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Monday September 03rd 2007,
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Bad enough that some Brits decided to post a series 100% similar to the Oh Word original….but some dick-rider calling himself D:Bo decided to cut ‘n paste my “Rap World” and Jigmastas entries and pass them off as his own! What a “bloody wanker”.

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john, they’re stealing!!!

Comment by sticky_fingas 09.03.07 @


Looks like it’s been pulled since you posted this – I just saw it in google’s cache.

Comment by rafi 09.03.07 @

Fuck those Brits!

Comment by End Level Boss 09.03.07 @

With their bad teeth!

Comment by End Level Boss 09.03.07 @

what’s all this thing about the brits?anybody remember that slick rick(probably the best mc ever)is actually english?i’m a non english person living in england and at least people here dont’t just have 20 words for a vocabulary like you guys in america!plus here we still appreciate good old hip hop and people have knowledge about it…in america kids think master p inveted rap.
anyway good site

Comment by djmp45 09.04.07 @

^This guy’s lame. Sucker bloggers, that do not write, sucker bloggers, that do not excite.

Comment by Mike G 09.04.07 @

Good job on getting them to take ’em down, though. When I find sites that’ve lifted my content, they usually just reply, “yep, I did.” I got Project Blowed to send me a t-shirt, once though, for mailing them corrections… because they not only lifted my content, but they jumbled it up so it didn’t all make sense. LOL

Comment by Werner von Wallenrod 09.04.07 @

“The competition checks and checks and keep checkin'” (c) KRS-1

Muthaf__k All Biters.

Comment by Question Marc 09.05.07 @

uhhh, theres a big difference between stealing and biting, stealing means running someones shit, taking property, sampling beats and not paying for shit, now biting on the other hand is blatantly using someone else’s words and trying to pass that shit off as your own, like the muhfucka was some sort of doppleganger of robbie or unkut or some shit, eff that fool, he bites styles like moths at a fashion show

Comment by gstatty 09.05.07 @

doing the ‘cool’ five finger discount and the ‘uncool’ bite are both similar in that you do f*ck all and benefit from somebody else’s effort/skill/wit.

the idea that they are different because of how others perceive the thief benefits from the theft is a pretty marginal argument.

the main difference seems to be that one type of theft is cool, the other.. not so much.

Comment by Tiny Tyrant 09.05.07 @

The english are cunts man. I should know I am one!



Comment by the average man 09.05.07 @

This is great karmic, I mean, comic relief. The irony is thick. Sorry, Robbie. You are the best blogger around. But your shit is fair game.

Comment by eric 09.05.07 @

“Good job on getting them to take ‘em down, though”

I didn’t have to. It vanished a few hours after I posted this.

I could “care less” about someone using my shit though. Isn’t ripping stuff off other people the whole idea of the internets?

Comment by Robbie 09.07.07 @

yup, either ripping it off or slagging it off (after you first ripped it off).

the correct etiquette is to link and acknowledge the original source. not that difficult.

Comment by Tiny Tyrant 09.07.07 @

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