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Tuesday July 31st 2007,
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As is quickly becoming a habit around here, I’ve had this laying around for a couple of months already but I finally forced my self to watch it. Whoever designed the cover should slap them selves around for a minute or so, since having corny dudes like Lil “Big Man” Jon, Kanye Liberache and Lloyd “Brianna” Banks Photoshopped onto the cover was hardly encouraging me to throw this into the DVD player. Fact is, these humps hardly feature in this doco, and all the better for it.

If you can get past the “epic” narration, verbose explanations and pointless “3-D” computer graphics, this is actually pretty decent half-decent. There are some quality moments with Kay Slay, Brucie-B and them, as well as some embarassing appearances from some guy with a bootleg CD store in his mother’s basement who yells a lot (sounds like the formula for a star blogger), and everyone’s favorite lip-gloss spokesman Sticknmove (star blogger? not so much), back before he discovered white sunglasses and a dental plan. Come to think of it, this is actually a fairly painful experience to sit through. You might want to wait until someone uploads the good parts to YouTube, since I’m fairly certain you’ll learn nothing of any importance form this flick that you didn’t already know, except for Dez‘s tips on catching a vic.

Try and sit through this preview and you’ll have a glimpse into the pain I suffered so that you don’t have to:

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I totally agree that the cover is a big mistake cause it fakes out everybody and sets up the viewer for disappointment or happiness in your case except that you mostly didn’t like the DVD.

I kind of dug the guy in the basement. This is his big moment. He probably edited his footage and put out a promotional dvd starring “the playa in the basement” when this came out.

Comment by Clyde Smith 07.31.07 @

I’m not buying a rap DVD until someone makes a good Crunchy Black documentary.

Comment by Mike G 08.01.07 @

I second a Crunchy Black documentary. Lets see that shit.

Comment by BR 08.01.07 @

The loud dude in the basement was an idiot…just plain idiot .The only good thing about this video was the fact that they had my man Baby Paul in it. All the rest of these clowns know the mixtape is is against the law …and knowing what will come out of it they’re crying like little bitches

Comment by tsi 08.02.07 @

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