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Thursday January 18th 2007,
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Adding on to my endorsement of 1986, it’s worth noting that DJ Revolution also presents a solid argument for 1985’s place in the history books, thanks in no small part to an ill Back To The Future drop and the jaw-dropping way he destroys “Rock The Bells”. Admittedly, ’85 suffered from every second song being based around the theme songs from Gilligan’s Island and Inspector Gadget, but there’s still some great shit on here plus a lot more scratching than the ’86 mix.

A Salute To Weed Carriers – back…again? Third time’s a charm as Dallas Penn provides a new article to the long neglected dedication to rap’s bag holders. Guess I better start updating again as we lead up to the Second Annual Weed Carrier Awards.

Despite Kool G Rap‘s formidable lyrical abilities, you can’t front on Big Daddy Kane‘s popularity when he was at the height of his powers. This live recording from 1989 leaves little doubt who was the people’s choice at that time (at least as far as the broads were concerned).

Biz Markie, Positive K and Big Daddy Kane – Live Freestyle

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Pos K is dope. You can recognise him a mile off.
It’s funny thinking of guys like Kane being really really big fishes in what was a far smaller pond back then.

Comment by bse 01.18.07 @

The pond has grown and so has the amount of guppies. 😉

Comment by Lotuz 01.18.07 @

Word to Positive and LG. Never gets the Gas Face. pure class. step up front beeearchh!

Comment by mingkilla 01.18.07 @

Skills Dat Pay Da Bills…lost classic.

Comment by Finally 01.18.07 @

what about POS K-Aint no crime,,with the forgotten
K-Def DL mix from the single. Used to bang that joint hard in 94.

Comment by mingkilla 01.18.07 @

we need to bring back the theme song sampling era. for a minute, then let it die

Comment by Bang 01.18.07 @

Any idea why the Biz dissed the Ultramagnetics in his freestyle?

Comment by Fosterakahunter 01.18.07 @

WTF? Am I missing something? Biz slinging bullshit rhymes at Ultramagnetic over, what I believe to be, the Ego Trippin’ beat?

Comment by Rapstallion 01.19.07 @

Those bullshit rhymes are from just rhyming with biz one of the most famous juice crew joints of all time.

Comment by MERCILESZ 01.19.07 @

oh yeah that is probably next to funky drummer the most used breakbeat in hip hop. its called substitution by m. bliss. every dj has that record.

Comment by MERCILESZ 01.19.07 @

He’s not dissing Ultra … he’s giving it up to them … he’s saying “I’m not big or nothing like Ultramagnetic”.

Comment by brock 01.19.07 @

I remember the Kane verse from the Taste of Chocolate album. It was used on the cut “Put Your Weight On It”. But, it was also used on an unreleased cut called “The Wrath of Kane II” which Westwood played a few times, where it’s reeled off at a much faster pace. I love that track, and if anyone has “Wrath of Kane II” please post it.

Comment by brock 01.19.07 @

I just thought about Biz’s Ultra line again. Hmmm, it could be taken as a diss I guess, meaning Ultra never amounted to anything. Damn! What did Biz mean?

Comment by brock 01.19.07 @

who cares what Biz meant. Im a young dude. Whats this wrath of kane 2? damn i missed please post that and the Ibu freestyle with kane and the kane birthday over impeach with every rapper known to man in 1990. i didn’t forget.

Comment by MERCILESZ 01.19.07 @

I thought Biz said “I’m not fake or nothin’ like Ultramagnetic/I rock it from the rhythm from like east to west”

I wouldn’t read to much into that. Just some typical mush-mouth off-the-head shit.

Comment by Robbie 01.20.07 @

@ Mercilesz: Yeah! A good friend of mine had WOK II on a C-60 somewhere, but I’m not sure if he still has it. If he has, I’ll ask him to digitise it.

Comment by brock 01.20.07 @

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