Five For 5 – Enemies and Friends
Monday August 13th 2007,
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Interesting photo I found tonight in an old Source. Shoots the shit outta this theory…or maybe just “the good old days”?

Lakim Shabazz – “Africa”

Unreleased winner from the little guy with the voice of power, recently appeared on a Tuff City collection of Lakim’s non-album tracks.

Akinyele – “Yo!”

Akafella and Buckwild combine that “93 Till Infinity” loop and the “Droppin’ Science” remix for some Lost Tapes action.

Big City – “Disgustin'”

What’s up with the Kings from Corona? Ju Ju takes a break from mic duties so Problemz steps in to sub.

Ayatollah – “In Time My Brother”

A little something from A’s next instrumental LP.

Boss Money Gangstas feat. Minnesota – “Dat Shit”

Eddie Cheeba and Trey Bag run this street talk shit.

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The Beatnuts keep disappointing me. I usually love vibraphone samples, but I can’t stand this two tone “I’ve just started making beats” programming.

Comment by Lotuz 08.13.07 @

didn’t you see this post on the damaja thread robbie?

There was never a beef between Jeru and Biggie and friend or foe is not a gangstarr diss song.If u Listen to the lyrics it about some one he grew up with in brooklyn.Primo is from Texas guru is from Boston…as Far as the Ten Crack Commadments Primo and Biggie asked Jeru could use the beat. The author of this artical dosent know what the fuck he’s talkin about. Jeru And biggie talked till the day he died,actually Jeru is one of the first people to know Biggie died when he got shoot…and guess who called him and told him??? Primo…Lil Kim has and always shouts out Jeru to this day. Ther was no finacial beef between…AfuRa never sold weed. Oh and by the why the show in canada was free for the people Jeru got paid.Robbie just because u have a computer dosent make u a journalist. Know what the fuck u talkin about before u sit in front of ur pc.Peace
Comment by Jeru the Damaja 07.17.06 @

Comment by kq 08.13.07 @

Depends when the picture was taken

Comment by Fritz 08.13.07 @

afu-ra carries jeru’s weed, lil kim sucks off everyone, and i want to see an official jeru interview Robbie, stat-stat, double stat

Comment by gstatty 08.13.07 @

I always doubted the validity of those comments that were supposedly posted by Jeru on that old post. I know Robbie’s had alot of artists reply on this site but that is some horrible grammar for someone who seems pretty intelligent and if it is him, then he must have a bad case of talking in the third person, worse than “The Jimmy” on that episode of Seinfeld.

Comment by Kin Corn Karn 08.13.07 @

Lol Jeru had a song called “Seinfeld”…

I have the mag that photo was in still and I like the Big City album, good beats and good rhymes, nothing classic, nothing ground breaking…just good and it’s not wack, maybe Big City wanted to just keep it simple and take it back to basics.

I never thought there was real beef between Biggie and Jeru…dope post Robbie, thanks for the joints as always.

Comment by Jaz 08.13.07 @

Yeah, that comment seemed pretty fake. I did a “tongue-in-cheek” piece at Oh Word about it way back when:

“I got Ethered By Jeru and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt”

Comment by Robbie 08.15.07 @

who got the hot 97 Jeru promo over the ten crack beat? We’ve been through this before guys. Someone cough it up. Please :) haha

Comment by bbatson 08.15.07 @

I remember hearing sometime after Jeru had dropped ‘One Day’, Jeru did a show @ a Westwood set @ Notting Hill Carnival, and I recall that some of the Bad Boy staff were at the show, heckling Jeru on stage! So, while Biggie may not have had beef with Jeru, it’s possible other members of Bad Boy did! But the lines on ‘One Day’ are not really very cryptic are they. Who else could Jeru be referring to but Big, when he made those references about Hip Hop having the Versace suit on, etc. That line on Kick In The Door about the people Primo runs with having “come in them” could also be taken as a sub @ Jeru. I can’t call it. But, Biggie and Jeru were def. cool at one point, even if Jeru did rag on Biggie about the amount of fried chicken he was eating.

Two great emcees!!! Biggie’s passing was a big blow for hip hop, and Jeru was an awesome emcee. I never picked up the stuff that came out prior to Wrath of the Math, but those first two albums contained some excellent cuts for sure.

Comment by Brock 08.16.07 @

i’ve got the Carnival tape the year after where Foxy Brown was performing and she shouted fuck 2pac & fuck Jeru. The booing she got was ridiculous!
she tried to backtrack and started going ‘we dont want no beef though…’
she’d only done ‘I Shot Ya’ and ‘Aint No Nigga’ at that point

Comment by step one 08.16.07 @

I saw Jeru live just a few weeks ago at the Jazz Cafe in London, and he ripped it. The man is a real performer. I can’t say more for his choice of drink though. Courvoisier mixed with Becks. Yuk.

Comment by End Level Boss 08.16.07 @

Jeru mentioned in an old interview that when Foxy pulled that shit at carnival people started throwing bottles at the stage………..

Comment by silent minority 08.21.07 @

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