Sadat X “Throw The Ball” video / Unkut in XXL print
Friday December 22nd 2006,
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Check out this little clip for one of the best tracks from Black October, directed by Female Fun honcho Peter Agoston.

Elsewhere, Rafi and his trusty ban of “others” spotted an article in the latest print edition of XXL which lists as one of their “ten blogs worth bookmarking“, while Elliot Wilson confirmed my suspicion that eskay from Nah Right would be taking over the reigns from Brendan Frederick over at, which is good news considering eskay’s commitment to gutter New York shit over random flavor of the month Southern douchebags.

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Ha ha! Southern Douchebags… word. Really doe I ain’t checkin’ on XXL or the Source anymore man. I don’t read them shitty rap mags no more when the internet is the beast that it is. Long live that Gutter NY shit

Comment by Skylar 12.22.06 @

Flavor of the Month Souther Douchebags, that shit was the greatest thing ever.

Comment by Looking for Work 12.22.06 @

You can slowly see “Scratch” magazine going to the dark side issue by issue…more and more Ying Yang, Rick Ross, southern douchebag of the minute.

Comment by planb 12.22.06 @

Sopeakin of scratch the former 23nd EIC MR Barrow wrote some ish online about why scratch is headin in that xxl direction. Let me pull up the link

Comment by dolo 12.22.06 @

Complaining about how Southern rap is dominating over “gutter NY shit” is sooo 2005.

Comment by President Carter 12.22.06 @

WTF? All these women have clothes on! Running round in the video clips with there pants on and shit. Im disgusted.

Love Lord Jamar getting proper into the little shuffle at the end.

Comment by gex 12.24.06 @

“southern douchebags”…haha yeah thats real, funny? nothing like a few hits on your web site to validate your myopic point of view. If you want to focus on new york gutter shit, great- but you must be feeling a bit threatened by these “douchebags” if you feel the need to throw salt instead of just offering up some positive content…

Comment by dino_radja 12.24.06 @

Got nothin’ but love for Dat X, dope song and video, evend though it looks like an Heineken commercial at times….

Comment by ceedub 12.24.06 @

I think it’s great RA the rugged man kept his shirt on in the video.

Comment by planb 12.24.06 @

dino, it was more the “random flavor of the month” Southern douchebags that I was talking about, rather than quality rappers like Scarface and Devin The Dude.

“I think it’s great RA the rugged man kept his shirt on in the video”

Likewise. Now if only we could convince Joey Crack to be as considerate.

Comment by Robbie 12.24.06 @

Dino_ radja does the laffy taffy .. Go whine elsewhere. .this is not xxlmag forums lol ..

Comment by dolo 12.25.06 @

“Random flavor of the month Southern douchebags” = priceless, but I sincerely hope you’re not referring to The Clipse. Hell Hath No Fury is a classic.

Comment by Horsechoker 12.25.06 @

dino, you know mah fuckas who frequent this site don’t even know what “myopic” means brah! why you tryin’ to sound all collegiate and shit! Don’t you know this site is a tribute to Ignorance? you feelins catchin’ douchebag! who made you a “southern douchebag” apologist anyway? lighten the fuck up! Yeah, “apologist” fool! I can get all intelligent and use big words two!!

Comment by the SZA 12.26.06 @

I wouldn’t really say Robbie feels threatened by the wack product that overwhelmingly reps the Southern part of America right now. He’s not a rapper from NY and it’s not like there’s a to steal his shine. As a hip-hop lifer, Dem Franchise Boys are going to turn you off, it’s just a matter of fact. We raised ourselves on quality rap music, and that shit’s just bad for the ears and the brain.

Comment by Skylar 12.26.06 @

sza sorry for the grammar lesson, “brah”. i’ll try and keep it basic. rap music started as sing-a-long raps to disco/dance music…the music grew and evolved lyrically and musically: that is good. skylar, as a hip hop lifer i’m sure your familiar with Kool Herc; and by association party music. southern rap, snap music, or whatever, using your reference to dem franchise boys, has less to do with ditc or percee p than poison clan or tim smooth; but does that make it less hip-hop, less rap? does the area that creates a style then own that style? franchise boys are not competing with krs-one, this is a different type of music, influenced by rap music from the past, but not copying the music of the past. You raised yourself on what you knew, what was exposed to you; don’t confuse different with bad.
Full circle now, no disrespect robbie, your doin your thing. i love all different schools of rap music, though i do have preferences; one being southern/midwest rap from the early 90’s. Many of those artists are able to gain some respect/money in todays market because of the current marketability of southern artists, and they deserve every second/dollar of shine they can get. i just wish us rap heads would be a little more open minded sometimes.

Comment by dino_radja 12.27.06 @

If you’re familiar with the content of this particular site, you’ll notice that the hip-hop it’s most dedicated to is that eastcoast sound. I mean, check the interviews, the posts, the pics, the music, etc. Folks that frequent this site do so because it caters to their tastes. Sometimes the southern shit deserves to be shitted on. Some of it’s OK but if other southern douchebag flavors of the month gets put on blast for sounding like ignorant shit stew by folks who listen to Show & AG, you should know better. You should actually come to expect it.

It’s the comments section of an audioblog. We don’t have to respect shit! Just bring the bangers! Why you bringing clock radio speakers to the block party kid!

Comment by the SZA 12.27.06 @

we know robbie wasn;t talkin about the southern rappers of the 90’s .. dino is mega sensitive .. we just diss the new snap bullshyt on the radio . no shame

Comment by dolo 12.27.06 @

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