“It’s Comin’ Out When I Tell It To Come Out, Man”
Wednesday September 26th 2007,
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As long as he’s on some shit like this, I don’t care how it comes out.

Raekwon – “Smith Bros.”

Raekwon – “Hard To Tell”

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he also says “its comin out when i tell it to come” which is the much gangsterer phrasing.
also, dont forget to respect his mustache.

Comment by spotrusherz 09.26.07 @

Im posting this pic all over the net.

This should be the album cover!

Sickest CD/album cover, since J.R. Ewing’s “Son Of A Gun” mixtape

shit yeah!

Comment by AFFEX 09.26.07 @

Projects, infested with rats cats and crack homes
Half of us’ll try to make it, the other half’ll try to take it
So many fake half real freedom-ville
Born to science my alliance analyzes

Comment by MyerLanskyCrashinfantasy 09.26.07 @

“listen man, listen you fucking asshole, yousa fucking dick!” – Ravenkw0n (a fucking genius)

Comment by idris intifada 09.26.07 @

I just’ sincerely hope it’s not 2 Little, 2 Late, been waiting since Cuban I – (True Masterpiece!)

Comment by Truth 09.26.07 @

I would humbly suggest that the sequel could never be anywhere near as good as the original, because 60% of why that album’s so hot is RZA’s beats. And he doesn’t make beats like that anymore.

Comment by Tray 09.26.07 @

Smith Bros. is Rae’s tribute to the Bay Area jewel theif underground


Comment by Ceasar'sPalaceEatinSalads 09.26.07 @

Smith Bros. is rae’s tribute to the Bay Area jewel thief underworld, from back in the gravy 80s


Comment by Grand Invincible 09.26.07 @

heroin only n
da vatican joints
are dope. album
wont come anyway.

Comment by swordfish 09.26.07 @

Spotrusherz, that’s what I meant to call post in the first place. Also please respect the hair on his legs (Aayyooooo!…technology).

I had no idea about that jewel thief connection either. Good shit.

Comment by Robbie 09.26.07 @

check the house of wax outro..
russian cut with superb and the young black with ghost..

raekwon is the illest

Comment by Bjorn 09.26.07 @

dope. :)

Comment by Dayrell 09.27.07 @

Dope indeed.

Comment by End Level Boss 09.27.07 @

maybe it’s just that the gods haven’t had this conversation in a long time:
Yeah yeah I’m tired of doing this shit
Aight word aight I’ma set it
Tell me how you feel man
Yo son check the fly shit son
Sup cousin how you doin?
Yo baby check it man
I got a new connect son for real man
Fuck all this twenty four brick shit man
No doubt
My man got out of state for fifteen
Yo know my man’s gonna represent PA, politickin to death so
Right right
It’s all good, what’s up? What you wanna do?
We gotta move God, we gotta move God, we gotta migrate
Get the fur, get the fuck outta New York, yaknowhatI’msayin?
Bounce man, start fuckin with bigger and better shit
So you tellin me no more big eights strictly breaks
No more no more no more man
Then I’m with you, I’ve been waiting
No more God
It’s the pot of gold right here man this is it, man this is glory
So yo, the first thing we gotta do man
Is just know what we gonna do with this cream when we get it man
Cause I’m not trying to just be, sitting on motherfucking two-hundred thou
And acting like I’ma just be a
a drug dealer all my life
Son I got bigger and better plans Son
No doubt, we gonna move on man
And you know I be fuckin with anybody man
Son, long as the love and the trust is there Son
We gonna grow God
You know it Tony
We gonna grow like a plant Son
Yo you coming at me like that Son?
For real Son, come on you know me man
You know my style Son
You know how my heart feels though God
No doubt
But yo God, for real, this is my last time God
I’m hangin this shit up man if this shit don’t work right here God
Word up, I feel the same way
I feel the same way kid
Yo God, yaknowhatI’msayin?
I got shot at man, my moms windows got shot the fuck up man
Yo God, my baby’s in here God, see I gotta take time man
and raise my family man
Yeah yeah yeah
YaknowhatI’msayin? Sit around man, my grandkids man
But yo Son, it’s like this man
We all livin man, we here now man
Word man
YouknowhatI’msayin? Let’s not think like we gon be stagnating man
Let’s keep movin ahead man, keep our head up man
Take care of our families man
God, word is bond, I’m your eyes that’s in back of you kid
Let’s do it then

Comment by Grand Invincible 09.27.07 @

Rae sounds lethargic and fat. Not the nimble rhymer he was in ’95.

Comment by Finally 09.27.07 @

I hate to be the naysayer but the tracks Robbie posted don’t sound hot at all to me. Maybe it’s just me.

To hear a dope Rae track from after Cuban Linx check out Guerilla Rap with Tragedy and then tell me if this new mixtape shit can hold a candle to that track.

Not impressed, at all.

Comment by silent minority 09.27.07 @

Trag ft Rae-Gorilla Rap


Not Rae at his best but infinitely better than most of his recent shit. Trag kills it though.

Comment by silent minority 09.27.07 @

that pic looks like the cover to one of the old E40/Sic-Wid-It releases!

Comment by step one 09.27.07 @


Smith Bros is fire: I can’t wait for this to drop.

Take it easy,


Comment by Dan Love 09.27.07 @

what’s with the pop gun Rae’s holdin’? i’m thinking he’s more of a desert eagle – type. ch-ch-bow!! move from the gate now…

seriously though, he’s been talking about originality missing in hip-hop in some interviews but he’s still coming with this coke shit. ice water isn’t very original either. i mean, what are they really bringing to the game? seriously? just watch the video they got out. frontin’. plus the album is snoozy, from top to bottom…

Comment by sooch 09.27.07 @

I thought “Smith Bros” was on Raekwon’s third album (forgot the name) already??? Probably the only track on there worth something..

Comment by Peter 09.28.07 @

“I thought “Smith Bros” was on Raekwon’s third album”

^ It was. Here’s hoping he makes more like it.

Comment by Robbie 09.28.07 @

yeah raekwon is terrible, wu tang never made a good record, rza beats have always sounded like some fisher price playskool shit, i like raffi and the wiggles, thems are true gangsta hip hop, they will bust caps in all you fake ass wannabees, they teach the seeds, boobah is the best……….you stupid fucking clowns i swear ta god y’all talkin rae fell off are on some speak and spell shit, learn to tie your shoes first before you speak ill of a true lyricist shifting tectonic plates bar by bar, and yeah its true rza doesn’t have the same beats of ’94, but he has made thousands of beats since then, i personally think that there are some up and coming djs and producers that deserve more shine than the ones who have made their mark, i think enoch who produced a couple of cyne albums sounds like some old school rza, and pretty much anything that marco polo touches is pretty golden, its too bad its only dre and rza on ob4cl2, because raekwon could easily turn dime-a-dozen beatmakers into well known producers

Comment by gstatty 09.29.07 @

gstatty you need to chill, nobody said Rae had fallen off, I said his new material is lacking and sooch mentioned originality.

I’ll ignore your namecalling, for now.

Comment by silent minority 09.29.07 @

rae needs to lay off the nyquil before he hits the booth.

Comment by bbatson 09.29.07 @

@finally “Rae sounds lethargic and fat. Not the nimble rhymer he was in ‘95.”

i think hes gotten better, silent minority, i didn’t have any problems with your comments or sooch’s

i’ll ignore your confusion, for now

oh and i agree with sooch that ice water is pretty much a snoozefest, there are a few standout tracks, but i’d say 70 percent of it is garbage and doesn’t get much play from me if any

Comment by gstatty 09.30.07 @

Definition of lethargic:

‘deficient in alertness or activity.’

That sounds like Rae on most of his new material, though. Just like the nyquil comment by bbatson.

Everyone wants some heat from Rae but he has to live up to the promises he keeps making.

In all honesty, everyone is on his side.

Comment by silent minority 09.30.07 @


Comment by bodega james 10.02.07 @

this cover is ok, but nothing compared to the actual Scarface debut CD cover


Comment by wax 10.03.07 @

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