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Tuesday August 28th 2007,
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In theory, this should be the best shit ever. Panchi and Shabeeno kicking that Bronx hustler shit over Premier tracks, right? That’s what I thought when I got this advance CD in the mail a couple of weeks back. Turns out that this is more of a mixtape/street CD type of complilation (which explains the inclusion of their feature on the final Gangstarr album and that old Ill Kid track) to serve as a prelude to the Pros and Cons LP, with seven Premo cuts. Not a huge problem, but that means that I’d already caught a decent amount of this material on Premier mixtapes and whatnot. Expectations aside, NYG‘z are more than just a bootleg M.O.P, as some might assume, as they deliver solid street-level subject matter over 22 selections. Refreshingly, they point out that they “ain’t no thug, that’s for Pac and the Outlawz” as they unleash superior non-progressive content for the hardcore audience.

Although they don’t quite reach the high-octane levels of emotionally-charged “survival rap” that Bill and Fame produce, nor the slick wordplay of fellow Pelon representatives Boss Money Gangsters, when given a worthy track (such as the previously released “Giantz To This”) the Giantz can show and prove with the best of ’em. Further down the tracklisting, there are some below-par inclusions (such as the dated Ragga-flavor and some weak R&B hooks), but most of these missteps can be blamed on the producers not named DJ Premier. If listened to from start to finish, this CD starts to drag, but if you catch three or four songs at a time it’s all gravy. There are enough good moments to build some hype for the “official” album, but don’t hold your breath (I’m still waiting for that Best That Never Did It album from Poet).

NYG’z @ MySpace

Gangstarr feat. NYG’z and H.Staxx – “Same Team, No Games” video:

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Im sick of the mixtapes, drop the album..now!

Comment by Don P.M.ES 08.28.07 @

Word! This mixtape shit is dragging! Not much of a buzz when you drop old material and throwaway tracks on a bulky mixtape. Bring that official 10 track bundle of Primo burners duns!!

Comment by sooch 08.28.07 @

I heard Primo is doing the whole “official” album.

Comment by The ILLatino 08.29.07 @

it’s been a long time coming
same with big shug. a nice
album. but a few years earlier
n it would have been a classic.

Comment by swordfish 08.29.07 @

Big Shug sucks.

I do like the NYGZ however.

Comment by AFFECKS 08.29.07 @

Hah–I always thought that was Big Shug on the first verse. Guess I was wrong.

Comment by Finally 08.29.07 @

ill..nice touch with AZ’s Mob Style cd.

Comment by richdirection 08.29.07 @

Could someone please share the Mob Style lp?

ps-I don’t usually ask for shit on here.

Comment by silent minority 08.30.07 @

There are 2 Mobstyle LP’s…I ll share both in Exchange for the Ghetto Pros LP, AZIE s Solo LP, World Renown LP or the Gunrunners EP / Money Boss LP.

Comment by Haberkuck 09.01.07 @

Does this mean Primo and Guru are cool again?

Comment by BR 09.02.07 @

I’ve had 1 of those in my download queue for months, I doubt the shit will ever go through, but I know of a couple people who it but they ain’t sharing shit.

Comment by silent minority 09.02.07 @

Shit I made a mistake, I misread that, those are some hard to get tracks – did the Money Boss lp ever get leaked?

Comment by silent minority 09.02.07 @

the gunrunners ep has never hit the net, as a matter of fact i never even heard of anyone having anything from them outside of a couple 12 inches.

as for the money boss players album, nobody has that. cop n go is locked up in the vaults forever it seems which is unfortunate.

i used to have the ghetto pros lp but i lost it in a HD crash.

and the mobstyle albums are much easier to find than anything haberkuck wants in a trade so look around and you’ll be able to find them eventually.

Comment by DredScott 09.03.07 @

“Does this mean Primo and Guru are cool again?”

Not really. They just threw on a song off “The Ownerz”.

Comment by Robbie 09.03.07 @

Preem has an affinity for non-rappin-ass-niggas (and I mean that in the nicest possible way). While Livin Proof was a fuckin’ MASTERPIECE NYG’z don’t cut it. They sound wild old and really weak on the mic. Some one get Preemo in the stu with Roc Marcy or Saigon or somethin’. Enough of his freinds tryin to rap.

Comment by timm see 09.03.07 @

I got both Money Boss EPs. Is it OK to share links here?

Comment by boogs 09.04.07 @

livin proof is my fav premier album with step in the arena and whatever it was with the setup on it tying at second.

Comment by MERCILESZ 09.04.07 @

“Is it OK to share links here?”


Comment by Robbie 09.04.07 @

He didn’t want the EPs he was after the lp which hasn’t been leaked.

Yo how my reply to the symphony thread keeps being deleted?

Comment by silent minority 09.04.07 @

“i both both Money Boss Eps.”

what do you mean both?

GCD is a given but i hope you’re not talking about the “Cop N Go EP” cause that’s a homemade bootleg that i made myself years ago. it’s not real nor does anyone know if those songs were actually on the Cop N Go LP. i just threw those songs together cause i got them from a tracklisting of MBP shit that my man Super-C hooked me up with through a trade. link it up if you want, just know that’s it’s a fake bootleg.

Comment by DredScott 09.05.07 @

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