Curis and Kanye Get Stylish (Remix)
Thursday July 19th 2007,
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Since these two are about to “face-off” on the charts, it seems only right to dig out this old mixtazpe they did two years back:

I just got my hands on this new mix CD/DVD team-up between Curtis “Metro” Jackson and Kanye “Liberache” West, called Vogue Men Presents: Talking Fashion. Here’s my exclusive, track-by-track review:

1. “Window Shopper (Man Bag Remix)” – There’s no shame in the male handbag – just ask the Italians!

2. “Tighter In Leather” – The first of several Run-DMC remakes. Kanye let’s us know that you need a jacket “with a snug fit to be legit”.

3. “Return of the Slacks”- The fellas remind us that a well-cut pant never goes outta style!

4. “Tommy Hilfiger Skit” – Fabolous‘ close pal drops by to say “hi!”.

5. “My Loafers” – The second Run-DMC homage, this time pledging their love for penny loafers instead of sneakers.

6. “Don’t Turn Down Nuthin’ (Even The Collar)” – Protect ya neck!

7. “Farnsworth Bentley Skit” – Diddy‘s former “assistant” schools us how to tie a bowtie. Awesome!

8. “From Rome With Love” feat. Elton John – The dapper duo share tales of catwalk fun in Europe.

9. “Metro 4 Life” – Kanye goes for delf on this one, declaring his “metrosexuality” to the world for anyone who hasn’t figured it out yet.

10. “Pretty In Pink 2006” feat. Molly Ringwald – West recruits the 80’s “it” girl for this throwback that wins!

11. “Dress For $uccess” Fiddy breaks down why the tight, sleeveless dress shirt is “the look” for modern -day crooks.

12. “Donnatella Versace Skit” – Words From The OG Zombie.

13. “Sweaters Are Better” – No hooded sweatshirts here!

14. “Button-Up Boogie” – The guys make doin’ up your shirt into a new dance craze!

15. “It’s Raining (Vogue) Men” – A hot remake of Paul Shaffer‘s dance classic. 50 mumbles his way through the chorus, while Kanye tells us which side he “wears” his pants. Ask your tailor about that one!

16. “Boxer Briefs Outro” – No comment!

The DVD section also features three hours of Curtis and Kanye hanging out with male models backstage (nullus). Essential for all you “growed folks”.

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Haha classic Robbie and oh so right!

Comment by Jaz 07.19.07 @

classic post foreal

Comment by BR 07.20.07 @

uh re up on the links cuz they aint working… classic post

Comment by Big B Texas 07.20.07 @

you killin’ it man, this is priceless material..
unreal. keep it up. this is what the internet was built for

Comment by onthaStrenff 11.30.07 @

this is WAY more original than anything kanGey ever put out!!!

Comment by onthaStrenff 11.30.07 @

didn’t K-gay openly (i use that word for effect) bite 50’s lyrics on “still too stupid for college,” i mean “graduation”

Comment by onthaStrenff 11.30.07 @

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