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Wednesday February 21st 2007,
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Enter The Dragon

Once Kool G Rap moved on from his contract with Cold Chillin’, they employed their standard “squeeze the Juice” tactics and released a flawed greatest hits (Killer Kuts) LP and then the Rated XXX album, which was a collection of twelve inches, sex raps and some remixes of old demos. One of the highlights was “Enter The Dragon”, which had previously been leaked on radio years earlier and now appeared with a new beat. While I recall the original track being a lot better, the verbal display found here is classic Kool Genius wordplay.

Heavy Metal

This was the only thing off the Whoo Kid and G Rap mixtape that really made a lasting impression – G reveals his love for Eddie Vedder‘s crew while Scram Jones drops a shout to his “Whitesnake”.

One Dark Night

KGR kicks this ill triple-candence style while rhyming “night” for almost two minutes on this suprise highlight from his outta state Roots of Evil project.

Executioner Style

Dr. Butcher has long been the unofficial third member of Kool G Rap & DJ Polo (“Butcher’s Shop”, anyone?), and his mid-nineties beats often made Buckwild‘s tracks of the period seem cheery by comparison. If there’s a better example of hardcore ’94 gutter rap around, it most likely involved either G or the good doctor.

Operation CB

There’s more to G’s resume than just gun talk and bragging – dude also has a twisted sense of humor. His tirade against cock blockers is easily the most hilarious song about failed attempts to smash somethin’ in recent memory (actually, ever) as Sir Jinx‘s cartoonish, sound-effect riddled track brings home our frustrated hero’s tales of untapped ass (no Marv Albert).

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awesome, thanks Robbie!

Comment by wax 02.21.07 @

dope as usual.
the genius.
and robbie.

Comment by swordfish 02.21.07 @

Tracks are solid, natch – it’s your literal Google image searching I really admire, Robbie. Ya flamin’ Galaaaaaaa

Comment by Daddy Bones 02.22.07 @

The “One Dark Night” track is one my favorite G.Rap’s tracks ever. I’m glad it’s included in this great post.
PS Also check for “First Nigga” produced by Premier which was on the B Side of “My Life” (maybe you have mentioned it before, but WTF!)

Comment by ceedub 02.22.07 @

You know, I would love for someone to post some stories on Kool G. Rap battles

Comment by Kevin 02.23.07 @

Very cool-

That whoo kid mixtape wasnt that bad tho check out that track “Champions”

“click im with dumber than a hippy blond bitch”

Comment by Alex 02.23.07 @

Grabbed one of his Ninja Turtle dolls and ripped the head off…

Comment by Scott 02.23.07 @

robster the lobster you come through with tracks as fresh as the ocean breeze, i love hearing shit i ain’t heard

Comment by gstatty 02.24.07 @

Another great Kool G. Rap Track off Live & Let Die album:

Fuck U Man:

Since I made the record “Talk Like Sex,”
bitches are comin’ up with their friends for a nigga to hit the skins.
Hopin’ the Kool G Rap was just makin’ rhymes,
but I’m leavin’ bitches’ vaginas with more stitches than Frankenstein.
Some even had the nerve to try to give me head,
and swallow the whole jimmy to make a nigga fed.
But come on you bitches, don’t make me laugh;
you couldn’t deep throat G Rap if you was a motherfuckin’ giraffe.
Dag, some even fled when they saw the head,
cuz G’s dick would make you seasick fuckin’ me in a waterbed.
Don’t try to paly me like no sucker,
cuz these bitches’ll be callin’ up Dial-a-Mattress like a motherfucker.
You heard the song before; you don’t wanna see me,
“I’ll fuck you on the A-train while I write graffiti.”
I’ll even fuck you in a taxi cab,
and after sex with a nigga you’ll be buyin’ a box of maxi-pads.
Soon as you open your legs,
no need for no birth control, bitch, cuz my dick is touchin’ the eggs.
Kool G Rap, the pussy slammer;
hell, I’d be talkin’ fucked up grammar if you was Bad Mamma Jamma.
I ain’t small, I’ll have you cummin’ like waterfalls,
and then turn them sugar walls into Carnegie Hall.
Leavin’ my mark on bitches like Zorro,
plus fuckin’ bitches so def like there won’t be no pussy left tomorrow.
Hittin’ hoes like it ain’t funny,
I think about bowls of Cheerios because I want my nuts and honey.
Talkin’ to all the women that look fine,
pretendin’ my prick was Moby Dick and have a whale of a time.
Now I’m not a deep-sea diver,
but I love it when my dick’s covered and smothered with saliva.
Shit, might even straighten out your dentures,
because it’s not just a blow job, honey, it’s an adventure.
But 69, and I ain’t with that:
I’ll go to a Chinese restaurant, bitch, if I wanna eat cats.
Because you gotta be brave to eat the tuna, G.
So when it comes to pussy-lickin’, I’m the chicken of the sea.
I should be on the sex channel;
not a chump cuz I’m givin’ punk-bitches better humps than camels.
If you’re a virgin, I’ll make it fit,
because my dick’ll pop the cherry and spit out the fuckin’ pit.
And if you’re concerned, my sperm don’t burn,
and if it did, I’d give that nappy-headed ass a fuckin’ perm.
Shucks, I instruct a fuckin’ lesson.
You think it’s painless? I hit the anus and fuck up your large intestines.
Leavin’ you bitches stingin’ from the bangin’;
my man Jimmy got a hole in his head, but yo, that nigga’s still hangin’.
Bitch, you’d rather hump a fuckin’ whole army,
cuz even the Witness Protection Program couldn’t hide this man’s salami.
You fuck around and catch a seizure,
before I fuck a hoe I gots ta put the hooker under anesthesia.
Lettin’ saliva dribble on your nipple,
orgasms double and triple sit ripple and turn your ass into a gripple.
Then I see you searchin’ for the swellin’,
cuz I’m-a leave a hole so big your gynecologist might fall the hell in.
Got damn! I hit the ham right;
honeybuns, you can ask my Three Sons, I got the Dick right out the Van Dyke.
I’m fuckin’ naked girls with fly rhymes,
but don’t push me, because that pussy will be runnin’ for it’s nine lives.
I know you hookers can’t refuse this,
but dont’ pick me to give no hickeys cuz I’m givin’ bitches bruises.
Yeah, I’ll tear that pussy hole apart,
for fuckin’ with G Rap after dark, you’d rather jog in Central Park.
So if you want kids before I fuck ya,
look at the size of my dick, and you’ll let out the motherfuckers.
Shit, bitches get open like a can;
just leave it up to G Rap, cuz I’m the neighborhood Fuck U Man…

Comment by MAAD 02.25.07 @


Comment by Rapstallion 02.25.07 @

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