Unkut Cocaine Blunts? Oh, Word?
Wednesday February 14th 2007,
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A little Rap Blog All-Star action featuring contributions from my good self:

Incredible Rap Songs You Need To Hear 1-10

Incredible Rap Songs You Need To Hear 11-20

Incredible Rap Songs You Need To Hear 21-30

Incredible Rap Songs You Need To Hear 31-40

Incredible Rap Songs You Need To Hear 41-50

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Excellent list man, so many forgotton tracks. Thanks.


Comment by Propaganda Life 02.14.07 @

hey kid! stop all the downloadin… looks like ohword couldn’t handle all the taffic… host down?

Comment by kidkeekee 02.15.07 @

getting a 404?

Comment by kq 02.15.07 @

What happened to Oh Word ?

Comment by SLurg 02.15.07 @

404 file not found

Comment by President Carter 02.15.07 @

Try again, it’s back online.

Comment by Robbie 02.15.07 @

Some very good, but some very bad!

Comment by End Level Boss 02.16.07 @

Love that M.U.C.H. Posse joint. Thanks a lot for putting work into this.

Comment by President Carter 02.17.07 @

Stuff like this starts to necessitate a new iPod.

Comment by bedouin 02.17.07 @

All in all, a good list. But I am curious what was your criteria? Seems like most of the selections are not so old.

Comment by turtle 02.21.07 @

U shouldve recruited the Tired and Broken man for this little expedition.

Dope Shit tho… yo do 50 more songs… holla atcha boy, I could educate some folk


Comment by Tired N Broke 02.26.07 @

nice. but you know what?

Stress Remix: OK feat. Large Pro

Comment by cause I can't relate to livin less than great 02.27.07 @

Thanks for the post but on the real, I would definitely not say “Incredible” for at least half those songs (unless you’re comparing by today’s standards and that would make them phenomenal!) …

Comment by neil nice 03.07.07 @

Don’t front, the ten I picked were epic.

Comment by Robbie 03.07.07 @

good lord.. i thought i was the only person who even knew that stinky dink one track mind existed. had a promo tape when i was like 15. me and my brother used to clown the $%#^ out of it. but loved it at the same time. weird.. but damn if this doesnt bring back memories..

Comment by JBTV 03.10.07 @

anyone happen to have the promo cassette single? for sum reason im remembering one version that had the human nature loop running thru the whole thing instead of just the hook.

Comment by JBTV 03.10.07 @

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