Ced Gee Special: Bonus Beats
Monday August 27th 2007,
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Bet you didn’t see this coming, huh? A few additions to the Ced Gee Special I ran alast year. Thanks to Tuff City‘s repress, I can now bring you the Ced’s two contribution’s to Funkmaster Wizard Wiz‘s catalog. “Grand Concourse & 183rd” is a quality BX anthem set to the reworked drums of Ultra‘s original “Travelling At The Speed Of Thought” (aka The Rolling Stones “Honky Tonk Woman”) with some Kool & The Gang horns thrown in for good measure. The A-side, “I Ain’t Wid Dat” mines more familiar territory, but as usual, even the most well-worn break sounds better after some quality time in the Ultra Lab (tinfoil wallpaper and the whole nine).

For hardcore Ultra fanatics, let’s not forget the Delta Force instrumental jam from long-forgotten R&B dame Sybil‘s self-titled debut on Next Plauteau. “Bad Beats Suite” features snippets of the vocals from “I Wanna Be Where You Are”, and further proves Ced’s versatility behind the boards as he flips a standard Jackson 5 remake into a late night club creeper.

Funkmaster Wizard Wiz – “I Ain’t Wid Dat”

Funkmaster Wizard Wiz – “Grand Concourse & 184rd”

Sybil featuring Ced Gee – “Bad Beats Suite”

Jackson 5 – “I Wanna Be Where You Are”:

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Kool & The Gang Horns?! You buggin… You mean Dynamic Corvettes. Sorry, I couldn’t help it, I just got all compulsive and had to say it.

Talking of getting all finicky, I remember being at a Bronx River zulu meeting in the early 90’s and this west coast b-boy steps up to tell everyone about the five (?) elements of hippidy-hoppidy. The Gods & Earths came down hard on this kid for shouting his speak’n’spell trivia in the landmine of hip-hop. It was some funny sh*t. An over-zealous b-boy fascist stressing his detailed play world to hardcore pseudo-scientists talking about the neighbourhood economics. Needless to say, the b-boy didn’t win that battle.

Comment by AO 08.27.07 @

Ced Gee was a genius back then. I love that “Bellevue Patient” Wizard Wiz album. Dude was bugged!

Comment by Mike G 08.27.07 @

“Kool & The Gang Horns?! You buggin… You mean Dynamic Corvettes. Sorry, I couldn’t help it, I just got all compulsive and had to say it.”

^ Guess I lost that round.

Comment by Robbie 08.27.07 @

Ultra’s original “Travelling At The Speed Of Thought”
Speaking of which, Robbie, could you through that joint up on the board one time? Have not heard it since the 80’s, then had to deal with what I feel is an inferior version on the ‘Critical Beatdown’ LP.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 08.27.07 @

Thanx, baby.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 08.27.07 @

I remember watching the video for I Ain’t Wid Dat on Video Music Box when I was a kid. It was so low budget. Most of it was a super close-up of his mouth as he rapped…

Comment by jay 08.28.07 @

“You mean Dynamic Corvettes”

Before even listening to this track, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that it’s the “Funky Music is the Thing” break.

Comment by Rah-Love 09.02.07 @

It’s safe to say a lot of us would kill for a an Ultramagnetic Instrumental album…CED get your act together man, we still love your work, though your newer stuff, doesn’t quite measure up to the SP12 grimy Bronx Ulra Lab production.

Comment by EL GOAT 09.11.07 @

peace my brother, first just want to thank you for the love you’ve shown ,it makes me feel real good to see people appreciating my hardcore contribution to the game, holla at me through myspace/funkmasterwizicon lets link up so we can exchang info and stay connected, i would love to do that crack week for you just let me know the details,real talk,keep hip hop alive, holla back,funkmaster wizard wiz

Comment by funkmaster wiz 11.20.07 @

Funkmaster your stuff is damm funky even when played today. My favourite track is Go G-Wizz (Tuff City) the way that (Maybe You Laughin) is sampled and transformed is dope! when I was a kid I use to take a tape into our music classes and play it Guys and Girls always gathered round just to here your sound! Mike Alan was the only undergound station back then! Memories that will never die! Good looking out Funkmaster. PS I have the 12″ and play from time to time.

Comment by Robgee AKA Robert 12.17.07 @

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