“Nas is Rose, and Jay is Blanche!”
Friday January 19th 2007,
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When you combine massive amounts of booze, trees and whatever else was popping-off that night, you can really reach the next level of shit talking, as Jim Jones and Freeky Zeeky (fresh out of the bing) get ignorant in the best possible way:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Spotted at XXLMag.

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Who are these idiots?

Comment by End Level Boss 01.20.07 @

I cry when fools like this use the word hiphop.

Comment by grass 01.20.07 @

Sofa King We Todd Ed

Comment by bedouin 01.20.07 @

Dipset man. They rep the hood yo. I like how he said we gotta do illegal things but don’t snitch.
He said we do illegal things and then don’t snitch. True story Freke Zeke was afraid to get out of the car to make a telephone call in NJ.My girl told me she was wit this chick and she was waitin for Zeke to pick her up and dude wasted like 20 minutes cuz he was afraid to get out of the car on Lyons Ave. But they rep the hood yo.

Comment by MERCILESZ 01.20.07 @

“I hate G-Unit, I hate Dip Set…”

Comment by alphastart 01.20.07 @

Jim Jones talking shit never gets old.

Comment by BR 01.20.07 @

They’re way TOO STUPID to know what Nas is talking about, silly morons!!…I genuinely hope they get dissed real hard one of these days.

Comment by MAAD 01.20.07 @

All talk, no talent. Exactly what is wrong with “hip-hop” and the impression they put on every 14 year old to have the desire to become a homo thug. Hopefully these two idiots attend a late night bachelor party in Queens (if you know what I mean). Dick,dick…set,set

Comment by Big Spice 01.20.07 @

Did some one tell these guys that slavery is over?

Comment by theodal 01.21.07 @

looks like these idiots get about as much ass as i do, but at least i don’t have to worry about getting shot.

Comment by stupor sperm 01.21.07 @

I wish someone had told me that life revolves around massive egos,materialism and being a show pony geeeezzzzzz…I couldn’t watch the whole thing (it was look what I have etc…etc…)some Dipset material has been okay for what it is, but these days I don’t listen to it and don’t feel that I miss much at all.

Comment by Jaz 01.21.07 @

Hip hop is truly dead. Although, you gotta admit–a car with nightvision is kind of cool.

Comment by Finally 01.21.07 @

No wonder Peaky Tweaky or whatever it is wrote of his car. Dudes dialed.

Comment by gex 01.21.07 @

Correction. I’ve just been informed that it was Zeke’s man Big Banger or sumthing who was afraid to get out on Lyons Ave. sorry

Comment by MERCILESZ 01.21.07 @

These dudes sound like Hip Hop Harry

Comment by MERCILESZ 01.21.07 @

dumb & dumber…these guys are who these young kids wanna be like when they grow up. All the way over here in Jersey, they got kids wearing all that gay tight shit, plus they don’t live in New York. Keep that gay shit in Harlem.

Comment by seedlessone 01.21.07 @

It’s All about Tru-Life –

The dipset is over, the dipset is over…!

Comment by tareq 01.21.07 @

these guys talk all this shit but their music is wack as fuck..they got wack beats,rhymes,songs,albums..how hard can you be when your music is wack and you wearin pink clothes..thats some peter pan faggot shit not some hip hop shit…

Comment by T.S. 01.21.07 @

nah,, i thought it was a great cartoon. bit like Daffy Duck in the hood.

Comment by mingkilla 01.22.07 @

yeah Mercilesz, i’ve seen the ‘Capo’ in paterson. he’s on that dumb gang shit. build a rec center, or something.

Comment by seedlessone 01.22.07 @

Hip hop will never die long as we got HipHop Harry schooling the youth. “Do The Harry” shits all over dipsets entire discography.

Comment by gex 01.22.07 @

Wow…I remember hearing “Zeke be home ’07” on “Purple Haze” and not thinking much of it. Time flies.

Comment by Ian 01.22.07 @

Hip hop been dead.

Comment by BK 01.22.07 @

I don’t know who Capo is. But if He’s anything like hip hop harry then he’s gotta be dope.

Comment by MERCILESZ 01.22.07 @

yeahyeah.braggin n boastin par exellance.
i prefer jb’s. real men wear black (used to).
someday a real rain will come and wash all
the scum off the streets. perhaps purple rain?
whuteva. i go n listen to children of the corn.

Comment by swordfish 01.22.07 @

Don’t these Dipshits and all of these talentless,Young Joc’s or Dro’s, 50’s, Banks or what the fuck ever realize they are THE ONES KILLING HIP HOP?, Hip Hop was started so the gangs would STOP fighting each other , at least that’s what B-Boying and the Zulu Nation was about.

All this dumb look what I have and you don’t, and you know how hard I am (harder than you)…shit does is turn others into brain dead following zombies, there is no talent in what they do and it’s sad that these goons have careers, especially Jim Jones.

Afrika Bam, Kool Herc and Coke La Rock did NOT sweat blood and tears for these fucking idiots to ruin the culture and take away what the essence was all about.

I grew up on Too Short, Geto Boys and others like Spice 1, Ice T and NWA and other gangsta shit but even that had it’s time and isn’t braindead like so much of todays material is.

It makes so sad and want to lave Hip Hop forever but I’m not going to do and I can always hold onto the great eras and ages through the music and memories.

Comment by Jaz 01.23.07 @

Most people judge me because of cunts like these

Comment by david 01.23.07 @

ah david your dickset link (if it was ever up) is down.

Comment by gex 01.23.07 @

Ballin!!! more comedy please great cartoon characters. peep the TRU-LIFE freestyles goin around dissin these muppets does great jones impression.

Comment by BALLIN 01.23.07 @

damn!! I thought Dipset online dickriders were bad, but looks like the Dipset online haters are just as bad!

Comment by BR 01.23.07 @

These dudes getting paid off hip hop just shows hip hop truly is dead.

Comment by Perttu 01.24.07 @

Jim Jones is a dusty snot nose little bum. Braid your hair then talk about BALLINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! No homo. Ya Dig? And for the record who the fuck is Freekey Zeekey? 2007 year of the Wu-Tang bitch!

Comment by Rapstallion 01.24.07 @

Since when was HIP HOP DEAD???
Because NAS & JAY-Z cant come up with anything else to talk(rap)about??? ,that’s wack and so are these are these clowns…..thats why real ‘aggin’s’ get em on the VIOLENT terms be it Chocolate City or Love Allah(LA)……by some realOG’Sin WATTS…

HIP HOP being DEAD is like saying everything in the last 25 years didnt amount to anything or contribute to US as people no matter what color or race you belong….this sh*t aint LOCAL, its UNIVERSAL!!!!!

Im 36 years old and im from UPTOWN!! and that tight jean, pink sh*t, overpriced bape sh*t,gang (dip)sets,aint never gonna get no love from me!!! and i can walk and build with the GODS on Lyons,Chancellor,Union,Grumman all day and get love ,because IAM HIP HOP!!!

Comment by set_rule 01.24.07 @

these niggaz sniff coke…..all that extra energy and all that is not from smoking weed and drinking booze……..if you aint know by now, now you know, the 2 most hidden secrets in hip hop are HOMOSEXUALS and COKE SNIFFING….get ya minds right….this shit was pure comedy though, Jim Jones is a funny ass dude…..and Freaky Zeeky was geekin…..

Comment by deep 01.29.07 @

“So when can I look for an album”

Freekey: “Huh?”


Comment by Haha 01.29.07 @

“Yo Jim where you at with the album sales”

Jim Jones: [looks down, then looks up] The album sales? [Freekey proceeds to cut him off]

…….Priceless. These niggas should have their own sitcom man

Comment by Haha 01.29.07 @

Thank u Set Rule thass what it is.

Comment by MERCILESZ 01.30.07 @

Someone’s been watching to many NWO skits. I half expected Syxx-Pac to walk in at some point.

Comment by Chimpysoup 02.03.07 @

jones looks smashed zeekey looks yakked out his mind lol someone gon rob dat nigga flashin his bread like dat

Comment by hazw 02.18.07 @

Ima call myself Mr. Bubble and cut a diss on Nas, I swear it’ll get me signed with Dipset. Watch out

Comment by Skylar 02.27.07 @

Why did Jim Jones have a purse??? Freekey who? Niggas ack like they get outta the bing and we was waiting for’m, all dem clowns rap alike and I’m sure he’s no different. Since when is it cool to crash a new car in three days, that ain’t sum shit a Man would brag about, only a 15yr old kid.

Comment by Skizza 03.07.07 @

can everyone please got off the stating hip hop is dead bandwagon. it’s really starting to get fucking old , you have no clue what your on about…

Comment by yourmother 04.18.07 @

This pains me, not least because my name is definitely used in vain. As my friends the Unsung Heroes say: “Once again, a certified dummy definition.” Check them out on iTunes.

Comment by Jay Blanche 09.04.07 @

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