Kurious Jorge – The Unkut Interview
Monday September 24th 2007,
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The Constipated Monkey album was the shit when it first came out. V.I.C. was still rolling with the Beatnuts, and as a result they delivered some of their finest work for “Jorge of the Projects” to kick it over. Now Kurious is preparing a new album with MF Doom after an extended break from releasing music, and to whet our appetite he’s re-released his debut with a bunch of demos. I caught-up with Jorge a couple of weeks ago to find out what he’s been up to.

Robbie: Was CM Mob your first crew?

Kurious: Those are some of my friends, but it wasn’t really a rap crew. I started rhyming with MF Grimm and King Sun back in the days. Those guys are the ones who influenced me to start rapping.

Are you still rolling with Kadi, the man with the yellow hat?

Yeah, that’s my man. He’s chilling. That’s my boy, we grew up since babies together so I speak to him almost everyday and we hang out, but he does what he does. On this project he’s not with me, but hopefully I can drag him out for a couple of shows or something.

How did you end-up releasing your first album on Hoppoh?

Coz me and Bob grew-up in the same building together. But then when I was making songs and demos and stuff, it was either I go to Def Jam with Russell or go to Pete. Columbia wouldn’t give them a distribution deal unless I was on their label, so I went with them instead. Plus I had a verbal agreement with Pete, so I just stayed true to my word and went with them.

After that album we didn’t hear much from you. Did you pursue other things for a while or were you disillusioned?

Yeah. Just kinda pursued other things. I was still making music but wasn’t on a label or trying to make records and travel around. I was more just doing what I had to do to make ends meet – just working. I was managing tutoring programs for kids in the Bronx. I’m not a teacher but I just managed the programs, but I enjoy working with kids.

A lot of people would have heard you on Doom’s stuff. That song on Operation: Doomsday was crazy. How did that come about?

He called me up, because we would be together a lot, and he was like “Yo, I’ve gotta submit this record tomorrow. If you want, I need a verse from you or whatever.” So I just went to his house and laid it in the house, so that was cool.

What’s sparked you to work on a new project?

I’ve been wanting, for the last couple of years, just to do a compiled pile of music, like an album or whatever. Then when I got with the Amalgam Digital folks, that just put the lock on it. These guys can see my vision – they’re hip-hop dudes – so it was perfect. That kicks the project into gear. Now it’s a priority to do this, so that was good. That was all I needed.

So I assume that you’ve still been doing music over all these years, you just haven’t been releasing it in a commercial sense? Is that fair to say?

Yeah, it is. And also when you’re not doing it in the commercial sense, so you’re not doing it as much, but you’re still doing it. I’m always thinking verses and stuff, but you might go do a song a month, or a song every couple of months. Time will go by without you going into the studio, but you’ll still always be having all kinda rhymes in my head, and writing down verses and stuff.

Would you say that you’re going to be hitting people with the same type of flavor? Although that was a long time ago, so…

The content’s a little different, coz I’ve been through a lot more, and I’m a grown-ass man! I was a kid when that stuff came out, but a lot of it is similar. You can’t change – you are who you are – so some it is gonna be similar, but now you get to hear the grown version of Jorge, of that kid. I like it, I think it’s much better too – not that it gets better or worse though. It was what it was and it is what it is, I just feel stronger about it because this is where I’m at now.

Constipated Monkey seemed like a pretty personal record, as far as the listener felt like they got to know you on there.

Oh OK. This one should be just as personal. We’re coming with the re-issue first, then the second record. But the re-issue is cool ‘cause if you buy it from the Amalgam Digital store, you’re gonna get six of my demos. Songs that I recorded before the album – and around that time – that helped me get signed. Songs that have never been heard before. One of them is produced by Prince Paul, you’ve got Sam Sever, Stimulated Dummies, so that’s fun. That’s gonna be interesting.

Another track I really liked was “Leave Ya With This”, coz I was a big fan of the Mr. Hood album and I felt it when Subroc passed. That was a really nice tribute I thought.

Thanks man. That was cool. Yo, you really know you’re stuff, man. I gotta give it to you. You’re like thorough, man.

Are you happy to talk a bit about that?

Yeah, we can talk about that. What do you wanna know?

Just some of your memories of Subroc.

Aw man, that dude was incredible! He was brilliant. He used to come through…we used to kick it, man. He’d come through with Doom – he was real funny, very energetic…always. He just had a high energy, man.

That obviously affected Doom severely [when he was killed]…

I would have to imagine – that’s his brother.

…that’s an understatement I guess.

Each man feels his feelings on the inside, the way he does, but all I can say – just from being around Doom – I’m sure that’s something very strong to go through, but he handled it like a man, like really cool. He just seemed very strong about it. But of course when you lose your brother, that’s serious.

Is MF Grimm part of your new project?

Yeah, I got a couple of beats from him, he’s gonna have some production on there. The album’s only halfway, so there’s still room there if he wants to get on some more.

Have you got any other guest that you have in mind?

I’m trying to get a song with Joell OrtizSadat X, I spoke to him recently and he said he wants to do something, so that could be in the works.

I don’t suppose there’ll be any appearances from my man Willie Scratch – “I got two tumors In my bloomers!”

Oh yeah! Yo, that’s funny man. Nah I don’t think he’s gonna be there.

You had some lines about dropping trips. Did you have any ill experiences on that tip?

Yeah, I did. I used to wyl’ out. Have a couple of bad ones too. [chuckles] But now I chill there, that was just for then, that was fun. But now I get my grown man drink on. [laughs] Various things, I haven’t had a trip in a minute. I mean I would do it though! If you ever get some, man, I’ll do it witchu.

[laughing] Alright, cool. So when you drink, what’s the flavor of the moment?

I like Jamieson, I drink the Jamieson.

No shit?! That’s my drink – Irish Whiskey.

That’s your drink too? That’s funny. I like Jamieson, straight-up, and then like a beer with it. I like that Stella beer – Stella Artois. That’s my shit.


That’s funny you drink Jamieson too. Look at that shit.

Yeah man, I keep that in the freezer. A neat Jamieson’s and sometimes chuck a little Caffrey’s in there. That Irish Draught.

What is that?

It’s kinda like a Guinness, but it’s not as nasty. It’s a lighter ale, but it has that same milky thing. I’ve got this bootleg of you performing at the Rock Steady Anniversary in the early nineties. Do you still do stuff with them?

No, I haven’t been to a Rock Steady event in a minute, but my mother lives right across the street from Rock Steady [Park], where I grew up. It’s in Jersey now so I haven’t been in a minute, but when I see my Rock Steady folks – I see Ken Swift all the time, that’s my man. I haven’t seen Crazy Legs in a while. R.I.P. to Buck 4 and Kuryaki. My man Doze, I see him sometimes, so shout-out to the Rock Steady crew.

Did you ever used to go bombing when you were a youngster?

Nah, I was never into graffiti. Some of my boys were, but my writing always looked like a little kid writing, man. I never had that skill. That would just look funny and shit so I stayed away from that. That’s good too, coz I probably avoided a lotta beef behind that. All that writing shit? When I was coming up? Back in the days it wasn’t sweet. [laughs] Dude’s would get into beef over that shit! Like a lotta my boys now, 80% of the beef they had coming-up was all graffiti-related. So that’s good, I didn’t need all that extra shit. Dude’s trying to take your paint, take your markers…mad coz you went over ‘em. Shit like that.

As far as the way you put your lyrics together, do you have a process for writing songs? You don’t strike me as someone who writes in the studio five minutes before recording.

That’s what I do! That’s how I did my whole record, man. The only song that I think I wrote some at home was “I’m Kurious” – I started it the night before. The rest of ‘em were all right in the studio.

Shit….you must be pretty nice off the head.

Yeah, I‘ve been known for that.

Who are you into now?

I don’t really buy as much rap these days, but I like some of those new artists out there. I like Jeezy, I always liked the Yonkers dudes – The LOX and DMX – I’m fans of them. Kanye, I just came from his listening party, his stuff sounded really good.

So when can we expect the new LP?

Be looking for that around the New Year. And the other acts here on Amalgam Digital too – Tash and Treach, they’re gonna have records coming. Look out for me too with the shirt company. I got all kinds of shirts, man. T-shirts, button-down shirts, polo shirts, baby’s, maternity – alladat. Shirts man, just shirts.

Buy the first album + bonus demos from Amalgam Digital

Kurious Jorge – “Live At Rock Steady Jam, 1996”

Powerule feat. Rebel, Johnny Jay and Kurious Jorge – “Young Stars From Nowhere”

Main One feat. Fat Joe, Joe Fatal. Prince Powerule and Kurious Jorge – “El Gran Combo”

MF Doom feat. Kurious – “?” video

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That MF Doom is about 50lbs. fatter than the “MF Doom” who showed up at the show in San Francisco to lip synch for 22 minutes back in August.

Comment by Nordy 09.24.07 @

soooo fresh

Comment by Anyextee 09.24.07 @

Great..Kurious..Im souped..that album dropped like the same day as illmatic and i remember tellin everybody it was better…in hindsight was just a huge Kurious fan.I still got the headband at my moms house with the dude laying on top of the letters.bought every single and the lp and all that…good to hear he’s on amalgam digital cuz my group Eff Radio which is on Smacks Records and run by Mr Len is coming out on Amalgam soon as well. This interview is a great start for the day.Oh and hell yeah he’s nice off the head.Kurious used to be on the skinny bones show with stretch and bob(before it was stretch and bob) and freestyle all the time.damn im amped.

Comment by MERCILESZ 09.24.07 @

Good to see Kurious back in the game. I always loved “A Constipated Monkey”. I remember hearing “Walk Like A Duck” on a Red Alert tape I had back in the day and asking about the album for the next year at the record store, waiting for it to come out.

Comment by Travis 09.24.07 @

Word up. Keep it poppin Gorge. But Mercilesz, good as Illmatic ? regardless, Gorge looking forward to hearing new album..

Comment by shamz 09.24.07 @

I am so pleased he is back and that we finally got to hear the demos (whatever the quality, I jave always been a big fan, he is just one of a kind Kurious and lol at you two talking your grown man drinks…haha, doesn’t Jorge sport a bottle of Jack in the ? video

Comment by Jaz 09.24.07 @

tsk tsk Shamz, spell it with a J not with a G remember?


Comment by Jaz 09.24.07 @

Stimulated dummies were always on

Comment by Grand Invincible 09.24.07 @

i gave the hindsight disclaimer Shamz….its gravy

Comment by MERCILESZ 09.24.07 @

Keep doing your thing. Love from Slovenia.

Comment by janez 09.24.07 @

Yo, who is that fat dude with the big afro (pictured above) that was in random videos back in the day? I never did figure that out

Comment by a-one 09.24.07 @

a-one thats lord sear from the stretch and bob show…he has his own show called the drunk mix on sirius radio….dude is hilarious

Comment by MERCILESZ 09.24.07 @

actually u might be confusing him with a dude named power

Comment by MERCILESZ 09.24.07 @

new Kurious joint, best news i’ve heard in a long time.

seems like most folks commenting here have already checked Constipateds.. if you haven’t, grab the re-issue. the beats are dope, though a little dated, but its that early 90’s gold. his rhyme content hasn’t dated and shows you what a bit of sincerity can do.

Comment by Tiny Tyrant 09.24.07 @

Hmm, I’d like to download this amalgam digital version but what format is it? The website doesn’t say. If it’s straight MP3, I’d buy it for the extra tracks.

Comment by Finally 09.25.07 @

merc. . i had that headband with him holding the brew wit his foot .. that shyt vanished man .. u selling it ??

Comment by dolo 09.25.07 @

Dope interview Robbie!

I still bump the album on the regular

still waiting on the Boss Money interview though! ha!

Comment by AFFEX 09.25.07 @

not even if i could find it..i know how u feel tho

Comment by MERCILESZ 09.25.07 @

Last time I checked , jazz was spelled with two z’s…..tsk,,,tsk.. It’s too fly of a interview for you to worry about my spelling??? By the way I graduated with a English degree, so i’m not tripping…..This is a Hip Hop post not an essay……..By the way if you are not Jaz of “Originators” fame, change your name lil homie…….Herb

Comment by shamz 09.25.07 @

now I grab my crotch cuz I’m top notch— man thought it was dope when de la said it, thought it was even doper when CM sampled it whoever did that one

I like to eat live crab

Comment by Grand Invincible 09.25.07 @

Nice interview, yet again. I wanna hear a new Kurious/Sadat X combo.

Comment by silent minority 09.25.07 @

beatnuts sampled it…and shamz ur buggin his name is Jorge he’s puertorican and he had song called spell it with a j not with a g…no need for name calling

Comment by MERCILESZ 09.25.07 @

actually half puertorican half cuban not fidel

Comment by MERCILESZ 09.25.07 @

btw u even spelled it wrong in english its george….had to point that out….

Comment by MERCILESZ 09.25.07 @

I know about the song, I had the record backday……..Mercilesz, thanks for taking up for little homie……Who cares? It was a good interview………By the way you spell merciless wrong…..HAHAHAHA………The English languge is not my peoples original language, so I can flip this language in any way I see fit…….

Comment by shamz 09.25.07 @

z is a latin s…english is written in latin letters,there is no such thing as english letters so basically we all kan spell anything da way we want 2. nerd

Comment by MERCILESZ 09.25.07 @

i mean not to hate constipated monkey, but calling it a classic? it was aight. it wasnt that dope though, i have a copy and i havent bumped it in years…whats with the revisionist history here?

Comment by asasdads 09.26.07 @

I remember showing the “constipated monkey” cover to a friend of mine who didn’t have album and he was like “Top Notch,Spell It With a J,Leave Ya With This….great titles!” By the way, you cannot call yourself a grown-up drinker if you keep your whisky in the freezer…whisky should not be drunk cold unless you mix it with soda. Peace!

Comment by ceedub 09.26.07 @

Merc—–I have been peeping your post for awhile on this site, and for the record you have never dropped any science……..Never…….Kurious’s homeboy {M.F. Doom} summed it up best…”Real men mind their own business”……..Me and Jaz had a little joke session……And here you come trying to play hero over some simple shit……..Your not on my level with this Hip Hop so don’t even try……..If your more concerned with grammer in Hip Hop, than dope interviews I think you missed the boat………….Sap

Comment by shamz 09.26.07 @

then dont worry about me…..oh i forgot this pop hop shit and im not ur level….dont read my posts nerd

Comment by MERCILESZ 09.26.07 @

Maybe Ice Cube said it best ” Back up genius, I don’t need you to correct my broken english”….{ Be true to the game}…In case you didn’t know Merc……By the way……..There is a dancehall legend with the name “Merciless” already, in case you didn’t know……Merc……….Maybe I should call myself “Ninjaman”, and throw more darts at you……..Fool

Comment by shamz 09.26.07 @

Glad to have him back – sad that acsm didnt get the props it deserved at the time…. I play that LP all the time!

Hope the production is as good on this as “?”….

Comment by jbiz 09.26.07 @

Spell it with a J and not with a G!!

Constipated Monkey’s is a classic Hip Hop LP – up there with the likes of the Main Source – Breaking Atoms, Cru – Dirty 30 and the Tribe LP’s and not forgetting the World Famous Beatnuts!

The Beatnut’s production on Constipated Monkey is out of this world. Just listen to Uptown Shit for a lesson in how to make a classic joint!!

One of the many dope tracks on the LP is “What’s the real” with Casual, who drops this dope verse:

“I got the ill phat shit
so watch me kill that shit
I kick styles, to tease
MCs you know me
I’ll whip that ass so bad
you’ll change your rhyme name to To-by”

When did Hip Hop stop being fun?!

Comment by Nick 09.26.07 @

oh now dancehall too?u know about all the black genres…i look up to you shamz

Comment by MERCILESZ 09.26.07 @

btw there is also a dancehall artist named cham so u know….this is the last time i reply to u….nerds

Comment by MERCILESZ 09.26.07 @

This all from a guy that thought “Constipated Monkey”, was better than Illmatic…{No disrespect Kurious} That shows me your off balance a little bit……I’m too busy putting in work to play with you anymore Merc/Merk/Jerk whatever??? Now go spell check some papers, while I contribute to the art……Eff Radio is suspect also……….Fruitcake

Comment by shamz 09.26.07 @

Eff Radio….Holla….Thanks 4 supporting my brand..great retort…i look up to u shamz….

Comment by MERCILESZ 09.26.07 @

as I typed this I literally yawned. Online posting beef is about as boring as reading “Jane Eyre”. English majors should understand this analogy. Let’s try to keep the postings relevant to the article that’s in focus. If you want you could squash all this nonsense with an online battle rap. That would be awesome and gay at the same time. With that said…

Big up Jorge, keep doing your thing. Can’t wait to hear the album.

Comment by GoreJuice 09.26.07 @

“a-one thats lord sear from the stretch and bob show…he has his own show called the drunk mix on sirius radio….dude is hilarious”

Lord Sear was also Kurious’s DJ back in the day. CM Famalam business.

Nice interview. I always wondered what happened to Jorge’s voice between A Constipated Monkey and ? on Doomsday. He is till dope but he sounds completely different.

A Constipated Monkey is a classic in my book. So is Illmatic. Two very different records.

Comment by chas_well 09.27.07 @

It’s also good to know that Kadi the man with the yellow hat is still around. One of the best-named people in hip-hop period.

Comment by chas_well 09.27.07 @

First rapper to shout out his dog.

Comment by Finally 09.27.07 @

Wow, Robbie, you’ve really done your homework. The people who are up on Kurious are very scarce. I love A Constipated Monkey with its boom bap sound and the down to earth lyrics.

A huge thanks for this interview. It’s good to know that Kurious is coming with new stuff.

Comment by Perttu 09.28.07 @

another great interview. He does sound real different in the video though. Kurious is the type of dude that as long as the beats are good he’ll be just fine.

p.s. shamz lighten up homey. Jaz was just joking.

Comment by bbatson 09.28.07 @

Man whenever I read anything Jorge has to say about the record or any of the mentions The Stimulated Dummies and in particular myself (Dante Ross)I/we dont seem to get much love for our involvment on the record. I produced his first demo, my former partner Geebee his second ( Jorge of the Projects and Trueness to the Blueness perhaps Kurious’ best song ever he should have out it on the record) I had Russel ready to sign him to Def Jam he loved the kid. He made the wrong move/choice and rolled with Pete Nice who took advantage of everybody involved. By the time we did the record I have to say me and my partners and Jorge were kind of over each other and the whole ordeal to some extent. I believe you can hear some of that tension in our songs together. To put it bluntly I think he put more into the Beatnuts tracks hence we never got a single out of the record.
Something that always bummed me out was we (actually my partner Geebee again) did Fresh Out the Box but somehow the BeatNuts got that production credit an oversite I’m still bummed out about till this day. I personally did the other 4 songs we had on the record make no bones about it I had alot invested personally in the record and in Jorge. For reasons unknown but most likely attributed to me and my hard working no bullshit ethos ( I had an A+R gig at the time and alot of records to make. My time was tight to say the least) Jorge and me seem to have formed some sort of contempt or tension if you will between us which still exists to this day. Jorge besides Grand Puba is one of the biggest underachievers I ever worked with.
The guy was a brilliant rapper on par with any I ever worked with. I cosigned him deeply to the world at large and at that point in time it meant alot to the hiphop community at large. His lack of focus and understanding that this was his one big shot, his track selection ( At least with the SD stuff. I think his demos were better to this day!) and song selection were not the best and the fact that he couldnt trust me deeper when it came to matters of business and music created a lot of distance between us. I still have love for Jorge but I believe in my heart of hearts if he had listened to me and took my knowledge and success into account he would have been a star or at least had a better chance at becoming one. His talent was there believe me, kid could rap his ass off but focus and seeing the big picture things that are essential to doing it big were questionable.
Just look at Everlast that guy uses every resource imaginable and has reaped the benifits several times in his career. He and Jorge are or I should say were on the same level talent wise just one guy knew how to apply himself better. Jorge and his records lack of big commercial success are one of my biggest disapointments in the music game ever. Kid should have been mega but it just wasnt meant to be.
Jorge or Grim who has a serious dislike for me for reasons unknown I hope if you read this,you know this all comes from love nothing more nothing less. Jorge please fix that credit it really bugs me still. Good luck bro stay focused it’s important.

Comment by D Ross 09.28.07 @

I demand a Stimulated Dummies interview! What’s up with Hard 2 Obtain? Do they have any unreleased material?

Comment by silent minority 09.28.07 @

I agree on the SD50s interview!

Comment by turtle 09.28.07 @

good lord get that Dante interview.

I gotta say I agree with Dante after hearing the demo stuff especially Trueness to the Blueness.. that was his best stuff. I have no idea what happened with it not being on the album so it is what it is.

I also gotta say Dante came real respectful and I hope it all gets settled. Peace.

Comment by bbatson 09.28.07 @

Nice interview.

Comment by bboy parkz 09.29.07 @

superb interview. looking forward to that new album.

get that dante ross intervew robbie!

Comment by KQ 10.02.07 @

People not up on Kurious?! Defintely were in metro NYC, they bumped it on video music box.
I was at the last few rock steady reunions in rock steady park and it was real- CAN WE PLEASE GET MORE OF THE ROCKSTEADY REUNION TRACKS?!
ps,I motion for a Dante Ross interview!!

Comment by bk 10.03.07 @

I do like the demo stuff quite a bit–Rice and Beans, Trueness to the Blueness….hey is there a finished version of Fill ‘Er Up or is that one verse on the demo the only thing in existence?

Kurious’ late ’90s/early 00 era stuff was real good too…his verse on “?”, as well as “All Great”, “Fastlane”, etc. A much more serious tone, but still a dope flow and style. I really believe Kurious could have blown up on the underground if he did a solo shot with Doom right after Gheedorah dropped (which had Fastlane on it, even though the track was mad old by then).

I suppose he could still do it like that–a Doom/Madlib type comeback album with Jorge would be insane. But the new stuff I hear on his myspace page is kind of weaksauce. I know he he’s got it in him though!

Stones Throw should sign him. They gave Percee-P a deal!

Comment by Finally 10.11.07 @

anyone who hasn’t heard trueness to the blueness can check it out here, great track


Comment by DW 10.13.07 @

Hey I’m down for the interview man reach back out sorry i was so busy when u last hit me up.

Comment by DRoss 11.04.07 @

I’m Japanese curious boy. Age the 18. My favorite hip-hop musician is KURIOUS.

Therefore please reply!!

Whose tune is the sample of the tune called “Leave Ya’ With This” of KURIOUS?

The person knowing please reply as soon as possible!

I wanna know it, and a head seems to be gone!!!!!

I ask…

Comment by Curious Boy 11.18.07 @

At the time of, The Constipated Money” release back in early 94′, I owned REQUEST 4 RECORDS in Abilene, Tx. I ordered in 50 copies of the album, not knowing anything about the artist, Kurious Jorge. I opened a copy and played it out of curiosity while I had about 30 customers in the store. Before I knew it, they were asking, “who is that ?” Within a 3 day span, I sold all the copies of the “Constipated Monkey” album. I did selfishly hang on to my personal copy, which I have and still jam to this very day . “NICOLE” is my @#^% !!!

Comment by Rodney Brooks 01.26.08 @

this cat still kills everything he’s on. i’m fiending for a new Jeorge lp.

Comment by 357 Nyc 12.17.08 @

dante ross always seems so bitter about some credits(which i understand), but yo blood, maybe some kats didnt want to be “MEGA” or no shit like that. but I do knw one thing; kurious is CLASSIC.

Comment by eyeknow429 06.29.09 @

That man Kurious is ill, and Constipated Monkey is borderline classic material, but the new record “II”, is just wholeheartedly disappointing….hope he still makes a record with DOOM….

Comment by BIG D O 08.07.09 @

Constipated Monkey is an amazing record, bought it on import the week it came out…I hated “Walk Like A Duck” at first but used to laugh my arse of at Kurious’ mates with the real first-manifestation-of-puberty, weaned off masturbation bumfluff moustaches…dude was ill on “Three Blind Mice” too.

Comment by vollsticks 07.12.10 @

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