The Return of Roc Marcy

After the Strength and Honor mixtape and his unspectacular track on Marco Polo‘s album, I was concerned that Marciano was losing his spark. But if this new track is any indication, he’s back in form for his forthcoming SRC project. Dude is also responsible for some of the best tracks on the UN or U Out album that he dropped with his crew, The UN. For the record, his solo version of “Game of Death” is one of my favorite songs of the last five years (apparently the original version they released on their own label was even rawer). Strong Island don’t eff around!

Roc Marciano – “Snow” (courtesy of spinemagazine)

Roc Marciano feat. Dino Brave – “Time Kills”

The UN – “Game of Death (Marciano)”

The UN – “Long Time Coming”

Pete Rock feat. Roc Marciano and Trife – “Give It To Y’All”

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dude is always nice.
UN album is still underrated.
the snow beat is dope.

Comment by swordfish 08.18.07 @

^^Swordfish do u have a link to the UN album?

Comment by Don P.M.ES 08.18.07 @

Heads stay sleeping on the UN. Rock Marciano is the illest in there.

Comment by P-Matik 08.18.07 @

finally some new marciano

Comment by MERCILESZ 08.18.07 @

I bought that UN album when it came out and never really liked it. My favorite thing on it is the name of the track, “Russian Hat Wear”. That should be the name of the album–I’d rock an album named “Russian Hat Wear” all day.

Comment by Finally 08.18.07 @

I was fearing that they had gone, but it’s so ill to have them back, ‘Snow’ is exactly what I wanted and I can’t wait for the next album.

Comment by Jaz 08.18.07 @

I’ve been a fan of Roc’s since the Violator album when he first got in with Flipmode! Great post–and for the record, I was feeling the joint he did on Marco Polo’s album.

Comment by Zilla Rocca 08.18.07 @

that World Domination mixtape the UN dropped is way better than the UN Or U Out album imo…check for that.

and the solo version of “Game of Death” is my shit too. i was pissed when the lp dropped and it was changed…

Comment by dredscott 08.19.07 @

‘Lay It Down’ is my favourite track on the Macro Polo album

Comment by step one 08.19.07 @

Great post. Rock Marciano is a beast. UN OR U OUT is hella underrated. I’ve been waiting to hear some new shit from him. He blazed his verse on that WU-Tang meets Indie comp.

Comment by The ILLatino 08.19.07 @

^ word. That verse on think differently was ill.

UN or U Out was a great album. Thanks for posting this Rob.

Comment by Headlock 08.20.07 @

Roc Marc is an animal.

“Snow” is too ill.

Can’t wait for an album

Comment by AFFEX 08.20.07 @

Marciano is always appreciated. Un or U Out is ridick. I couldn’t stop playing ‘Golden Grail’ when that LP dropped – proper dusty shit.

Comment by Drewhuge 08.20.07 @

ive said it before and ill say it again…trife is one of the best mcs to never ‘make it’.
roc marciano gets respect but im hoping trife leaks some songs one day

Comment by chrisv 08.20.07 @

My favourite track from the UN lp was the Large Pro produced What They Want.

Comment by silent minority 08.21.07 @

UN or U out is crazy underrated. I see the DOA 12″ in $1 bins all the time.

Can anyone upload the World Domination mixtape or point me to where I can purchase it myself? Tried Googling it and didn’t come up with any solid leads.

Comment by Eons 08.22.07 @

Eons try soulseek. I think a couple of people have it shared.

Comment by silent minority 08.27.07 @

So apparently the UN has an album coming out soon? Anyone have any information on that at all?

Comment by AK 09.03.07 @

yo Roc Marciano is the rawest..”you aint got enough umphh to spend a whole day in my chucks”. you can’t sleep on Dino though..yo were can I get an UN bookinh info?? we need em out here in LA!!

Comment by Don Chalant 09.09.07 @

Does someone have a link where I can download the Roc Marciano ” Strength & Honor Mixtape and the UN – World Domination mixtape? If possible could you send that to my email. Appreciate your help!

Comment by Alex Gilliam 10.04.07 @

This version of Game of Death is crazy it sounds more raw than the version found on the single, Snow is hot and Long Time Coming kinda reminds of the Militia remix (which is a good thing).

Comment by Brooklyn 'Lo 10.26.07 @

Oh man! This is the illest grimy ass shit ever!

Roc is an incredible MC! Sraight spittin mad venom over a phat drum! It doesnt get any better than this for underground hiphop! I love this ish!

REALLY looking forward to a solo album from roc!!

Comment by adam 12.07.07 @

roc is gonna be rockin a show in los angeles on jan 5th 2008 w/ his cousin wordsmith,the arch druids, brothaz bent, and the basement heads!!if ur in la slide through it gonna be nuts. i cant wait 2 see roc live

Comment by animo$$ 01.03.08 @

temple bar live santa monica california. ROC MARCIANO AND WORDSMITH.

Comment by animo$$ 01.03.08 @

Any news when a mixtape or album will drop? Long overdue.

Comment by Dell 02.11.08 @

has anybdy got the link for the marcy solo and the domination mixtape

Comment by dibiase 02.24.08 @

The U.N.-World Domination

Comment by Robbie 02.24.08 @

Roc Marcy is beatly! Sunn got that elastic flow adn the maaad vivid imagery… Can’t WAIT till his album drop!

“Pop” is my Shit!!!!

Comment by junclassic 02.24.08 @


Comment by Kasan Da Julah 04.21.08 @

need 2 hear trife one of the best out ,did his thing with roc,they need 2 tour 2gether

Comment by low 04.22.08 @

Yo, Robbie, I was just f@#kin’ around and rediscovered this post from a year ago. I had forgot about these joints. Thanx again for this post.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 05.01.08 @

yo robbie, who produced the last track (18) on the “world domination” mixtape. its labeled “freestyle II” its souds like an alchemist joint….shit is wild!!

Comment by don chalant 07.20.08 @

Snow…is some beautiful gulliness.

Comment by oskamadison 10.14.10 @

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