6 Tracks Not Worthy of G Rap
Friday August 03rd 2007,
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It ain’t no mystery that keyboard beats are pretty much the worst development in rap music in recent times, and even the great KGR has found some of his verbal gems wasted on inferior productions. Here’s a look at the worst six offenders:

“General Statis” – Tragedy Khadafi feat. Styles P, Scram Jones & Kool G Rap

This is borderline, but that annoying fairground loop and weak-ass drum track aren’t built for Trag and G’s bars.

“Queens” – LL Cool J feat. 50 Cent, Mobb Deep, Kool G Rap & Tony Yayo

No homo.

“We Gone Go Hard” – Rass Kass feat. Kool G Rap

If this team-up had happened ten years ago the beat wouldn’t have sucked so bad and Rass might have been half decent.

“3 To The Dome” – Sway & Tech feat. Big Daddy Kane, Chino XL & Kool G Rap

This is clearly just the music from a Sega Genesis/Megadrive game with some drums added.

“Real OG’s” – Kool G Rap feat. Bun B and Killer Mike

Bun B must have slipped G some of that fry to get him on this.

“I Am” – G-Dep feat. Kool G Rap & Rakim

How is it possible to fuck-up a song featuring G Rap and The R? Easy. Just use the most retarded Casio track ever.

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Some keyboard beats are dope, but certain beats fit certain rappers. G Rap needs gritty ass, dark beats to match his style. Man, most of those tracks blow. I’d say “Real OGs” is the best one. That “Queens” track is gay as Christmas.

Comment by Mike G 08.03.07 @

Tony Yayo ripped it! /sarcasm/

Comment by Science Is Drought 08.03.07 @

He just recorded a track with Persia from the white rapper show. G needs a new manager.

Comment by bbatson 08.03.07 @

can we include that horrible vocoder chorus on ‘My Life’ off Soundbombing 3 in this list?

Comment by step one 08.03.07 @

The sad truth is,there are actually more bum tracks that G-Rap guested on,this is just the tip of the ice-berg.like”Break a bitch neck”with akinelye,and the forgettable”You must be out of your fuckin mind”on Fat Joe’s debut.

Comment by Roger Jones 08.03.07 @

^^^Roger, such claims will never be co-signed here. Those songs happened in the early ’90s, so they’re automatically exempt.

*that G-Dep/Rakim was hot, eff whatcha heard. AND the Bun/Killer joint is too.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 08.04.07 @

there arent too many established artists out there that dont have a couple of suspect tunes to their name

Comment by step one 08.04.07 @

Danjamania,your entitled to your opinion,but ’90’s or not the tracks I mentioned are ass-tacular,and beneath G’s standard,I could tell they were, one of those”a-check-is-a check”moments.I know comments like mine are hard to swallow sometimes,but check it…I argued Kanes position with my boys all through the ’90’s purple shirt and all,that he ironically had on in the now classic”Don’t Curse”track with(Puba,C.L.,Q-tip,Pete Rock,&G-Rap)understand what I’m say’in?Some cats invite G on a track to increase street cred(ie:Heavy D)Don’t Curse was a powerful posse cut,strong emcees,but Heavy(who was/is a loyal G-Rap)fan,knew G’s inclusion would pull in the street fans.That’s all man.

Comment by Roger Jones 08.04.07 @

Expect more wackness, as G Rap is currently selling 16’s over myspace for $2500…! I hope he’s a bit more selective about who he gives them to

Comment by the average man 08.05.07 @

Roger, I wasn’t sayin’ those songs weren’t ass… I was just saying that this site is VERY ’90s-leaning, so anything G Rap did in that time period is gonna get left out automatically. I know the song w/ Fat Joe was weak, and you know the song with Fat Joe was weak, but that’s not gonna be mentioned in the same breath as something up-to-date on here, lol… and why? Because it came out in ’93, when the grass was greener, the sky was bluer, and coochie was better.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 08.05.07 @

No Doubt Danjamania,and peace.

Comment by Roger Jones 08.05.07 @

Roger: “like”Break a bitch neck”with akinelye”
Are you serious? That track is fucking great! G hates the broads.

Comment by Mike G 08.06.07 @

“this site is VERY ’90s-leaning, so anything G Rap did in that time period is gonna get left out automatically”

Not really. A lot of garbage came out in the nineties. ’86 was better. But the beat on that Fat Joe song is in a different league to any of the songs I just posted.

Comment by Robbie 08.06.07 @

Mike G?Yo son relax,me and Danjamania already came to a conclusion about those”G”tracks,I still feel the way I do about those tracks I mentioned,that’s what’s great about this site,you get to hear other’s opinion’s,and share views.
Kool G.is hands down the absolute master of Gangster Rap,and battle lyrics,but like all the greats,80’s,90’s,and now, he has some duds,just reality,and peoples opinions.

Comment by Roger Jones 08.06.07 @

I like keyboard beats, and fairground loops are ill too. But, can’t front hot emcees like G Rap sound much better over that hype, intense shit like Men At Work, Kool Is Back, Poison, etc!!! I really loved that 3 To The Dome joint though — G Rap and Kane were nice but Chino killed it … those flows and punchlines were off the chain. But, I see what you mean about the Sega style beats. LOL!

Comment by Brock 08.07.07 @

G Rap’s cameo on the Klashenkoff album earlier this year was good and the beat was heavy (cant go wrong with loads of sirens and a Redman sample on the chrous!). Kyza ripped it though.
Only thing is I dont think many US heads wouldve heard it – how about a post ?

Comment by step one 08.07.07 @

“Expect more wackness, as G Rap is currently selling 16’s over myspace for $2500…! I hope he’s a bit more selective about who he gives them to”

Dude i know, how shit is that? Dont think hes been overly selective unfortunately. Ive already seen him on some wack canadian rappers shit (cant remember his name) and i think isaw him on that chester copperpots new albumn? Wak. Considering he had a 7 figure deal with dawkus you could now buy a albumn with 2 verses a track and 12 tracks for about $50000 bucks.
Sean p was doing the same thing. 2gs.

I guess the only good thing is it enables dudes like marco polo to do his thing.

Comment by gex 08.08.07 @

Copperpot is good. I liked the Chapter 7 release. It had Braintax on it and a shitload of other talent.

Surely these beats could be re-done, you should hold a comp Robbie, to see who can rework these. I mean the beats are so basic a lot of dudes could layer some nice shit over the top.


Keyboard beats are WAK!

Comment by Coxman 08.10.07 @

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