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Wednesday August 22nd 2007,
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It’s times like this I can’t but wonder “What would EST do?”

Gone are the days of wondering “What ever happened to…?” or shelling out a week’s pay on some test-press vinyl action. Chances are, the folks over at Traffic are putting it out on CD right now. By the time you’ve read this, five more albums from the vaults will have been re-issued, and by days end, a further twenty. But for now, I’ll attempt to tackle three recent re-releases:

Wanted: Dead or Alive – Kool G Rap & DJ Polo

Not only is this KGR’s most consistent release over his long career, but it also served as the catalyst for an ugly war of words between young up-and-comer Large Professor and veteran stand-over man Eric B., when Large Paul declared that he “got robbed” of his proper credit on the album, and Rakim’s former partner responded that he had to remix and remaster most of it since it sounded like “garbage” when LP first turned it in. Whatever the case may be, it’s one helluva record, and contains what G Rap has stated to be his own personal favorite word – “Kool Is Back” – and “Bad To The Bone” (one my personal picks), not to mention “Streets of New York”, “Talk Like Sex”, “Money In The Bank”…actually, every song on here is great except for “The Polo Club”, but I’d rather a hip-house song than some typical 1990 ballad. The repress offers the lyric book and a run-of-the-mill write-up on the album, as well as the standard remixes and instrumentals that you’ve come to expect from these Cold Chillin’ re-issues. Sadly, there are no studio outtakes or radio spots to be found on this edition, but that’s no big deal considering how good this album is.

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – “Bad To The Bone (Large Professor Remix)”

Streetwize – J-Rock

I remembered this from his ad and review in The Source and the “Save The Children” single I found in a dollar bin. Not to long ago, dudes were dropping a bill on the vinyl of this indy release, but despite featuring some early contributions from Easy Moe Bee and DJ Premier, it’s really nothing too spectacular. Considering this dude is posed next to a rental on his cover, I was hoping for some entertaining (and even slightly ignorant) shit, but his repertoire consists mainly of “positive message” songs that Lord Finesse executed more successfully two years earlier and standard brag-rap that may have impressed in ’89 but was starting to date when this originally came out. Not to say that J-Rock doesn’t have his moments, as tracks such as the “Neighborhood Drug Dealer” remix still bump, but there’s a reason why this only received 3/5 in J The Sultan‘s old rag.

J-Rock – “Neighborhood Drug Dealer (DJ Premier Remix)”

Greatest Hits – The Wascals

Did you hate The Pharcyde? I know I did. Sure, their whole “hyperactive stoner” routine was entertaining enough for a couple of listens, but I’d rather throw on Quincy Jones than “Passing Me By”, ya dig? This was one of the projects that J-Swift did after he split with Fatlip and co. which never made it past a single release (same with the Jazzyfatnastess as far as I know. They didn’t drop an album until 1999 and by then had shed two members and J-Swift). Basically, this is a poor mans’ Pharcyde crossed with the most annoying parts of Lords of the Underground. After a few whoolas, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between the two crews, which is either great news (if you’re one of those sickos who enjoy that style), or a good reason to steer clear of this whole mess, depending on you’re viewpoint. Whoever put this package together must agree, since the second CD contains instrumentals for most of the album, and offers some quality early nineties style hardcore jazz and hard drums combinations.

The Wascals – “Doggy Style (instrumental)”

Thanks to Shogun Distribution.

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Ill Biskits?

Comment by Adam 08.22.07 @

Wanted Dead or Alive. Hell yeah! Now that we are entering a generation of imitators imitating imitators, your hip hop correctness will be measured by how close your inspirations come to copying this one true source. 17 years of showing people exactly what hardcore is.

Comment by Grand Invincible 08.22.07 @

Thank you Robbie, the Wanted Dead Or alive is essential, im glad they re-issued it. Some of the best lyrics on a rap album – ever..too many quotables to mention. Amazing Beats.

Comment by Don P.M.ES 08.22.07 @

No, I loved the Pharcyde!

Comment by turtle 08.22.07 @

Did you hate The Pharcyde? I know I did. this is a poor mans’ Pharcyde crossed with the most annoying parts of Lords of the Underground.

^LOL…your a joke son!!!

Comment by G. 08.23.07 @

my favorite reference to the pharcyde, is from that Some LA niggaz track off of dre’s 2001, everywhere on the net i look says its some cat named time bomb, i always thought it was kurupt where hes like : Now in my younger days I used to sport a rag, Backpack full of cans plus a four-four mag, G’d from the feet up
Blued up from the sewer’s how I grew up
Loc’n, smokin and drinkin til we threw up (threw up), At Leimert Park, taggin, hittin fools up.
who the fuck is time bomb? time bomb = kurupt right? anyone know the answer? oh yeah that reissue of g rap is golden

Comment by gstatty 08.23.07 @

Nope, I loved The Pharcyde and man I have not heard that Large Pro remix of Bad To The Bone in so long…

I love re-issues, but I love owing original copies as well.

Comment by Jaz 08.23.07 @

The Pharcyde is the shit.

I do agree on “Wanted: Dead or Alive” being the most consistent G Rap release though. >_>

Comment by Train 08.26.07 @

The Jazzyfatnastees had a full-length release in the late 90’s. Can’t remember the title and I’m too lazy to dig it out right now, but it’s out there.

Comment by Dramamine 08.26.07 @

Um, I guess that’s what you said, huh? Never mind…

Comment by Dramamine 08.26.07 @

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