Percee-P – Perserverance Album Review
Monday August 06th 2007,
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On paper, this is a bad idea. Legendary Lyricist Percee-P heading out West to get his Madvillain on? At the same time, it’s moronic to dismiss the first real album from the guy who gave us “Lung Collapsing Lyrics” and stole the show on “Yes You May”, so I attempted to shrug-off any preconceived ideas about how this project might turn out. The result? Good and terrible. With all due respect, I can admit that Madlib has made some great tracks over the years – but he’s also made a bunch of horrible shit. Luckily, he’s delivered the closest thing to a “conservative” Madlib production since the Lootpack album on most songs, and has employed some dusty drums for the Rhyme Inspector to get loose over.

The main problem lies in the fact that many of the verses here are either old or reworked bars which were probably written to “Funky Drummer”, and as such just don’t seem to slot in all that well over the blunted bomb shelter sound. On a couple of occasions, you might be forgiven for thinking you’re listening to some sloppy, homemade “blend” CD that some stoner has done on his laptop. When it all gels together, though, there are still some great moments for longtime Perc fans. “Man To Praise” lays down his extended history in the rap game, “Legendary Lyricist” is straight-up raw raps and drums (complete with some quality pimp talk), while “The Lady Behind Me” offers a sincere take on the tried-and-trusted “love for a woman as a metaphor hip-hop” scenario. But for every winning moment, there are two that lose. Appearances from pretentious windbag Aesop Rock and one of the Jurrassic 5 guys may induce nausea, and the less said about the mess that is “Raw Heat”, the better.

Maybe I’m expecting too much from Perc. It could be said that he hasn’t really advanced his verbal technique since the early nineties, but it could be argued with equal conviction that he was ten years ahead of his time in 1992. Would an album of tracks from Minnesotta, P Brothers, Pete Rock and Show been enough to elevate Perserverance to classic status? Maybe. At least the Stones Throw connection will help expose this Bronx Bomber to a larger audience, and with any luck we’ll get another album from “The Man To Praise” that’s more befitting of his legacy.

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Man, I’m actually really disappointed to hear that Percee’s album is produced by Madlib. Now I’m not even excited for it. I can’t stand that dude’s production.

Comment by Mike G 08.06.07 @

Percee’s the kind of rhymer that’s better in small doses. He can blow up a cameo, but his style wears you down over a full LP. This reminds me of when Twista was killing all his features in the early 2000’s, but when Kamikazee dropped, it was disappointing.

A Lord Finesse/Percee P joint album (with Finesse getting back to rhyming) would be ideal.

Comment by Scott 08.06.07 @


Comment by TON D. 08.06.07 @

Yeah, I read an interview with keith murray where he said his new album is taking it back to REAL hip hop, dope rhymes, dope beats. Heard the shit and its totally watered down bullshit pop.

Comment by Mike G 08.06.07 @

nah keith murray kills it lyrically on his new album, just some weak production from the green eyed bandit. weak, but i wouldn’t call it “pop”.

anyway another co-sign on the small doses comment.

Comment by chris 08.06.07 @

But it’s REAL watered down bullshit pop. 😉

Haven’t picked up the Percee album yet… I will, but yeah. Percee + Madlib = definitely not ideal.

Comment by Werner von Wallenrod 08.06.07 @


I don’t know what was goin on in dudes head, when he decided to do a WHOLE album with Madlib.

I hate Madlib almost as much as I hate(d) Jay Dee…but whatever…

Minnesota, Show, Finesse, P Brothers, Beatnuts produced Percee album = classic status

Madlib + Percee = great emceeing and shitcunt production

I’ll download it, thanks to Madlib..

Comment by AFFECKS 08.07.07 @

madlib is a capable producer when he chooses to be, unfortunately he went of onto that “raw” style of production which seems to involve looping wierd shit on a $50 sampler and further degrading it with crap onboard effects.

Comment by gex 08.07.07 @

the track “frozen” madlib did for A.G was nice. i haven’t really listened to anything else he’s done as of late to put him on blast. the last banger i heard from was vast air’s “look hands”, other than that, he’s been a little snoozy.

aesop rock = shit stew. someone needs to desert eagle his shit and put him in a yoke…who’s letting him go in on any track? i’d rather listen to jewel yodle on the remix…

Comment by sooch 08.07.07 @

peace Robbie, any chances of putting up some snippets of the new show & ag tracks you heard?

Comment by ao 08.08.07 @

you’re one of my favorite opiners

Comment by g 08.08.07 @

“any chances of putting up some snippets of the new show & ag tracks you heard?”

I would if I could, but I don’t have ’em.

Comment by Robbie 08.09.07 @

YOu guys are talking some major league shit and the album is not even fucking out yet. fuck you motherfuckers… Madlib is a legend on the beat, what the fuck you clowns listen to jay z and nas?

its just sad you cant appreciate hardcore hip hop

Comment by oliver mccall 08.11.07 @

trouble with Madlib I feel is there is no quality control and he seems to release eveything he makes. Its too saturated….

If they wanted to keep it Stones Throw they should’ve got J-Rocc on the beats, and that is a thought worth savouring

Comment by the average man 08.11.07 @

you dont shit about madlib, he has thousands of beats so how the fuck does he release everything? percee’s beats were made a few years ago.

Comment by oliver mccall 08.12.07 @

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