The Hardest Purist on the Radar
Saturday May 26th 2007,
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Paul Juice is better than your life. While I’ve been known to shit on a few veterans still trying to do their thing, Large Pro continues to kill shit. Actually, for everyone who believed my post the other week regarding Fu-Schnickens and Rob Base getting new deals at KOCH, maybe you should click the link next time….

But back to the subject at hand, three new songs featuring either beats or raps from the live guy with glasses are currently in extra-heavy rotation at the Unkut Dot Com HQ and in my car/whip/ride/bucket. Who knew that Styles P new album would be half decent? The tracks that Fizzy Womack and LP did are the business, and the opening salvo featuring the grand imperial A to the effin’ Zee is epic. I’m even willing to over-look my hatred for anything connected to Yonkers on this one.

Meanwhile, Mr. Complex and co. just dropped a new Polyrhythm album from seemingly out of nowhere, but I’m not complaining. DJ Spinna can bring some serious shit to the table when he’s on his “A” game, and the beat on this piece is guaranteed to put a smile on the dial of even the most mean-spirited amongst us.1

The jewel in the crown of this LP triple threat has to be the cut from Marco Polo‘s debut album, which combines an addictive beat with a superior Xtra-P vocal performance, and then adds some mind-blowing scratches from DJ Revolution for those who aren’t yet convinced. The cutting section at the end is James Flames/John Blaze/Larry Lava etc.

Styles P feat. AZ – The Hardest

Polyrhythm Addicts feat. Large Professor – The Purist

Marco Polo feat. Large Professor – The Radar

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No Apani B. Fly means no Polyrhythm Addicts. Why did they have to go replace her?

Comment by Finally 05.26.07 @

There’s actually this stupid skit at the end of the album where they audition new dames to replace Apani. I mean she wasn’t the greatest by the new skirt is fuckin’ awful.

Comment by Robbie 05.26.07 @

Dude is definitely the r=truth. He even made wack ass Jurrassic 5 sound listenable with that new song they have.

Comment by d. 05.26.07 @

That new Poly album is as dull as dishwater. Marco Polo’s new one is fire.

Comment by End Level Boss 05.27.07 @

Styles P has had it in him to create a classic.
He should put out another ‘Ghost Sessions’ entirely produced by Large Pro. Off the back of this joint alone, surely?.Make it a permanent arrangement cos it works.

Comment by P.M.ES 05.27.07 @

The scratching @ the end of the Marco Polo joint is STUPID!

Comment by Sharp 05.29.07 @

good lord!!!! dj rev strait murders that shit! i gotta get this album.
and yeah sadly enough the new poly is dull. complex is my boy and that pharoah song is crazy but its still meh. no matter how much i want to like it…

Comment by bongo 05.30.07 @

Styles should drop a 12” with those joints LP produced. BTW be on the look out for that ‘Beatz Vol. 2’, coming soon! 1

Comment by Funk Jones 05.31.07 @

The live guy with glasses is straight classic everytime he touches the mic. I tell everybody that day in and day out. The After School joint was so slept on it’s a crime!!!

Comment by louderthanabomb 06.04.07 @

yeah, the new marco rekkid is killer!

masta ace, o.c, extra p all kill it on that album

new jazzy jeff is crazy. Kane destroys his track on there!

Comment by Sheriff Rosco 06.06.07 @

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