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Thursday August 02nd 2007,
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A few new things from the Bronx Bombers….just heard six cuts from the next Show & AG project. Show is rocking more samples than his recent stripped-down minimalist beats and AG is sounding good, so hopefully the finished product will help erase the mental scarring I’m still carrying from hearing the solo thing The Giant did with all those shit-brick LA guys…

Speaking of Madlib, he continues to make more annoying shit than winners, and if this track from the Percee-P album is any indication, I think I’ll stick to “Kickin’ Flavor Wit My Man”. That has to the fifth track I’ve heard him flip same verse. Did Perc stop writing new verses when the nineties ended or something?

Diamond D, who at some stage transformed from the “best producer on the mic” to a big ballin’ tough guy called D-Squizzy (not that I’m complaining), has released two street CD’s in recent years. Continuing the 45 King action I thought I’d throw this Mark James produced joint up. Not sure if he’s got any new stuff in the pipeline though.

OC featured a slick song with Sadat X at the end of his Hidden Jewels CD, with any luck his My Soul To Keep album that’s due later this year will be more on that tip than Smoke and Mirrors, which wasn’t doing much for me in terms of music.

Diamond D – U Don’t Owe Me

OC feat. Sadat X – Yes Sir


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Peace Rob…

Love that OC & Sadat track. Shit’s dope as hell.

If OC’s most recent verses (3 Wise Men, and Marco Polo track – Marquee…) are anything to go by…Omar’s next effort should be dope as hell, and not as “sleepy” as Smoke & Mirrors.

Keen as fuck to hear the new Show & AG though.
Any sign of Ghetto Dwellas on there?

Comment by AFFECKS 08.02.07 @

i heard a new Diamond & Extra P joint called ‘Life’ a couple months back on Peter Parker’s podcast – nice tune. anyone know if/when/where its gettings released?

Comment by step one 08.02.07 @

I like most of what Madlib is doin’, although he does tend to channel J-Dilla quite a bit.
In other news, while The Skinny Boys were killin’ it on their first two LPs (mostly the 1st), I just have to hear what T-Ray has to say, especially in light of the recent Mike Heron interview.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 08.02.07 @

A message to these haters, I’m a player you’re a fan. You might hate my team but at least I’m in the game. Now shut the fuck up and watch.

Comment by Guilty 08.02.07 @

Diamond D has been on the gangsta tip ever since his second album. Hatred, Passions and Infidelity was all dark and serious (ridiculously so). It was all downhill lyrically after that. Although I still think Grown Man Talk is a pretty good mixtape/album/whatever.

Comment by Finally 08.03.07 @

Just heard the Percee advance. It actually features some new rhymes and a few straight-up beats…plus some guy called Guilty Simpson who stopped by a couple of comments ago to get mad.

Comment by Robbie 08.03.07 @

you got to go with TRay interview.just read some old magazine interview on a blog and his storyis bit different from most. Not really feeling the part about him discovering Nas and Serch stealing the glory though!

Comment by step one 08.03.07 @

That Yes Sir track also made it onto 12″ (bside of the Inventor)

Comment by Cro 08.03.07 @

to call Madlib annoying is to call premier boring if you know Hip Hop the Oxnard massive are some of the only remaing teams that still embody the true formula of making the shit that crews like D.I and Hit Squad, Native Tounges were making. So Im not shit were you coming from duke. “Thank The Lord for Stones THrow”!!!!

Comment by roach one 08.03.07 @

Lib the bad kid makes more annoying shit than good, but he can pull out some nice stuff when he wants to.

Comment by Robbie 08.03.07 @

that madlib in india lp is official man. the beatconducta is still bringing that champion sound for sure. hopefully we will get to hear illa j rip some of those beats eventually. percee’s album is hot too. your site is too dope to stoop to shock blogger tactics so why hate?

Comment by negative props 08.05.07 @

I have to agree with Robbie…..Madlib is crazy overated, and bit off of everyone he collabed with…….Quasimoto 2, sounds like M.F. rubbed off on him heavily……..Same thing after working with Dilla, all the sudden Beat Conductor sounds just like “Donuts”………….He does pull out some fly shit every once in a while……But if you really listen to his shit, he isn’t doing anything new………Even on the first Quasimoto album he bites mad beats…….{Artifacts–Wrong side of tracks, and countless others}……Let’s be real about this……Stones Throw has turned into a bunch of “quasi hipsters”……..Check the new D.V.D. with Peanut Butter Wolf buying clothes in L.A. and eating at swanky, yuppie bistros………Dude isn’t even from L.A. he’s from Northern Cali………Why blow up another city, when we need attention up here…………..Anyway madlib’s rhymes are wack as fuck also, let’s be honest and quit frontin…….

Comment by shamz 08.05.07 @

Madlib is my favorite person involved in rap music right now, and has been for some years. What exactly has he done that you find annoying?

I doubt Madlib “bit” Dilla on the Beat Konducta stuff since he was doing it before Donuts came out. The first Quas album he never even thought it would be released. PB Wolf was the one that wanted to put it out. He was just doing it for fun.

Also, please post the Skinny Boys interview! Or at least just e-mail it to me!

Comment by Mike Dikk 08.08.07 @

Diamond D was fine with me – the D Squizzy bolox sucks..just call ya self D-Square and be done with it duke!.

Comment by Don P.M.ES 08.17.07 @

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