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Thursday March 22nd 2007,
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I’ve got a bunch of interviews ready to drop, but this week I’m grinding out some serious print game (more on that shortly) so they’ll have to wait. But I can’t forget to mention the new J-Love mixtape, as Volume 5 is easily the best of the Street Savior series with a bunch of shit that I hadn’t heard or had only leaked in the last week or so. Here’s three reasons why this CD kills it:

Ghostface Killah – Shakey Dog (J-Love Remix)

“The white guy” handles his on the beat tip – nothing too over-the-top, just straight-up ill loops. A remake of the best song from Fishscale? Fuck yeah.

Cappadonna – Take A Look Around

Sorry Master Ace fans, this is no remake (thank fuck). To be honest, as much as Cap slayed it on “Winter Warz” and everything, his solo albums were hot garbage. But who doesn’t love an underdog? After having weathered some serious tests over the years (such as being kicked outta Wu-Tang after his manager was discovered to be a police informant) and starting from ground zero as a weed carrier for Ghost Deni (aka a Theodore Unit soldier), Staten’s most thorough cab driver is back on the map with his own material. The beat on this song is crystal meth addictive – on some feel-good shit minus the cheese. Shouts to all the single parents out there in the struggle.

Nas – Hope (Original Version)

I couldn’t even make it through the retail version of Mr. Kelis‘ last LP, but this is the kind of shit that has me going “Oh, smash!” in peak-hour traffic.

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There’s nothing wrong with the production on the Shakey Dog remix but I think it takes the urgency from Ghost’s narrative.

Comment by Ross 03.22.07 @

^ Good point Rich. Not as good a it as the original but still worth a spin.

Comment by Robbie 03.22.07 @

Cappadonna has sounded crazy hungry on The Ghostface tracks and I really felt as if he was proving himself all over again…this track and all of the rest were ill and much appreciated Robbie.

awesome work always

one love kid


Comment by Jaz 03.22.07 @

The Nas track was ok, mostly it was just nice for going at all the lames for not grasping why hip hop is dead. I ain’t feeling the Cap or Ghost face joints at all. I’ve never been a big fan, and these tracks are definitly not going to make me one either. BRING TROUBLE NECK BROTHERS BACK!!!

Comment by DF MALO 03.22.07 @

j-love has production skills
for real. good shit.
n for cappa : his first album
is bangin. and far from garbage.
in my opinion. the other ones.
hmm? okay.they are weak.
n ghost is unbelievable.
killin it with almost every tune.
and got tracks for days.
what’s next?

Comment by swordfish 03.22.07 @

Cap’s first was bullshit. After that dope “97 Mentality” single he delivered an album of shitty RZA weed carrier beats and boring songs.

Comment by Robbie 03.22.07 @

Nice picture – the pavements from Barcelona, right?

Comment by Drewhuge 03.22.07 @

Trouble Neck wreck!!!! str8 comedy

Comment by MERCILESZ 03.22.07 @

The Pillage is underrated, and, as far as I know, Mike Caruso remains Ghostface’s manager to this day.

Comment by Bol 03.22.07 @

“I’m going way-way back to the early days, when I wanted to be an outlaw renegade”- That’s my shit!

Comment by Maad 03.22.07 @

I hate Cappa, but I *LOVE* this track. Of course I think almost anyone would sound dope over this track.

Comment by Finally 03.23.07 @

Man, I saw Ghost here in Chicago last year with a few Theodore cats, and Cappa was the best thing about the show, in my opinion. Dude was sooo hungry during his little mini-set, you couldn’t help but get eXXXtra hyped watching him rock. I thought he was going to explode with all the energy. I always liked Cap and his weirdo lyricism.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 03.24.07 @

that Cappadonna album… and the others that followed were ASS. Actually, that was the first time I remember buying a Wu album and feeling like “OK, they slippin’ on this one”. Then came the rest of their ’98-’99 shit, and Ghost had to salvage ’em with the Supreme Clientele joint. But yeah, Cap’s album was the first in that decline.

Comment by DanjaMania 03.24.07 @

Great post as usual but what the deal with that Masta Ace comment? I think he’s one of the greatest ever.

Comment by ceedub 03.26.07 @

Not knocking Ace – it’s rap remakes I hate.

Comment by Robbie 03.27.07 @

Is Hope really the “Original” version, the instrumental was been put out on 12″ by MPM (from Memory A-ko or DJ Day) last year. As the version on the album is an acapella, could this be a bit of clever promotion / mislabelling?

Comment by Cro 03.27.07 @

Cappa on Winter Warz…..priceless machinegunstyle
Cappa on Triumph…who gonna spend even a dime for that rhyme…
btw….y’all have to check out this mixtape
cuz this guy: Joell Ortiz – 125 Pt. 5 I’m The… kills it all…

Comment by stizza 03.29.07 @

I’ve had this tape on repeat all week
don’t forget Ghostface – Chunky (Pete Rock production), Raekwon – My Corner & M.O.P. – Off With His Head

Comment by tecnyce 04.02.07 @

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