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Monday April 30th 2007,
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I found this fairly amusing – it seems that my half-baked theories regarding Jeru The Damaja‘s relationship with Biggie have been “immortalized” in the Jeru Wikipedia entry. Here’s the original article and the resulting “fall-out”.

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wow, who would’ve known…i remember i saw jeru down by bmcc once, at the time i was walking with a friend and we gave jeru the ny head nod accompanied by the ny “aighhhhttt, jeru” – as we walked away my friend turned to me and said, “yo, that was jeru??? the damaja??? dude is like 5’4, should be called jeru the midget”…it was, to say the least a hysterical moment….

good research there robbie, keep up the good journalisms, lol…

Comment by alphastart 04.30.07 @

This is sweet, http://www.indoorpalace.com has been doing the same thing for a while.

Comment by Mat 04.30.07 @

^ Been doing what? Getting referenced in Wikipedia or spamming other blogs with your link?

Comment by Robbie 04.30.07 @

I would have loved to see Jeru and Biggie trade darts. Anyway, I finally received “Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop” and “Dr. Octagonecologyst” from Target.com. And if you guys didn’t know, Target sells vinyl online. I’m getting that Ghostface Hidden Darts next. Just thought I’d share that with you guys.

Comment by Rapstallion 05.01.07 @

“And if you guys didn’t know, Target sells vinyl online”

WTF? Target sells vinyl?

Comment by Rah-Love 05.01.07 @


Featured items..Kool G Rap and Polo-Road to the Riches, Just Ice- Back to the Old School

Comment by planb 05.01.07 @

Was that really Jeru?

Anyone that knows me knows I’m a BIG stan, but I Jeru is Great to me as well. I can’t believe people front on him. I have nothing but respect for him. I wish that BIG, Jeru, and MOP song happened. Anyways, the whole thing is very interesting. It’s a shame beef is interpereted as wanting to kill each other these days, instead of just talking a little shit on record which is what I think BIG was doing.


and BIG’S demo as well.. haha someday. :(

Comment by bbatson 05.01.07 @

i got that jeru promo on tape somewhere, used to be top 5 at 9 promo for angie martinez. i actually like the promo better than ten crack commandments

Comment by cv 05.02.07 @

hey cv if you can ever up that it would be greatly appreciated.

Comment by bbatson 05.02.07 @

I saw Jeru perform in Buffalo at a small club. It was one of the best hip-hop performances(which usually blow goat ‘nads) that I had ever seen. Dude really knows how to work the crowd. I actually think he was better live than on record(keep in mind I really think live hip hop suks).

Comment by DANTE SEVERE 05.12.07 @

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