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Tuesday March 20th 2007,
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Mostly, I can’t be bothered reviewing new stuff because there’s so many other people doing that already and there’s a good chance that it’s trash anyways. Plus I’ve had better things to do, such as drinking a mess of booze and reviewing porn. But there have actually been a few thing worth checking out in the last week or two:

Keeping-up his track record for releasing something every other month, Ghostface just dropped his own version of Hidden Darts, only this time it’s minus J-Love so we can finally enjoy burners like “Murder Goons” from start to finish. Shit even sports the original Fish Scale artwork – cop that, Def Jam design dept! Even though you most likely have a lot of these songs, this shit is better than pretty much any “official” album for the last five years. It’s so comprehensive that it even including the breakbeat freestyles from the Bulletproof Wallets snippet tape that noz dropped a while back.

Ghostface Killah – Milk Crates

DITC-connected BX residents the Freestyle Professors have just dropped a couple of releases. The Best of the Freestyle Professors includes their classic EP from ’94 plus some unreleased Geo & Ricochet material (which you can cop on vinyl as well), while they unleash some all-new material with their Vintage EP.

Geo & Ricochet – This Is How It’s Done

Freestyle Professors – Flow Time

Traffic have finally given the lost Ultimate Force album a release, allowing us to check out Diamond D‘s dope 1990 beats (his love of all things James Brown really shines through here) and Master Rob’s not-so-great raps (there’s a reason why D started rhyming). It’s worth the price of admission for shit like “The Supreme Diamond D” and a couple of appearances from a baby-faced Fat Joe though, plus you get accapellas and instro’s for most of the songs and all kinds of good extra shit.

Ultimate Force – One of the All-Time Greats

Chris Lowe, the guy who insists on reminding anyone who’ll listen that he was the first kid to flip “Skull Snaps”, returns with his second album, Black Life 2: The Next Thing Smoking. It didn’t hit me ass hard as his earlier shit like that song with Large Pro and “The Treacherous Three”, but his beats hit hard on the simple-but effective tip. Lowe’s snares are no joke.

Chris Lowe – Chick On The Side

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Wow, good reviews–I bought most of this stuff. Going to buy the rest on my second trip. Sandbox didn’t have most if it–are they slipping or what? Had to order from hiphopsite which I never do (no particular reason, but I just think Smiley’s website is easier to use)

Comment by Finally 03.20.07 @

The last spot I did an online order with was I haven’t heard of them ripping anyone off like those other two joints you mentioned, plus you can track your order and shit.

Comment by Robbie 03.20.07 @

Dope shit, all. You’re right about Master Rob, though, why the hell would you brag about shaving your chest!?

Comment by Mike G 03.20.07 @

word up Robbie, I thought it was Dooley-O that found the Skulls Snap break?

Comment by Jaz 03.20.07 @

Apparently they both found that shit and looped it up for Dooley’s “Watch My Moves” way back when.

Comment by Robbie 03.22.07 @

Freestyle Professors are on some next shit…wow…I can’t wait to hear that full album…oooooo this year is starting off good, get at me Robbie if you ever need an extra writer/reviewer…it would be an hour.


Comment by Jaz 03.22.07 @

Yeah, the entire press release for that underwhelming Chris Lowe album – dude can’t rhyme all that well – is about Skull Snaps. Why should I care? Talk about resting on laurels

Comment by Drewhuge 03.22.07 @

Hmm, I’ve been ordering from Sandbox and Hiphopsite since day 1. Never heard of him ripping anyone off. Although one time he sent me the wrong disc and I had to mail it back and he didn’t pay shipping. UGHH is good too, I’ve bought from them–I just never really think about it.

I used to buy from whoever had the hottest freebies–but I don’t see many cool freebie deals as of late.

Comment by Finally 03.23.07 @

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