Chick Rap Loses
Thursday September 20th 2007,
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What’s worse? Rap made for chicks, or broads rapping? It’s been so long since a skirt has made a decent rap song, it’s not even funny. What’s even less amusing is hip-hop made specifically for dames. It was bad enough when Heavy D was dancing around in transparent rain-coats and Ja Rule was making like Stewart Little with his shirt off. Now we’ve got douche-bags like the Gym Class Heroes churning-out Wuss Rap that make Snow Patrol and Maroon 5 sound hardcore.

Ladies licking lyrical buck-shots? I doubt it. Considering that Nelly Fertardo and Fergie are rhyming now, the “femcee” (*vomits*) movement is dead in the water. Lauryn Hill is cracked-out, crazy and basically just crap these days, while Foxy Brown is as deaf as your granny and Lil’ Kim looks more and more like a Bangkok Ladyboy every week. Latifah has gone Hollywood (literally!) and MC Lyte isn’t returning my calls. Who’s left? Remy Ma? That Shesus Kryst is basically a retarded attempt to get some “Hate Me Now” Nas and Diddy free promotion, plus messing with Fat Joe is bad for your health. Shante was good value, but her less talented but far more attractive “rival” The Real Roxanne was easily the flyest of the bunch.

Token girl rappers were once a “must-have” feature of any crew, but given the underwhelming reactions to the likes of G-Unit’s Olivia, The Roc’s Amil and whoever Ludacris’ gal-pal was, that shit’s a dead issue. Oh yeah, remember Eve? The Ruff Ryder has done one too many lame pop cameo for her own good and now seems to have as much buzz as Lloyd “Brianna” Banks. Even that home porn tape leak didn’t help. Speaking of smut, it could be argued that only women making any noise in the hip-hop world are the likes of Superhead and Buffy The Body. Still, sure beats watching Missy “Not Actually A Rapper” Elliot dance around in hot-pants.

Is it wrong to fondly recall a time when good rap was loud, abrasive and hated by your girlfriend? Not that I want hip-hop events to be sausage-fests by any means, but nor should they resemble the crowd of a Kylie Minogue concert. Here’s a good rule of thumb – if your mum, sister or current “better half” likes the majority of music on your iPod, you may as well go and train-surf into a tunnel right away.

Originally published in Acclaim #9

Queen Latifah – “Wrath of My Madness” (DJ Premier Remix)

The Real Roxanne feat. DJ Howie Tee – “Bang, Zoom (Let’s Go Go)” (Live In The UK)


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the last dope female
track was let it fall
from lin que. since then?
nuttin. n antoinette was
killin it back in the days.
sweet tee was fly too.

Comment by swordfish 09.20.07 @

I can’t front, this is kinda homo-erotic and yes, sausagefestish. I’m a dude who likes women, and I can appreciate a good “chick” record by male rappers, and also I dig some songs by female MC’s- even the ones that us “purists” aren’t supposed to like. But lately, yeah- it’s been kinda dead.

I feel like alot of us just don’t relate to songs by chicks or chick songs because most of the time, they’re not for us in the first place. But that’s like sayin’ that certain types of clothes are wack just because they’re not for us. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t wanna mess w/ a girl who dresses like a dude- nor do I wanna hear a chick rappin’ tryin’ to be harder than dudes.

Besides, they don’t need to rap hard like us- two of ’em have already done more jail time than most of these so-called hard niggas.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 09.20.07 @

most chicks are too smart to be good rappers (the dumb ones are too busy breeding). the testosterone induced brain damage in the womb is the dope rapper’s secret weapon.

Comment by Tiny Tyrant 09.20.07 @

the industry is anti-women these days. its obvious when you got bitch ass shitty rappers talking about their hos and the ways they can hit it from behind. i miss when bahamadia used to rock the fucking stage. bridget gray’s got some ill flow and mad verbal. the women are now just that forced to express themselves through poetry, which as dope as it is (“letter to hip hop) wont get airtime on the fucking radio. i still rock that kweli bahamadia song chaos. fuck that is such an ill song

Comment by dre 3000 09.20.07 @

i love girl rap if it’s done well and it’s feminine.One of the best rappers of all time in my eyes is sha rock. she rapped her ass off and sounded real feminine at the same time…

Comment by MERCILESZ 09.20.07 @

I’ll stick by Bombshell’s “It’s My Thing”. I actually quite like to hear a girl who sounds like she’s four feet tall and ugly squawking over a decent beat.

Comment by Daddy Bones 09.20.07 @

Heather B was kind of good for a little while, especially over those Kenny Parker beats.

Miz Marvel, Jeru The Damaja’s sidekick for about one album was nice with her’s too.

Apani B Fly as well. Her album ‘Story 2 Tell’ is nice for sure.

But that’s it, they are the exceptions.

And rap made for chicks gets the bozack, no doubt.

Comment by End Level Boss 09.20.07 @

Comment by SLurg 09.20.07 @

I don’t give a fuck what anybody says but homegirl Half-Pint from Son of Bazerk’s crew No Self Control from Hempstead, L.I. was nice with hers and cute ta boot.
And let’s not forget De La affiliate, Shorty No Mas, was she on Stakes or buhloone?

Comment by Grand Invincible 09.20.07 @

Thank you for that “Real Roxxanne” footage, that is classic within itself……I used to love that song…….Antoinette, the best girl to ever do it on the mic…..

Comment by shamz 09.20.07 @

Paula Perry (Down with Master Ace) rocked shit.

Comment by Cheeba Cheeba Y'all 09.20.07 @

Queen Herawin from the Juggaknots still comes through. I dont think I could handle a whole album of her but she’s nice in doses.

Comment by Kin Corn Karn 09.20.07 @

Care to elaborate on your definition of what makes a good woman mc, exactly? Let’s see, she has to be attractive, but not too girly, but not too tough either, and she can’t be a hanger-on, and she can’t appear in mainstream media…

I agree with what someone said above. The climate of hip hop these days isn’t particularly welcoming to women, aside from strippers and girls who look like them. They’re nothing more than accessories, just like grills and gaudy watches. Very few successful female performers haven’t fucked some 350-lb cretinous wanna-be thug (who couldn’t string four decent bars together to save his life) to get where they are. And in that respect, I agree with you, because they’re all shit.

Have you heard Shystie? Estelle? Or are they too girly (or British) for you? What do you think of Lady Sov? Or are you a self-loathing whiteboy? Come to think of it, if I’m a girl and I’m not allowed to like hip hop, then why should you, a whiteboy, be allowed?

[Haven’t thought of Son of Bazerk in years. Oh, and Heather B’s “Do You” is a classic.]

Comment by dana 09.20.07 @

the ladies are good for guest shots but generally cant hack it solo. Rage was cool but I think the only female album I ever got (apart from Salt N Pepa when i was about 10 yrs old!) was the Boss album. good beats, and if you were into that early 90s gangsta stuff its ok (‘Deeper’ is still heavy).

Comment by step one 09.20.07 @

i been in contact recently with boss and rage and they r both r still good…..!!!!

Comment by MERCILESZ 09.20.07 @

gulp they are both still good

Comment by MERCILESZ 09.20.07 @


Comment by BIM TURNS 09.20.07 @

Whats worse, a female rapper or female comedian?

Comment by Mike T 09.20.07 @

What about my lip gloss is poppin, my lip gloss is cool, all the boys keep jockin, they chase me at the school? I think she has some potential.

Comment by Tray 09.20.07 @

You forgot to mention that the “Real Roxanne” on the picture is different from the “Bang, Zoom” one. The First one only lasted one Song. You find em bought on Myspace (where else..?) Y`ll should do a story on that. Other than that, I think the only thing that matters is skills. Forget about that gender bullsh**

Comment by Rick 09.20.07 @

who said Lady Sovreign???!!!

get the fuck outta here and back to watching MTV base!

Estelle got talent but her album was a bit lame, UK got some good female talent in Wildflower, Tempa, Baby Blue, Miss Fit, etc but i still cant see them bringing a whole album of goodness.

Comment by step one 09.20.07 @

the worst thing that femcees do is that talk mostly about womanhood and always complain about rap-being-so-damn-misogynist and so.

girls usually ARE too girly…they should start being MC’s and after this being women…

Comment by Lady L 09.20.07 @

Paula Perry was nice.

Essence (from Natural Elements) had a great verse on that posse cut on a Mister Voodoo 12″. I was just listening to that Koom Kim 12″ she’s on the other night. Girl had flows.

Comment by Eons 09.20.07 @

Ya’ll never heard of INCKS!She is a nasty mc out of brooklyn.She is in a group with silentsomeone called TRADITIONAL METHOD CHECK HER MYSPACE And dont forget ta check silents page

Comment by outspokin 09.20.07 @

sha-key and medusa shit on most of the queens sub-nas dunnies you fetishize. you’re the laurence summers of this blog shit. it’s rap’s fault there are so few great female emcees. the industry (you included), rappers, and the male crowd’s deep desire for juvenile fantasies of oversexed and underdressed pretty mouth raps.

Comment by pedmurder 09.20.07 @

“Whats worse, a female rapper or female comedian?
Comment by Mike T”

Sarah Silverman is one of the funniest persons alive, period.

And I heard Antoinette is a cop these days.. Dont know if its true though, hope not! She and Shante were the dopest female mc’s!!

Comment by Akro 09.20.07 @

holy shit, did i fall sleep and wake up in 1957? do you also hate those newfangled horseless carriages the kids are driving these days?

christ. it’s 2007. join us, won’t you?

Comment by gforce 09.20.07 @

Too many of you have fronted and not given due praise to Lyte. Very feminine rap, kinda like reasoning with your girl at times, but I don’t know if it was the dope lyrics, the voice, delivery or what but she was dope.
You also fronted on female Def Squadian/PPP member)”…rough enough to Rush Limbaugh” (I forget her name though- something G, I think), which is strange cause there are a couple (well, a lot) of Def Squad Posse cuts that didn’t get properly mentioned in the other thread.

Paula Perry was nice also.

Comment by Gangalee 09.20.07 @

robie is a hater….la chat putting it down

Comment by BR 09.20.07 @

I have two words for you….JEAN GRAE!
oops. I see bim turns beat me to it. but yeah, the last hope for female hip hop-dom is JEAN GRAE. Listen to the unreleased “Jeanius” album she did with 9th Wonder. A masterpiece.
And ya know what…for what it’s worth, I still like Eve a lil bit. Easy on the eyes, and she has style. It’s just that she makes radio-friendly music, which I’m not as mad at as I used to be during my “keep it real” “guess and lo head to toe”, days. lol

Comment by DOC SAMSON 09.20.07 @

Whats worse, a female rapper or female comedian?

Comment by Mike T 09.20.07 @

hahah word. Sums it all up really. I’ve never heard a female emcee who blew me away with her raps. Never. Lauren Hill was good.

Comment by Coxman 09.20.07 @

At hear peak Lauryn was easily the best female emcee ever. Lyrics were tight, great flows, nice voice- it’s hard to top her.

Heather B was good.

About Lady Sovereign-that guy who does the Village Voice blog Status Ain’t Hood was bigging her up like crazy-HAHA.

Comment by silent minority 09.20.07 @

I loved the female mc songs like I got a Man (Positive K), Who Freaked Who (Apache with Nikki D) and Who’s Next (Black Sheep with Sweet Tee) back in the day. Common Sense also had one with some unknown female mc. For me, female mc’s seem to work well in a group (Digable, Fugees) but fail to hold my attention over the course of a full lp.

Comment by turtle 09.20.07 @

Jean Grae has been the best of the 00’s
I liked Apani
and MC Lyte has always been my fave Female MC
Back in the 80’s and 90’s
Queen Latifah
Salt N Pepa
Finesse and Synquis
Roxannne Shante
Boss (was actually two people)
The Real Roxanne
Heather B
Paula Perry
(some) Hurricane Gee
Sweet Tee
Pre Sweet
Ms Melodie
Lin Que
Big Lady K
Pri The Honey Dark

Wack: Missy Elliot, Lady Sovereign, Gripsta, Trina, Mercedes and that horrible thing that called herself the Black Marilyn Monroe.

Comment by Jaz 09.20.07 @

oh wait damn how could i forget my favorite mc with a period….BAHAMADIA….she is nicer than most of the dudes in the game….ooooh yeah i said it….

Comment by MERCILESZ 09.20.07 @

I also vote Bahamadia. That joint ‘3 The hard way’ with 2 other ladies (who’s names i forget) off Kollage (sp?) was fresh IMO.

Comment by Headlock 09.20.07 @

Missy Elliot has been horrible since day one. Never understand her appeal.

Comment by silent minority 09.20.07 @

wow… this is really like a rap version of 7-year-old boys in a clubhouse. i suspect that a lotta folks in here are the same ones who attend ‘real hip-hop’ events hangin’ with a bunch of dudes and that one pretty girl who all of ’em are just friends with.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 09.21.07 @

i would have to agree with mike t, but again there are exceptions just like in rap, wanda sykes etc, and bahamadia is the shit, i have an album with her flowing on some jungle drum and bass shit and she fuckin ripped it, plus i used to like rah digga like 6 years ago, and cheah ladybug mecca from digable is tight, and suga t was basically only tight because she rapped with e-40 and is his sister (literally or figuratively i dunno) mystic is good, and MIA and lady sovereign are basically the same person, at least they sound that way, plus i dunno if anyone noticed, they fucking suck, on some “god damn turn that the fuck off” type shit, i personally think jean grae is hit or miss, i noticed myself fast forwarding through her verses on the polyrhythm addicts album, its too bad the likes of foxy brown, lil kim and trina, hoe themselves out so much, and fuck it up for the rest of the femcee population

Comment by gstatty 09.21.07 @

i fucks with the wee papa girls….LMAO….nah Jean Grae duz her thing…as does Bahamadia…shorty no mas…Apani B….Heather B…

Comment by Tabauri 09.21.07 @

Ice Cream Tee anyone? That album is ridiculously slept on, Jazzy Jay’s production on that is the blueprint for Primo’s entire career.

Comment by Bunta Sugawara 09.21.07 @

how are people equating ‘female MC’s not being up to par’ with ‘being gay’. think carefully, it doesnt make sense.
Forgot about Bahamadia, that was a solid debut album.
oh, and to whoever it was feeling ‘I Got A Man’ back in in the day, you know Pos K did both parts right?!

I always thought Lauryn was always a better MC than she was a singer

Comment by step one 09.21.07 @

Yeah, I said that shit. I know Pos wrote both parts. But I liked those types of songs. Anyway…whatever!!!

Comment by turtle 09.21.07 @

Based on most of the comments, I think everyone has proved that there was/are a lot of nice female rappers out their, but not a lot could carry their weight when it came to dropping an album. Going back to the original question Robbie posed, what’s worse, rap songs made for women or women rapping. I’d have to say rap songs made for women. I remember reading an interview with Chuck D and he said a classic rap song is a song your girl hates.

Comment by Drlrockwell 09.21.07 @

My home girl Choice rocked back in the late 80’s and we had a special apearance by a female MC named ShaRyn on our second (unreleased) album. But we need girl rappers to keep hip hop honest otherwise us guys would lose our minds on songs. One or two a year is fine.

Comment by Vicious Lee DEFIV 09.21.07 @

Antionette was the one that did it for me the most. I hear her stuff was heavily ghostwritten though

Comment by the average man 09.21.07 @

About Chuck’s comment, I would say hardcore hiphop maybe music girls hate but there’s plenty of female fans of the Wu or other similar acts.

I actually liked quite a few tracks made for women and it doesn’t make me feel less masculine in anyway. A good song is a good song-dope beat and nice lyrics, although I probably couldn’t relate to a song about the menstrual cycle heh.

Latifah’s U.N.I.T.Y was dope, I’m pretty sure Treach coached her flow for that or maybe wrote parts of it. Could be wrong though.

Some of the more recent female rappers late 90s onwards got exposure due to their hoeish behaviour rather than any true talent and being pimped by Nas or Biggie or Jay-Z/whoever.

Comment by silent minority 09.21.07 @

Everyone who thought this post was about females not being allowed to rap – you get an “F” in reading and comprehension.

Comment by Robbie 09.21.07 @

Tairrie B.

Comment by Beatlover 09.21.07 @


Comment by Ambrosia 09.21.07 @

^^^^^^^ good call

can’t forget the the thought provoking and lyrical stylings of HWA or Oaktowns 357 either. juicy got em crayzee, ya herd

Comment by Kin Corn Karn 09.21.07 @

Dope post.

I have both remy ma and foxy browns last lps that I scooped out of the dollar bin. The beats on these albums are so terrible it boggles your mind. It really doesn’t matter what the fuck they try to spit, the beats are straight up poo poo.

I thought Jean Grae was flawless but that “This Week” lp is a piece of shit.(in my opinion)

Comment by dj forcefed 09.21.07 @

Jean Grae

Comment by Amiyd 09.21.07 @

Has anyone mentioned Queen Heroine from the Juggaknots?

Comment by Jaz 09.22.07 @

Jean Grae for the win.

Also, Dessa from Doomtree, she’s not bad at all.

Comment by Thomas 09.23.07 @

olivia wasn’t a rapper, you self loathing white boy.

Comment by noz 09.23.07 @

Sha Rock!!!!!!!!!!

Come on, now!

Comment by ARM 18 09.23.07 @

The “Plus One More” was fresh, Lady B was kinda nervous as an MC but a ridiculously dope DJ on Power 99 (Sunday afternoons, say what?!?), Salt n Pepa had swagger, Shante had a ferocious delivery and great ghostwriters, Latifa and Monie Love had a hit, “MC Lyte’s nice, she could win a rhyme fight”, Ladybug or whatever from Digable was cute with her words… in the 90s: Mystic was totally slept on, she was like a blue collar L Boogie who incidently flowed better than any else in the Tranzlator crew but all in all, Bahamadia has too be one of the best female MCs to touch a mic: mesmerzing whispering flow, sharp lyrics, breath control, and confidence in herself for who she is not worried about being a female in man’s game.

Comment by ARM 18 09.23.07 @

@ARM 18….very valid points….wow power 99 during the “street beat” days before radio active…good look fam!!

Comment by Tabauri 09.24.07 @

Olivia may not actually rap, but she’s still Mannish like Baltazar Getty’s rap project.

Comment by Robbie 09.24.07 @

K-Love – she was an ill beatbox too. Obviously MC Lyte. Rah Digga, Bahamadia, Antoinette. Sweet Tee. End of.
Oh, and Choice from Rap-A-Lot for comedy.

Comment by Drew Huge 09.24.07 @

I love “Bang Zoom”! Thanks for linking that.

Comment by Cinister Cee 09.24.07 @

Bahamadia gets my vote as one of the best female m.c.’s. I also liked Shante, Antoinette, Finesse and Synquis, and Linque. The Big Daddy Kane and Antoinette promo for WBLS was bangin’, and the Ced Gee produced side of the Finesse and Synquis album was hot. I think people really tend to forget LeShaun (Ready or Not, Wild Thang……etc.) Props are definitely due.

Comment by Brooklyn 'Lo 09.25.07 @

Leshaun had a couple of amusing tracks back in the days too.

In recent memory, Tiye Phoenix kinda kills it on the new Polyrhythm Addicts album and Queen Herawin holds it down lovely on the Juggaknots album.

Comment by Roodwurm 09.25.07 @

yeah its funny. people think wild thing is an ll cool j song….

Comment by MERCILESZ 09.25.07 @

Makeba Mooncycle!

Comment by Blackimp 09.29.07 @

Monie Love’s recent appearance on Nas’ “Where Are They Now” Remix makes me want a new LP of hers to drop TOMORROW.

Comment by Supreme Neck Protector 10.01.07 @

Jean Grae and Trina both hard.

Comment by the schwarz 10.01.07 @

Here’s a good rule of thumb – if your mum, sister or current “better half” likes the majority of music on your iPod, you may as well go and train-surf into a tunnel right away.

I think this statement as soooo archaic! Newsflash, there are chicks out here that appreciate quality hip hop & not some watered down version. Fergie & Nelly Furtado does what?

I hate songs made for girls (except back in the day Shante/Big Daddy Kane collabos, they were fire), but I like female mc’s.

I didn’t see Rah Digga’s name dropped, so I’ll do it now. Dirty Harriet

Comment by hottnikz 10.02.07 @

Eve’s guest verses are nice…they burn anything that lil wayne or lil whoever are drawling out anyway..

jane doe is nice…she appeared on disposable arts/blackstar. and mos def’s younger sister ces is listenable from that utd record. Layla from Australia…jean grae is a bit yeah/nah. Overrated. Don’t mind Estelle or Apani B.

whatever happened to feminem?? god she was terrible.

Comment by taylor 10.05.07 @

Rah digga is nice lotta people do sleep on her, Lil Kim was good until she started fuckin with her face.McLyte is good,Foxy all fucked up now. right now its not any women out there.They are eye candy or a joke doin they fergie shit, and trust that shit is real down.Im pretty sure their some are out there that is under ground,man they need to come up,cause a lot if this shit right now is nothin at least90% of it is garbage!!

Comment by kalandra 10.05.07 @

The Real Roxanne is a DUST HEAD now who lives in Staten Island…

Comment by EL GOAT 10.15.07 @

I think right now only Apani on the “real” hip hop scene is the shit, her new album is gone be dope and she from far the best live.her new joint for the J dilla compilation is crazy!!!

Invincible from detroit is nice too.
Jean Grae is good but we be waiting on sum new material for ages…

Comment by jesussuperstar 01.18.08 @

Does anyone know where I can cop or find LeShaun’s unreleased album “Ain’t No Shame In My Game” that was suppose to drop back in 93-94 on Tommy Boy records.

Comment by J.Boriqua 06.24.08 @

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