Big Shug and Premier Strike Back
Wednesday July 18th 2007,
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While I was nodding-off during Big Shug‘s “Weed Carrier For Life” vocals on his new CD (although that MoSS kid brought some nice breaks to the table), I noticed a short track that includes, between anti-Serato lines and shutting-down any “new Preme” talk, a less-then-subtle message to some of Premier‘s former collaborators that’s summed-up in this rant from Shug at the end:

“I can’t believe some of you niggas done forgot about that real neck-breaking music from DJ Premier. I know y’all made money and went corporate, but nigga you know you ‘sposed to have that shit from Premier! And you – Mr. Nasty Man, we all love your shit, but you know you need DJ Premier! It is what it it is. And yo! Little fella! We doin’ alright. Come back by the crib, ’cause you know that you need DJ Premier!”

Little fella? Is that any way to talk about the birthday boy?

^ Aye-Yoooooooo! -pause- Nullus etc.

Big Shug – It Just Don’t Stop

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This is why I love cats like this. he says what he means. What he said is absolutely true, im my humble opinion. Im laughing at that “Little Fella” comment. We need a Nas on a Preem track , followed by an all Preemo produced Jeru album, with a OC album rounding it out. Real talk..

Comment by Shawamar 07.18.07 @

Premier needs NaS too, if not it wouldn’t be right…peace!!!!

Comment by SeF TauGHt 07.18.07 @

I can’t front, besides the fact that he’s always been wack, dude kept it real in terms of Nas jumpin on a Preemo track. I seriously don’t understand why some cats stray so far from the well. Its like, why not give the fans what they want. I know the labels be hatin on Preem’s sound. I’ve heard it first hand. But they can at least collab for a mixtape or somethin. NY needs that look right there…

Comment by Shawn Lee 07.18.07 @

Premo’s beats are still bananas to this day. KRS, Jeru, Nas and Rakim should all do albums entirely produced my Premier.

Comment by End Level Boss 07.18.07 @

Shug’s first album would have been way better if he clipped out most of the non Premo tracks…maybe kept it 10-11 tracks long. Not great, but not bad either.

Comment by Finally 07.18.07 @

yeah, i was just listenin to this the other night, but how much of this is artists not wanting to be with premier and how much is label pressure and other reasons,etc? i would love to see premier do a full length with cats that are harder than big shug (nas, sean price, common,my grandma). “crush” by shug was one of those classic jams where the beat took the mc from the pavement to the clouds.

Comment by Peter Divito 07.18.07 @

Truth be told, they definitely need each other. Nas need to come back to them Premo trax. His albums been incomplete without’em.

Comment by Big Lite 07.18.07 @

I’d pick up a preemo produced Nas, O.C., Rakim, and jeru album anyday

Comment by Big B Texas 07.19.07 @

I think that “new Premo” line was aimed @ Common, actually.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 07.19.07 @

^ I’ll have to take your word on that. I avoid Com tracks like the clap.

Comment by Robbie 07.19.07 @

Shit, he is right. Nas needs to do an album with Preemo & Pete Rock. Common too. That Kanye shit is okay, but Preemo is that dude.

Comment by Knuckz 07.19.07 @

People can try to hate on Premier’s sound if they want but the truth of the matter is that he’s fresh off a Grammy this year with Aguilera, which just further showcases his versatility. He doesn’t need anyone, they need him. Preem will be just fine if he has to churn out bangers for up-and-coming rappers like Skyzoo and Torae, because he knows it’s all about respect and those rappers respect Premier. Jay and Nas and everyone else can talk about respecting Preem but without him they wouldn’t have gotten to where they are now, so why not keep working with him? Because they’re corporate sellouts blinded by the money. It’s sad but true.

Comment by Dun 07.20.07 @

I admire Big Shug’s determination on the mic, but the problem is it’s 2007 and his flow and patterns are just too basic. That song”Leg Breakers” off his new album is raw as fuck. And some songs do come together regardless of lyrical shortcomings{ just like E.P.M.D.} but yo Shug you are in your 30-s or 40-s and I just don’t hear those jewels that you are supposed to hear from a cat that age…… Believe me without Premier we wouldn’t even be discussing this shit..{Moss has heat also}….The thing about Guru is that his rhymes were basic {sometimes too basic] but he always sprinkled well thought out proverbs and philosophy…….The mc’s that are spittin with Preem now { except Royce } seem very one dimensional {N.Y.G’z, Big Shug,Skyzoo}

Comment by shamz 07.20.07 @

Look backpackers and all you types….Nas dont need Preemo. This isnt 199X….it’s 2007.

Have you checked the producer credits on Nas’ album? How can you call him a sellout…you act like he did a whole album with Lil John and Timbaland. Stop living in the past.

Comment by Mean Greene 07.22.07 @

Mean Greene…go suck on a wanger…

Check the producer credits on Nas’ album?? Yes…and your point is???

they’re all gay

Comment by AFFECKS 07.23.07 @

the “little mans” new albumn sounds allright, rekon it will go ok too. i have to agree that shug would def be aided by dropping a little knowledge. He sounds like hes been smacked in teh head with a iron. Subject and flow (that NFL is the game we love for eg.)

At least with common working with kanye they did a whole albumn, with nas hes obviously going round buying up beats and with some of the dudes like dre and storch(puke) he could get a few preemo beats id say. Id wonder whether preemo still gets 50gs a beat.

Comment by gex 07.24.07 @

Also i read some interview with jazzy jeff where he said he had got preem onto serato.

Comment by gex 07.24.07 @

Thats why I love that Royce “bar Exam’ mix so much.

Its all Premo. Fucking incredible.

Comment by Coxman 07.26.07 @

I have to retract that comment about gurus new joint. Not so good.

Comment by gex 07.26.07 @

Lemme school yall real quick. the “Went Corporate” & “New Preem” line was directed at Jay-Z. “Nasty Man” is definitely Nas & “Little Fella” is Guru. Okay so, now you know…

Comment by Tor 08.14.07 @

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