Nas Blends Win Again
Monday January 29th 2007,
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Once again the trusty ol’ mixtape blend comes through for those of you who had trouble sitting through Hip-Hop Is Dead without throwing up a little bit in your mouth. These two cuts from Statik Selektah’s The Prophecy 2 CD1 are so nice that they’ve just turned-up on a white label vinyl EP.

Nas – Where Y’All At? (B-Boy Mix) [The Prophecy 2: The Beginning of The N, 2006]

Nas – Talk of NY (Hard To Earn Mix) [The Prophecy 2: The Beginning of The N, 2006]

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I was going to say something good about Hiphop is dead but fuck it. It has managed to avoid been flung out the window of my car for over a week though.

Comment by gex 01.29.07 @

where can I obtain said CD? I have no problem paying for it if theres a website to buy from?

Comment by wax 01.29.07 @

Statik Selektah brings the heat

Comment by Enigmatik 01.29.07 @

The beats on Hip Hop Is Dead are strait average. I liked More Fish and The Format better.

Comment by Rapstallion 01.29.07 @

Below average I would say. Don’t get it, Nas is one of the illest out there. Why he’s always struggling with the beats tho?

Comment by Cruds 01.30.07 @

The message in Hip Hop Is Dead is strong, but the beats give it hardly any replay value….

Comment by MAAD 01.30.07 @

yeah, Hip-Hop is Dead was aight. notting to get crazy over, nas always takes wack ass beats. @ least holla @ havoc.

Comment by seedlessone 01.31.07 @

“The beats on Hip Hop Is Dead are strait average.”


Comment by The Average Man 02.02.07 @ the concept for where are they now-80’s. 90’s. west coast..respect for that

Comment by Seb TePi 02.02.07 @

The original “talk of NY” was dope enough as it is.

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 02.03.07 @

on the new nas cd he says “it’s like i’m hanggliding over the hood” … this guy can’t think of anything dope so he steals shit from ghostface’s steez from the mid 90’s??? Maybe he missed earlier on the same album when Rae said “I DON’T WANT NO NIGGA SOUNDIN LIKE ME, ON _NO_ ALBUM” what the fuck??

Comment by kidkeekee 02.19.07 @

Nas should holler at K-Def.

Comment by Gary 02.26.07 @

anyone know the name of the first beat on the “Where Y’all At?” mix?.

Comment by DaveBB5 03.01.07 @

^ It’s “Uptown Anthem” by Naughty By Nature.

Comment by Robbie 03.01.07 @


Comment by Davebb5 03.02.07 @

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