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Wednesday May 02nd 2007,
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In case you haven’t noticed, rap comebacks have reached saturation point this week:

Phife still wants ATCQ to reunite. Gee, wonder why?

X-Clan is touring with the Insane Clown Posse

Bone Thugs are trying yet another comeback

Keith Murray has a new single

Camp Lo are dropping an EP in August

EPMD keep doing tours

Rob Base and the Fu-Schnickens both sign with KOCH on the strength on their appearences on Nas’ “Where Are They Now” remixes

Mic Geronimo announces new album


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something wrong with that?

Comment by mario 05.02.07 @

Camp Lo still have it. Rob Base and Fu-Schnickens, eh, not so much.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 05.02.07 @

The item summary for Mic Geronimo is the funniest thing I have ever read. Although I am a fan of the Master I.C. , I must be honest and admit that he is such a generic mid-nineties rapper….and has never “solidified his position as one of the best MCs in the game.”

Absolutely hilarious…..

Comment by idris intifada 05.02.07 @

Considering whats out there right now, some of these can’t be that bad.

Comment by Manuel 05.02.07 @

The Main Event joint with EPMD with Keith Murray and DJ Knowhow was dope and that new Keith single is alright bu Tyrese is wack, X-Clan’s latest album wasn’t too bad, I am pleased Camp Lo are coming back, I hope ATCQ reform.

I don’t really understand why you have a problem with this Robbie, Rap is SATURATED by bullshit artists like the G Unit,Jibbs, Rich Boy etc…etc…good on some of the vets for keeping the real alive.

Comment by Jaz 05.02.07 @

Yeah you’re right. A new Def Squad album will save rap music from itself.

Comment by Robbie 05.03.07 @

Comeback or not, if you are going to release music, it has to be good. That’s all that matters.

I’ve been saying for ages that some one with a fat bank account, like Steve Rifkind, should go to Preemo, Rakim and Nas and just say, how much money y’all want to make an album. That ‘Classic’ joint proves my point, now if I can just find the 12″!

Same goes for Kane and G Rap, just put ’em in a room with an ill producer they know and let the rest take care of itself. It sounds simple, but it is, both those groups are long time friends and have worked together for years, plus they never stop talking highly of each other.

Seriously, do you know a hiphop head who wouldn’t buy both of those albums?

There are so many of us real heads around the world now, that veterans should really be considering these options.

The new KRS / Marley joint has yet to produce any heat, which is unfortunate seeing as my girlfriend is releasing it on her label (http://www.myspace.com/methodaustralia)

But I just think the record companies get caught up with jumping on the next Hyphy / Crunk / Wak movement and think that we are all brain dead consumers who will gobble anything down. And seriously, what is the crap that is coming out of New York at the moment.

Sorry for the extended rant, but this is my first post after reading the blog for a while. Had to vent.

Keep it up Rob. I first listened to you on cassette from your Revolver battle back in ’99. My high school basketball team used to bump it in the stereo of the mini-bus up and back from Geelong to Melbourne each week.

I’m hoping the new ‘Top Billin’ show on RRR can recapture some of the live energy the formula and u guys used to have back then.

Aight y’all, i’m out,

Comment by sheriff rosco 05.03.07 @

I’m not really interested in hearing any of these, 99% of the time older rappers’ comeback efforts are just a boring, dry imitation of their earlier work – usually replete with songs reminding us how great they used to be. The same goes for Premo and his beats post-Ownerz. The classic New York sound is dead and no one and nothing will revive it. Which isn’t to say that there isn’t still good rap, there’s tons of it.

Comment by Tray 05.03.07 @

lol @ Fu-Schnickens getting signed to KOSH. maybe they’ll do a song with Jim Jones.

Comment by BR 05.04.07 @

classic ny sound dead and nothing will revive it??i can’t agree.some very good stuff is still comming out and if the people will revive it,where’s the problem?sample issues,ok but loops can be repayed.it’s still million times better than synth’s,dirty south and the rest of the bullshit.

Comment by mario 05.04.07 @

Joell Ortiz is one example of dope NY hip hop..

” I aint tryin to bring New York back…Im just a breath of fresh air…the good ol’ New York rap”

and there IS more…seek, and you shall find

Comment by AFFEXalicious 05.07.07 @

I wish Keith Murray would make good records again. He still can rhyme, he just puts out BS pop shit these days.

Comment by Mike G 05.07.07 @

Eh, I’ll pass on a lot of those.

I was just speaking on this in the other article… comebacks just don’t happen in hip-hop. I guess it’s good for them that they still have the heart to do something they love. But listening to those records is always either like watching an old guy still try to be cool, or an extremely bitter old dude vent his anger about the youngsters.

I def. have no interest in a new Fu-Schnickens record- I was done with them by ’93, so you can imagine how I feel about listening to them in ’07.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 05.09.07 @

The new Bone Thugs album is complete trash.

Comment by Helpful Hank 05.11.07 @

Camp Los mixtape was one of the best things to come out last year….Chip Fu is still incredible with his, just check his myspace

considering the content and general high quality of this blog Im surprised at these comments

Comment by bone 06.12.07 @

ATCQ- Saw them last year when they did reunite and it was off the chain! I wish they could keep it together and get along-a new Tribe’ album would be dope.

X-Clan- Prof. X is dead, X-Clan is dead…

Bone Thugs-were they ever dope? Biting Freestyle Fellowship-whateva

Keith Murray- so now they rippin off Reggae again? Pop goes the weasel

Camp Lo-no comment

EPMD-It was cool to see EPMD on tour, but it was all nostalgia. Thier show really did suck. People Under The Stairs opening up for them blew them away.

Rob Base and the Fu-Schnickens-man that was what 20 and 10 years ago with nothing of note inbetween?

Mic Geronimo-slept on that shite the first time round

honorable mention: Egyptian Lover- yeah I shouldn’t mention that one really. He still juggle records like a mofo but after a couple hours of straight doing that to EVERY mix it gets kinda tired.

This is a dope blog BTW-Don’t see that many people really speaking thier minds these days. that Run-Dmc post for the most part was on point

Comment by Raf_One 07.02.07 @

The new Camp Lo joint is official. plus any real heads know Camp Lo didn’t really leve the game. Cat’s been incognito since Uptown Saturday Night but they had that Gotcha last year and I herd some tracks trackmasters did for them in 04 so step on it and stop hating n the Loah…Dudes are the most original and stylish mcs perios.

Comment by Blaze 07.28.07 @

The problem isn’t that these “veteran’s”are attempting comebacks…it’s us”.We want the vets to sound like they did in their heyday,but so much has changed.”I remember producers(actual producers-Diamond,Premier,Large Pro,etc.)would do interviews and give each other props,and talk about how they were fans of each other,they used the same equipment up to a point,and then each had their own techniques as to constructing the classics we know and love.They talked about artist they wanted to work with and we would read the interviews and nod in agreement,but those same artist were doing”whatever it took”to go gold back then(ie:selling out)and didn’t take our favorite producer up on his offer until album 3 which was signaling their demise in HipHop.
The climate had changed gentlemen,the vets have the experience but few outlets and resources,while todays microwave “pop-hoppers”have a gazillion outlets and unlimited resources.It went from fly albums and some dough,to mediocre lyrics and millions,and you know like I know,MANY OF OUR FAVORITES FLIP THEIR FORMULSAS TO ATTEMPT TO MAKE MORE PAPER!!! And failed,but now,the battleground is clear for that true school to return,Kane’s performance on VH1’s-’05’s HipHop Honors is proof of that.And while I think many of them should stay in exile,I’m glad the chosen few are returning cause these kids need to know.-Roger Jones

Comment by Roger Jones 07.28.07 @

It’s crazy to me that the vets that built all these malor labels, are on independent labels now…..How come they didn’t clique up and build there own labels? Why is it that they didn’t unify and buy up radio stations ? Pressing plants? Have you noticed the trend of young “hipsters” putting out any material by old schoolers for fuckin chump change? How can this happen? Divide and conquer ………. And the fact that we haven’t built actual institutions with true Hip Hop ethics in mind………………It’s 2007 and it’s time to step it the fuck up…No more vets looking like outsiders and shit…Time for some power and unity………..But keep in mind as you get older you should get iller with your craft………….Some of these dusty cats remind me of Kareem Abdul Jabbar and shit………..And i’m not talking age, I’m talking skill level…………..Out..

Comment by shamz 07.29.07 @

I hear you Shamz,but it’s deeper than that,the brothers who got deals back in the days were more preocupied with getting their albums played on the radio,than getting publishing,copyrights and ownership of master-recordings.By the early ’90’s I remember reading an article where Q-tip was telling the Source magazine that he was still living in his mothers basement even though Low End Theory had sold platinum plus,and that publishing was where the real money was.
If you remember,Luke had his own label back in the days,and so did James Smith at Rap-A-Lot records,we use to laugh at these southern cats,but they had learned that,to sell albums the way they wanted,and market those records their way you had to own your label and distribution,and it didn’t help that East Coast wouldn’t play those records,but look today those labels have influenced todays Southern labels,and many exist today.The East Coast was just lazy,we put our destiny in the hands of others,got high,got drunk,got whores,and got burned.

Comment by Roger Jones 07.30.07 @

And your right homie, but it’s 2007 and the same scenario exist…..But the only difference now is that there is more money and exploitation involved……Did you see the M.T,V’s hottest 10 mc’s? {I really don’t watch M.T.V.,but I couldn’t resist}…They put Lil Wayne as #1, T.I.#2…….They didn’t even put Nas on the list ,K.R.S. 1, Kool G…..None of them brothers were on the list…..I haven’t put any faith in M.T.V. since “Yo M.T.V. Raps “went off, but god damn you know what I’m getting at…………..History is being rewritten by a bunch of motherfuckers who don’t know shit……….If we actually care about this shit were going to have to plot some power moves homie………Just to keep certain shit alive…

Comment by shamz 07.30.07 @

And thank you again Robbie for playing your part…..I have been looking for years for a site like this…..The artist you feature, have actually contributed something to the art………..Most of these”Hip Hop” sites aren’t even covering Hip Hop, they are just playing fuckin games…….Once again thank you for keeping shit flavorful…45 King cutting up breaks, what else can I say but thanks……….

Comment by shamz 07.30.07 @

No Doubt Shamz,and yeah respect to you Robbie,my brother in law put me on to Unkut.com,and I have been grateful ever since.Yeah Shamz,I agree,HipHop is being re-written,today’s listener is tuned into Lil Wayne,about 6 or seven years ago Mtv did a similiar top 10 emcees and the list was easier to swallow,I remember because Jay-Z was upset that he wasn’t in the top 10.
But did you ever wonder why KRS or Kane or Rakim don’t show up on these list today?It’s because today’s listener is being told this(Mc Hammer shit 2007)the sound that we banned 15 years ago is HipHop,Lil Wayne and these niggas are not even rap,or R&B for that matter.
These kids are Vegas performers,in shiny-would-be hood gear,and Shamz…some of our veteran emcees are working at these slave labels,as A&R’s and production coordinators.My point is today’s listeners are too dumb to listen to Kris or Kane,the wordplay is too technical,but Lil Wayne is(A,B,C-easy)so of course he’ll be #1 on hit list,and those same veteran artist are allowing history to be re-written for a check.So I feel your pain but this shit is old.Remember EPMD talking about this happening on…..
1.Rap is outta control”in 90
2.again on”Got to give the people”
3.again on”Crossover”
4.Kris warned us on”Sex and Violence”
So I leave you with the immortal words of D-nice from”Self Destruction”…”it’s time to stop the violence/and kick the science/on the road that we call eternity/where knowledge is born and we learned to be/self sufficient/and independent/to teach to each is what rap intended/but society wants to invade/but do not walk this path they have laid/cause it’s…ah,you get the picture.

Comment by Roger Jones 07.30.07 @

That’s what’s up.I’m curious if you ever peeped Black Dot’s book “Hip Hop Decoded”? Or his D.V.D. “Hip Hop is Dead”? The brother is pretty thorough with his shit…If not get at me I can get it 2 you…….Roger we both know shit is dumb trife right now, the only solution is to keep putting out ill shit, and supporting the few that still release ill shit……..Hit me on my e mail zjudah@yahoo.com I’ll send you some wild shit

Comment by shamz 07.30.07 @

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