Godfather Don – Hydra Vinyl Special

Listening to Godfather Don‘s post-Hazardous demos and early Hydra work compared to his latter output reveals a distinct change in both his style and attitude. From his humble beginning as an abstract jazz type rapper to his Biggie-influenced jignorant material, the gawd has been putting it down in his own unique style. “Styles By The Gram”, “Seeds of Hate” and “On The Other Style” present intensive verbal work over sinister tracks, while “Status” and “Da Bomb Baby” offer a slightly more accessible angle. The original mix of “Burn” brings more of the raw complete with a choice B.I.G. hook, and album track “Do You Know” showcases Don’s buttery flow over an exquisite GD production.1 Finally, “3 The Hard Way” combines Don with RA and Prince Poetry for one of the more eccentric posse cut’s you’ll ever hear.

1997 On The Go interview with Donnie Brasco

It’s safe to assume that Don likes him some Spanish dames.

Selected Godfather Don twelve inch releases on Hydra Entertainment:

Styles By The Gram


Seeds of Hate

On The Other Side


Da Bomb Baby

Do You Know?

3 The Hard Way

Only a hundred of these test-pressings were made. Sucks for you if you didn’t cop it from Sandbox Automatic.

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  1. 1. Not to be confused with Party Arty and D-Flow.[back]

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good lookin

Comment by illest 04.27.07 @

Excellent, Robbie.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 04.28.07 @


Comment by joe 04.29.07 @

I have Godfather’s Hydra Beats Vol. 1 — not bad. Dude should be producing more stuff (or is he?). My favorite is the first track off of that Hydra beats comp. You should put that one up here too.

Comment by Finally 04.30.07 @

Here’s a lil story…back in 95 or 96, I was walking donw the street and found $10 just lying there on the ground. I took it to Beat Street on Fulton street and bought Godfather Don’s “Peice of the Action/Seeds of Hate” vinyl. I love that single. Comes with the instrumentals too!
Now here’s my question: Can someone hook me up with an mp3 download of those songs? I need that in my ipod.

Comment by Ron Gallardo 04.30.07 @

Ron, just right click your mouse and “Save As…” on the red song titles to download the mp3’s.

Comment by Robbie 04.30.07 @

nice! now if you could only track don down for an interview…

anyone know what band he played bass in?

i always figured he must have listened to black metal because his logo on some of those records is totally drawn in the style of some metal band from norway.

for the diggers, anyone know what lp that is with the eyeball on it in his segment in beat diggin’?


Comment by EONS1 04.30.07 @

I’m not usually one to plug our own stuff on other peoples’ sites, but there’s an interview with Don on DWG at the moment that you might find interesting.

As always, great stuff Robbie. You need to collate your words and make a book someday.

Comment by Chr!s 05.01.07 @

Damn you meddlin’ DWG kids! *shakes fist*

Now that Don’s finally been tracked down, I’ll have to find a new purpose in life….like tracking down Paul C.’s widow.

Comment by Robbie 05.01.07 @

nice one for the don feature again robbie :) and thanks to dwg for the don interview.
damn shame it looks like he’s quit hiphop altogether now. i was always hoping for don to reunite with menelik or kool keith one day…

Comment by kq 05.01.07 @

Thanks Robbie!
Yo Chris, I read that Godfather Don interivew. Small world. I know Chic, the cat Don mentioned who introduced him to Kool Keith. Small world.

Comment by ron gallardo 05.01.07 @

Thanks for the comments.
Chic was definitely instrumental in some of the things that Don worked on… that’s pretty cool.

Comment by Chr!s 05.01.07 @

Robbie, don’t stop tracking Godfather Don down!

Your piece on Sir Menelik was so on point so ya gotta get Don on here. DWG is dope, no doubt!
…But we need that “UNKUT” interview, Robbie!
We gotta know why Kool Keith dissed Don in the credits of the Black Elvis Album, the possibility of a Cenobites Volume two with that unreleased material. or more Menelik Collabos.
As for Chic, he also raps, but him and Don are also artists (I’m talking drawing, animation, painting, etc.) He used to tell me how him and Don jam together doing rock music. We lost touch, ages ago, though.

Comment by ron gallardo 05.01.07 @

Yo Robbie, you never get back at me about the 4 Hours of Ultra Material I offered you, I guess you are not interested LOL !!!

Whatever, I tryed to track down Dapper Dan for a long time, but no clue. Maybe you are more sucessfull. He must have some crazy stories. Like the jeep roof of Rakim he did out of leather.


Comment by Hawkeye 05.02.07 @

I never heard any of the Hazardous album!!?? And I dont know why?? I never knew anyone who owned a copy. Im desperate to hear some clips from it. Was it dope? the first track i heard dude on i think was ‘Raise It Up’, though some say he had material out before the Hazardous album?

Comment by P.m.ES 05.02.07 @

piece of the action/seeds of hate was easily the best thing he ever did and possibly the best late 90s indie rap 12″ there is

‘sup robbie..still reading on the regular even if i don’t really get down on the comments section tip these days

Comment by brian beck from wisconsin 05.02.07 @

Hazardous is pretty good, not a classic or anything. But I can’t find my decade old MP3s of it. I’ve never actually seen the CD in the flesh. As I recall there were 1 or 2 tracks I really liked on it, “Blacktime” and something else.

Comment by Finally 05.03.07 @

Hazardous is dope in my opinion, but then again…I’m a little biased..and I also think Seeds of Hate is one of the best tracks EVER…so fuck me…

props on this once again Robbie…dope shit…I haven’t read the interview on DWG yet…but WTF>>??? Dude quit hip hop all together??

Damn shame if thats the case…would’ve loved to hear some NEW Don produced stuff…a few LC tracks here n there even…

Comment by AFFEXalicious 05.07.07 @

I bought a newer beat wax from him a couple years ago and he was trying to keep up with trendy watered-down styles in the trendy ‘underground’ scene with weak drums… Sounded horrible… He was one of the 90’s greats… I have a few of those Hydra wax’s… The Styles By The Gram 12″, the Piece of the Action 12″, the Life Ain’t The Same 12″ and the BQE EP with Burn…but not the Stuck Off The Realness 12″… If you want me to upload any of these for you, email me programdirector@hiphopphilosophy.com

Comment by AC The PD 08.19.07 @

Wasn’t Don involved in some hardcore [as in rock/metal] group called Spaz? I heard some crazy 7″ in 97 with Kool Keith and Godfather Don talkin at the end and playing beat snippets.
Anyone heard of this?

Comment by dead-wong 08.29.07 @

The Don was so ill, he is in a Jazz group these days and has no interest in Hip Hop from what I read last.

Comment by Jaz 10.17.11 @

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