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Sunday June 24th 2007,
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Pudgee The Phat Bastard feat. Kool G Rap – This Is How We…

Pudgee is better known for being one of the prime suspects in the “Gay Rapper” hoopla of the mid-90’s and for doing a white label with Biggie than anything else, but his first album was notable for the simple fact that it featured pre-Pop Life production from the Trackmasterz – filtered basslines, echo-heavy horns and hard snares all over the shop. Pudgee was also capable of delivering some decent punchline rap, but when paired up with G Rap he sounds pretty average. It doesn’t help that G is on fire for this feature either – his rapid-fire display is capped off nicely with a timely nod to Columbo.

Brand New Heavies feat. Kool G Rap – Death Threat

Who knew that getting rappers to get busy over the Brand New Heavies throwback “acid jazz” attack would produce such satisfying results? Anyone with young kids would have already noticed that BDP weed holder Jamalski‘s track from the project gets burn in that Happy Feet shit (and even features on the cot-damn animatronic toy!), but Heavy Rhyme Experience had winning features from Large Pro, Puba, Masta Ace etc. KGR’s contribution was the highlight though, as he rides a Blaxpoitation-ready riff to hell and back with a fine display of gun talk.

J-Love feat. Kool G Rap – Real Talk

“The White Guy” J-Love can always be counted on to deliver a dope loop and tight drums when he flips a beat, and this song from his superb Better Your Life album hardly out-stays it’s welcome with only a single verse on offer, but any opportunity to hear Kool G over a good track is to be relished these days.

Marco Polo feat. Kool G Rap and D.V. Alias Kryst – Hood Tales

No such duration issues are found on this recent masterpiece – Marco Polo (who’s shaping-up to be one helluva producer) delivers a masterful soundtrack that pushes G to deliver some of his most essential bars in quite some time. The final verse in particular is a cutting edge Kool Genius verbal massacre. Even DV Alias Khryst, who effed-up some otherwise great songs in his prime, manages to deliver the goods on this one. Here’s hoping this makes it onto it’s own twelve.

Styles P feat. Kool G Rap – Come One, Come All

My current anthem is the inspired team-up of Styles P and G Rap over a Lil’ Fame (aka Fizzy Womack) head-nodder. The Ghost Sessions has been one the suprises of the season, as almost half of it is dope as hell. The Ghost reveals that “I’m colder than a January day with a nina or the crackers that ran FEMA during Hurricane Katrina/what I’m sayin’ is – I ain’t got regard for a human life”, perfectly setting things up for the KGR clean-up, while Fame carries on Premier‘s tradition of ill piano snatches and unorthodox percussion.

Bonus – RZA feat. Kool G Rap “Cakes” video:

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Some Nathaniel niceness as per usual Robbie. He’s still the only rapper I can listen to again and again without it get grating, easily the G.O.A.T.

Have you heard the verse he puts in on the new Klashnekoff Album?? It’s fucking fire mate! good golden age style beat with a British feel, like a sub-Heavy Bronx sound. In fact Joe Buddha who produced the whole album is from Nottingham like the Brothers of P.

Comment by SJAB 06.24.07 @

yo man just a little note the mp3 for styles p – come one come all is not working you might wanna re up that, anyway another good g rap week post, as always. althoug imma have to say that i didnt like that track with g rap and rza, i found that on my ghostdog dvd, and i never liked that beat. but keep em coming, peace

Comment by Big B Texas 06.24.07 @

Hot Fiiiyah post, Robbie!

Comment by Fosterakahunter 06.24.07 @

Styles track fixed.

Comment by Robbie 06.25.07 @

Simply sick. I was ignorant to G.Rap’s feature with the BN Heavies.

Comment by The ILLatino 06.25.07 @

foul tongue bitch, you bound to lick my doodie crack”

cakes has been a fave since i was a youngster.. another reason rza will always be in my eyes one of the greats

Comment by jimmy starburst 06.29.07 @

love that beat.
and the sessions album
is dope. period.

Comment by swordfish 07.01.07 @

Love the Ghostdog track.

Comment by turtle 07.02.07 @

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