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Wednesday June 06th 2007,
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All due respect to the gals of the world, but even more respect to Kool G Rap‘s ability to make ignorant records about dames. As great as “Talk Like Sex” (and, to a lesser extent, “Fuck You Man”) may have been, there’s little doubt that G’s finest post-“Men At Work” output was his Bitch Haters Club period. As any serious student of KGR is aware, duke was making a nice chunk of bread from the skin trade in his younger days, so the content of these songs is hardly science fiction. How many rappers from New York were talking this grimy in the nineties? “Break A Bitch Neck” is some ill test-pressing only material that showcases G and Akinyele dumbing-out in a manner that would have made JT Money and DJ Drugz proud-as punch. “I Ain’t Trickin'” covers the standard anti-gold digger message, but in the hands of the Kool Genius it goes far beyond the call of duty, while “Check The Bitch” addresses important issues of the day, such as so-called “sophisticated women” and “bitches from the other races”.

The jewel in the crown, however, is “Hey Mr. Mr.” – a song produced by T-Ray and deemed too offensive for the Rated XXX album. Clocking in just shy of four minutes, this remains as the ultimate testament to domestic violence, as G details how he pistol-whips an unfaithful skirt unconscious. While Unkut Dot Com doesn’t necessarily endorse such behavior, it makes for a damn fine ignorant rap track.

Kool G Rap feat. Akinyele – Break A Bitch Neck (Original)

Kool G Rap – I Ain’t Trickin’

Kool G Rap – Check The Bitch

Kool G Rap – Hey Mr. Mr.

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wow. hey mr was my shit when i was 15. they only played that on wkcr once. then quickly followed it up with a disclaimer….

Comment by MERCILESZ 06.06.07 @

what i most miss about that 90s rap is the crackin snare drum that just cuts through everything and hits you in the head.

Comment by wax 06.06.07 @

Is that the “Break A Bitch Neck” version that was released on the Akinyele’s “Music Killz – Unreleased Hits” LP?

Comment by Krisch 06.06.07 @

So, does anyone know if G Rap is actually gonna release “Half A Klip”?

Comment by JesusJuice 06.06.07 @

good good shit, espec “I Ain’t Trickin”, what can i say keep the Kool G tracks comin

Comment by Big B 06.07.07 @

Classic G Rap ‘hood stories.

Comment by Dallas 06.07.07 @

“Is that the “Break A Bitch Neck” version that was released on the Akinyele’s “Music Killz – Unreleased Hits” LP?”

^ Yeah, it’s the CD-bonus track.

Comment by Robbie 06.07.07 @

thanks Robbie!

Comment by Krisch 06.07.07 @

“Don’t interrupt me when I’m whuppin on my bitch ass!” Friggin hilarious.

Comment by Mike G 06.07.07 @

I love T-Ray’s production,he is a unsung hero of the 90’s era.-Roger Jones

Comment by Roger Jones 06.07.07 @

I’m glad you got the bollocks to post this up Rob!!!


wonder if he will do “hey mr. mr.” live?


Comment by the average man 06.08.07 @

what happened to my comment?

Comment by the average man 06.08.07 @

Wow, these truly are ignorant rhymes. Fantastic!

Comment by End Level Boss 06.09.07 @

To me, what always redeems KGR of being considered “ignorant”, is his sly, dark and poker-faced sense of humour, which makes the whole thing hillarious at the end of the day. Akinyele does the same, even in his most “offensive” verses. Tha’t’s why i like em both as MCs.

Comment by Question Marc 06.10.07 @

^ That’s what I’m saying. G ain’t no dummy.

Comment by Robbie 06.10.07 @

“hey mister mister” is my shit.. glad i could score a copy last week

Comment by Dome 06.10.07 @

Where is that Hey Mr. Mr. I heard it on a few mixes so I take it’s on a 12″ but which? Thanks.

Comment by Willie 06.15.07 @

Break bitch neck remix is better would have alot gurls stop calling themsleves that. AK said and dancing gurls get me pissed im the first spectator to shout go stupid bitch go stupid bitch very funny

Comment by EGahim 06.24.07 @

1st-I know my opinion won’t b popular but I can speak my peace, right? 2nd-I’ve been a hip-hop fan since the rap days back in the late 70s. My comment – I don’t like rap that glorifies violence against or hatred of women. Hip-hop has tolerated this too long. I respect the right for people to speak what they feel but I, personally, will not glorify it. G-Rap has plenty of great material. None of these songs are worth 2 cents. Let’s treat the females as equals in the hip-hop community. As a matter of fact, I’d like to see a write-up giving recognition to the female pioneers from back in the day (Shante, Salt-and-Pepa, etc.).

Comment by JMD 06.28.07 @

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