Aussies Shook By cRappers Again
Friday July 06th 2007,
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Front page of the local rag today was a story about the upcoming concert from the Axis of Evil or whatever The Gayme, Akorn and Juelz “Carlos” Santana are calling this tour. Following up the Australian Immigration Dept. preventing Snoop Dogg from entering the country a few months back (even though he toured a year earlier) and the unfortunate incident where the producers of TV’s Rove tried to get Xzibit to fondle Michael Buble‘s junk on stage or something, which he refused, only to be informed that “you know we came a long way just having you on the program”, which the X-Man took offense to and got the fuck outta Dodge.

Trying to rub one out on the sly?

The highlight of this witch-hunt is this little gem:

Last month, footage surfaced of Akon demanding a boy from an audience be dragged on stage after he threw an object at him at a concert near New York.

Akon then lifted the boy over his head and threw him back into the crowd.

As you can see in the following clip, the guy who willingly gets “body slammed” into the crowd is not exactly some frail ten year-old, but the fact that Akorn found it necessary to rip off his wifebeater before performing this Wrestlemania stunt is pure comedy:

As the “journalist ” who penned this article continues to grasp at straws, it’s also revealed that Gayme is:

Due in a US court in September over charges relating to allegedly impersonating a policeman and persuading a cab driver to run red lights.

Whoa, lock up your daughters Australia! I’m surprised there was no mention of the time he threw a park bench into wet cement of Punk’d.

Meanwhile, Snoop and MTV – never afraid to exploit the chance for some cheap publicity – have begun production on the “Welcome Snoop” ad campaigns, which are:

a tongue-in-cheek look at Snoop’s bid to become an Australian citizen, following him as he buys a house in the ‘burbs, gets an Aussie girlfriend (Sophie Monk) and learns what the word “girt” means.

Hopefully it’s funnier than this spoof on the incident from the usually entertaining Chaser’s War on Everything crew of university geeks:

Here’s a more successful sketch, building on the Leno‘s Jaywalking concept:

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as always Rob Knackers, superb.

Comment by Coxjuan 07.06.07 @

the throwback stunt is the best
performance i’ved seen so far from
the so called singer akon.

Comment by swordfish 07.06.07 @

ha ha….what a brilliant piece Robbie…how are things digger?

Comment by Jaz 07.06.07 @

Gayme lol.

Comment by JesusJuice 07.06.07 @

the dude wasnt exactly prince bea either .. lol @ akon hogan

Comment by dolo 07.07.07 @

That last clip is priceless.

Comment by End Level Boss 07.08.07 @

The best thing about that news site’s report on the Rove / Xzibit incident:

“A friend of Xzibit’s called Do Dirty backed the rap star’s actions with a comment to his MySpace blog, in which he said: “F… them haters. U played x-zactly how you supposed”.

“Michael booblay … I would slap that clown,” Do Dirty added.

He then mentioned that he had a ’93 Caprice classic, and suggested Xzibit and his friends could “pimp tha hell out of that thang!!”, or give it an overhaul. “

Comment by Headlock 07.08.07 @

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