Five Essential G Rap Combos Not Called “The Symphony”
Wednesday January 31st 2007,
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It’s no secret that G Rap isn’t shy to drop a guest spot here and there, but even at his prime, it seems that Giancana wasted some bars on records with jerk-off’s like Ali Dee and Pudgee The “Fudge Packing” Phat Bastard. On those occasions when he’s selected a worthy tag-team partner though, the results have been top notch.

Combining with the Hav and Prodigy during his full-scale cameo assault that resulted in his million-dollar Rawkus deal, G works a sinister Alchemist loop with studied precision as he lets off some ill rhyme patterns with the little dunns. Upping the ante and the energy levels for his trip to Brownsville, the Kool Genius steals the show from rap’s greatest paranoid kings of anti-social anthems as he ram-raids a prime Premier string session. The chorus provides one of the best ever examples of “Righteous Ignorance” as we’re informed that today’s mathematics will involve catching bodies. Sounds like a plan.

For those who prefer hand-to-hand combat, G and the Ak call the first meeting of the “Bitch Haters Club” for a superb example of G’s wife-beating technique, which is only second to “Hey Mr. Mr.” in terms of dumbing out on broads (I sure hope DJ Drama‘s big sis doesn’t hear it). Speaking of dumb broads…Shante has little time for ’em. In fact she has so little time that she couldn’t even spare a few minutes to write her own raps for this duet with KGR from her last solo album. Not that it matters, as it gives G the chance to conduct a tight routine against himself.

It’s been said that Nas‘ early shit before his recording days was heavily influenced by the King of Queens, so it was appropriate that G invited him to appear on this ultimate big-shot spazz-out, which also serves as a passing of the torch if you’re into that kind of silly shit. While the Norfside remix that Salaam Remi flipped is usually favored over Buckwild‘s 80’s style original, you can’t lose with the Vinyl Reanimators‘ white label special. And to round things off, Kool G demonstrates that he can still hold his own in this day and age and he and Saigon deliver the nicest display of tongue twisting since Bas Blasta fucked around and sold sally sea-shells with Greg Nice.

M.O.P feat. Kool G Rap – Stick To Ya Gunz

Shante feat. Kool G Rap – Deadly Rhymes

Mobb Deep feat. Kool G Rap – The Realest

Kool G Rap feat. Nas – Fast Life (Vinyl Reanimators Remix)

Akinyele feat. Kool G Rap – Break A Bitch Neck (Large Pro Version)

Bonus: Saigon feat. Kool G Rap – The Letter P

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Great post, Robbie – I had’t heard that Vinyl Reanimators joint… it’s definitely preferable to Buckwild’s original.

Comment by floodwatch 01.31.07 @

Personally, I also would’ve added that Frankie Cutlass/Mobb Deep/M.O.P. collabo he did some years ago (which is, as well as the rest of that album, one of the most underrated pieces of work of the mid-90s)
Never heard that Vinyl Re remix before, though so good lookin on that one

Comment by reiser 01.31.07 @

Sup with ‘cakes’ off of ghost dog??

Comment by dolo 01.31.07 @

is that bullet the cause of his lisp?

Comment by bk 01.31.07 @

the joint wit saigon, solidified G Rap’s position as a timeless MC. Good shit Robbie.

Comment by DaRuffian 01.31.07 @

great picture. dope tunes.
“the realest” is the last mobb deep track
that delievers their flavour.
g rap is still on top of his game.
forever rippin shit…

Comment by swordfish 01.31.07 @

I also like the Penile Reunion he did with MC Shan featuring G. Rap, Neek Da Exotic & Diesel. It was produced by Extra P.

Comment by Ruube 01.31.07 @

“Take ‘Em To War” with MF Grimm off the 4, 5, 6 album has got to be some of the most memorable shit he ever spit…

“Here I come to get some motherfuckin wreck but first I gotta
umm vest check, uncheck, clip one check, clip two check, I’m set
So let a motherfucker move a muscle
When I tussle they’ll be piecin niggaz back like fuckin puzzles
Cause Kool G. Rap is known for bringin mad noise, a bad boy
When I was younger always carried guns, I never had toys
Grimm, gimme the infrared they see me and I’m puttin red dots
on niggaz foreheads to makin motherfuckers indian
You got beef? Go get yourself a wreath, because it’s murder
So now I gots to run up on a clown with the fo’-pound
Cock back, rock black, gun a nigga down
I see em, he’s comin out the fuckin coliseum
and hopped into a BM, shit!
Put in my clip and then I dipped into the ride that my man had
Parked on the sidewalk, then we start to glide
I’m rainin on him (faster nigga) oh yeah we’re gainin on him
(oh shit he’s with somebody else) fukkit, put his brain on him
Boom boom, no survivors, lifted the nigga out his seat
When they find him, he’ll be a backseat driver
But I ain’t finished with the trigger yet, I’m lightin up a cigarette
Bang bang, I left the other nigga wet
It’s G. Rap baby, you know me, you try to hurt this
I split your fuckin top and leave a fingerprint on purpose!”

Comment by MAAD 01.31.07 @

give me the salaam remix anyday, but sum timeless cuts here G. Rap again? more please UNKUT.

Comment by mingkilla 01.31.07 @

I forgot his own song ‘erase racism’ with kane and biz and also heavy’s ‘don’t curse’.

Comment by dolo 01.31.07 @

thank u Maad i was lookin 4 that 2

Comment by MERCILESZ 01.31.07 @

I love that saigon joint, when I first heard that I waved my arms around in the air and screamed like a girl* G Rap at his finest, beat is fire too.

* may not have actually happened.

Comment by Headlock 01.31.07 @

I think ‘The Anthem’ on Sway and Tech’s album or ‘3 To The Dome’ with Kane and Chino XL deserve an honorable mention.!

Comment by brock 02.01.07 @

“I also like the Penile Reunion he did with MC Shan featuring G. Rap, Neek Da Exotic & Diesel. It was produced by Extra P.”
I 2nd this choice. That joint also featured Snow, remember? Now, concerning the ‘Break A Bitch Neck”, I can’t recall being so uneasy hearing something so dope. All have to admit, the subject matter is just WRONG! Credit to both Ak and G Rap for bringing it off.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 02.01.07 @

Don’t sleep on “Cakes” by The RZA & G-Rap.

Comment by Ausar 02.02.07 @

Word to “cakes”

“Stick to ya gunz” = best song EVER!

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 02.03.07 @

the vinyl reanimators remixes are so sick…
good job with the tracks posted.

Comment by s 2 the dub 02.05.07 @

i couldn’t get the MOP link to work

Comment by Coxman 02.06.07 @

^ Fixed.

Comment by Robbie 02.06.07 @

456 album was stellar. even on par with his earlier work. G Rap still has it in spades. a true artist. Fifty needs to fuck with him, on some sell 500,000 copies type shit. don’t even push him on MTV, just make a hot album, chill with the million $$ promotional campaign, and just make ill music.

Comment by seedlessone 02.06.07 @

just heard this the other day…
New G rap collabo, with uk legend klashnekoff, also features Kyza who has the nicest verse…

Comment by JonnySimps 02.06.07 @

g rap killed that ugk track with marley marl and kane too

Comment by megatrife 02.06.07 @

I like the 4,5,6 version of Fast Life better then that remix. And that Mobb Deep is……wow.

Comment by Rapstallion 02.08.07 @


I would have added the song with Chino XL, but that’s just me.


Comment by pileofshit69 02.14.07 @


Comment by Grimee 04.23.09 @

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