AZ – Memphis Sessions: The Remixtape Album Review
Friday August 10th 2007,
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While A.W.O.L. was the shit, The Format was musically underwhelming in many spots, which was disappointing considering the quality of AZ‘s bars. I guess he realized this himself – hence this official remix album which follows in the recent tradition of “themed” blend projects, except that instead of being some bootleg internet crap it’s actually the real deal. Based around extra-crackly Al Greene loops, many of these tracks may as well be new songs, since many of the original versions were hard to listen to more than once with their original beats.

A healthy portion of the breaks will be familiar to any student of the RZA‘s work, since Al’s catalog has already been mined extensively, but even the more recognizable grooves have been flipped a little differently, and thanks to this musical facelift The Visualizer has never sounded better – this shit is effin’ incredible. The laid-back-in-the-cut, bluesy feel is tailor made for AZ’s nickel-slick wordplay and and “drop a jewel on ’em” observations. To hear previously snooze-worthy selections like “Get High” and “Doin’ That” transformed into dope songs is precisely why this album is essential listening, and even cuts that were nice in their original incarnations (“I Am The Truth”, “The Format”) are given a whole new lease of life.

The non-remix bonus CD featuring some Final Call songs and b-sides serves as a reminded of just how awful some of A. Cruz’s beat choices have been in the past (try listening to “The Love of Money” without bile rising up your throat), just in case you needed reminding. It “ain’t no mystery” that Sosa brings that A-grade product in the booth, and after having Memphis Sessions on constant rotation all week I’m even more convinced of his verbal credentials. This is the remix album that God’s Stepson wishes it could be.

Memphis Sessions Executive Producer Andrew Kelly’s MySpace

AZ – “I Am The Truth (Memphis Sessions Remix)”

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was thinking about getting this and I think you’v made my mind up. I’m still not nored of ‘The Come Up’ and ‘Format’ 12s though!

Comment by step one 08.10.07 @

memphis session is aight but
some of da drums ain’t that thick.
swindle’s almatic rocked me more.
similar concept – better beats.
az always nice though.

Comment by swordfish 08.11.07 @

These tracks have been nicely flipped, but I think you’re being a little hard on The Format. It wasn’t that bad.

Comment by End Level Boss 08.12.07 @

Wonder why the “Animal” track isn’t on this, would have loved to hear that remixed in this style.

Comment by silent minority 08.21.07 @

Animal wasnt on there cause it was the only decent track on that

Comment by $treetMuziQ 08.26.07 @

Yeah I know it didn’t need remixing, it was dope anyway, but I would’ve liked to hear it rexmixed in this manner.

Comment by silent minority 08.27.07 @

Both “A.W.O.L” and “The Format” were mostly dope (especially “A.W.O.L”) but i agree this is fly as hell.

“Doin’ That” was pretty terrible in it’s original incarnation but this remix of it is nuts.

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 09.01.07 @

I will not sit here and see The Format being dissed this brutally! It was the best album of 2006! To me it was lyrically the strongest offering from AZ since Doe or Die and you know that’s saying a lot. Where is this musical underwhelming that you speak of?

I loved every single beat on The Format except for “Doing That” and even that wasn’t too bad. “I Am The Truth” is a beast of a song. That remix is dope, but there’s no way anything could improve the original.

I’m just saying.

Comment by Perttu 10.12.07 @

I thought this cd was pretty good

Comment by mimphis locksmith 03.03.11 @

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