making you throw you hats and shoes away as soon as it gets a smudge of dirt on them.
-You display you pride in your materialism by leaving the price tags on your hats. You are the butt of jokes because you look like Minnie Pearl from Hee-Haw!!!!
You surround yourselves with products from professional sports teams, a male-dominated activity, consider jewelry stylish because the gods (Counsel and Management Team) use their “made guys” to sell it to you on TV and you sport your look, struting around looking like clowns!!

Hip hop is a cancer on the people.
I understand people point to decades past but the truth is classic rock was DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY TO HURT WHITE PEOPLE!!!! And it did hurt many many disfavored.
Popular music is bad for everybody.
Hip hop is particularly bad for it promotes specific anti-social behavior:::::
1. Misogynystic – The misogonistic lyrics hurts people very badly for women are the favored gender, the decent among us. Mysogyny has been hurting black America VERY BADLY for decades now.
2. Masculinizes the women – cursing, casual sex, quick to anger, voilent
3. Makes violence socially acceptable
Understand hip hop is something they do TO YOU!!! They use the media to plant the seed which distorts your value system.
Understand humility. Try to see the big picture:::::Black people’s lack of humility is severely punished by the gods, as are all grossly disfavored who subscribe to this misperception of empowerment.
The gods are great and antient and powerful and angry and they love to hurt disfavored people who think they are great.

EDIT: Go to Mel Gibson’s Myspace to read the rest…..

Comment by Know humility 12.07.06 @

Goddamn you long winded homie, we came here for hip hop not church, shit

Yo BR, I still ain’t feeling Papi Noriega but check out this brand new EPMD + Keith Murray cut came out this week

Comment by Skylar 12.08.06 @

Robbie..ive posted a comment over at Halftime regarding a lost CL Smooth joint from 89-90, recorded well before the ‘All Souled Out’ ep. Wondered if it ever saw the light of day and got a release. Anyway..Props..Peace

Comment by Sterling 12.08.06 @

christ, get this Know humility dude outta here

Ill get that joint Skylar, although I was never that into EPMD

Comment by BR 12.09.06 @

‘lethal weapon’ i guess..

Comment by Beatlover 12.09.06 @

Is that’s the ‘Main Event’ joint they (EPMD) recorded at the Hop in Amsterdam? I was there, the mixin’ is terrible tho. The original version was a lot better, the final mixin’ is a bit too clean for me. 1

Comment by Funk Jones 12.09.06 @

good vid except Mooseaweenie never did anything for me

Comment by mordecai 12.11.06 @

“Robbie..ive posted a comment over at Halftime regarding a lost CL Smooth joint from 89-90, recorded well before the ‘All Souled Out’ ep. Wondered if it ever saw the light of day and got a release. Anyway..Props..Peace

I heard that joint on a clip of the In Control show over a Konstant Kontact, Strech Armstrong’s blog. Interestingly enough, C.L. was rhyming pretty much the same even back then.

Comment by Rah-Love 06.08.07 @

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