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Thursday March 01st 2007,
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Here’s the top three reasons why, as my man MC Shy-D once shrilly proclaimed: “Rap Will Never Die”.

3. “Flea Market Rap”

Wondering what happened to Hammer’s #1 Weed Carrier, the 2 Bigg MC? He went and opened up a furniture spot, of course!

2. “Wendy’s Grill Training”

Next time I fire up the hot plate, my burger’s are gonna own thanks to the handy tips I picked up here.

1. “Don’t Copy That Floppy”

The greatest tragedy here is the fact that this broad is wasting her time playing games with some Corey Feldmen wannabe instead of auditioning for Degrassi High – The New Class.

Bonus Beat: “Drugs Suck”

Thanks to these guys, I was finally able to stop shooting glass.

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Nice PSA’s… As old as these are, these guys could still rhyme better than today’s so-called “rappers”…

Comment by MAAD 03.01.07 @

Is that really 2 Bigg MC?…if so that makes that vid even more funnier.

Comment by Jaz 03.01.07 @

For some reason, I find it quite intresting that they actually used the “Synthetic Substitution” break instead of some a beat made for the commercial.

Comment by Rah-Love 03.01.07 @

Wow, that was painful.

Comment by End Level Boss 03.02.07 @

Hahaha classic!!

Comment by Frank L 03.02.07 @

haaa, word thats hilarious, 2bigg mc is 2jokes, the meat patty back up singers remind me of why rnb started ruinin hip hop since the late eighties, and the fake ass cold crush drums in the background of don’t copy that floppy make we wanna go download an oregon trail emulator right now, all in all good vids robbie

Comment by gstatty 03.02.07 @

I think teh term on the interwebs is cRappers…

Comment by Stef 03.06.07 @

The Moo & Oink commercial owns them all.


Comment by Underrated 03.29.07 @

is it sad that i actually can remember when that anti-drug psa came on during saturday morning cartoons?

Comment by Ryo Hamachi 09.12.07 @

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