Why G Rap Left NY
Wednesday September 19th 2007,
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Ever wonder why Kool G Rap left New York in the nineties? (Go and sit in the corner if you fell for that story about Eric B. running him out of town).

Quote removed by request

Kool G Rap – “On The Run” [Album Version]

The Trackmasterz remixes were great but I can’t mess with the “clean” vocals. Plus you know Sir Jinx always killed it on the sound effects.

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Damn… that’s when ya livin’ in the Streets Of New York.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 09.19.07 @

now i hear that song differently

Comment by MERCILESZ 09.19.07 @

Thats my man!!!….Always Dug His Shyte….Gotz Peeps in Corona!!!Big Up!!!…66 Born year group

Comment by Jersey!! 09.19.07 @

Yo I once heard a story from this dude out in Arizona named Don Salter, who owns Salt Mine Studios I think it’s out in Mesa or some shit. He had this other cat named Lance who used to engineer the sessions. Anyway, they said that G Rap was out there, “on the run,” recording the Roots of Evil CD. They said that he would have them put the beats on a continuous loop and he’d sit there for hours with a pad in front of him with a pen in one hand and his nine in the other. They said he seemed paranoid, and Don said that the only thing G used to say to him was “Don you my nigga, you my nigga Don” which was funny coming from this kooky old white desert cat who thought he was so cool. I don’t know if that studio still exists but anybody who’s been there knows that it was in the cut, like an industrial truck stop with the lightening breaking during monsoon season out on the desert plain. Totally G!

Comment by Grand Invincible 09.19.07 @

Oh and when the lightening and thunder used hit real hard like it does sometimes out there, the whole studio would brown out, giving it that haunted vibe, perfect for the Kool Genius.

Comment by Grand Invincible 09.19.07 @

Westwood used to rinse out On The Run back in the day. Only recently copped the Cold Chillin promo – still trying to find a beat good enough for a bend with the acapella!

Comment by step one 09.19.07 @

That’s interesting, everyone thought it as Eric B, right?


I was going to post the On The Run video as well for that video piece.

Comment by silent minority 09.19.07 @

yeah this is a old story for those that are in the industry and connected in the hood he ratted on supreme magnectic and them

Comment by vi 09.19.07 @

So how/why did he get out to Arizona in the mid-late 90s? (like Grand Invincible mentioned above)

Check out the guests and the exec producer on Roots of Evil, those guys definitely aren’t his boys from NY.

Comment by David 09.19.07 @

is he still in danger? If he is, that might account for his ghost-like, hoodied up appearance in Dave Chapelle’s Block Party. They never even showed a backstage close-up of him, it was like he was in and out

Comment by smoothtriumph 09.19.07 @

If that is a quote from T-Ray I gotta say that I had more respect for him when he wasn’t giving all these interviews. They seem desperate to prove his “ghetto points” or “hey look at me and how down I am”. Funny story about the studio in AZ. And I don’t care how many times it is shoved into my head about hown “gangsta” Eric B was/is, dude is corny…point blank. Never heard that it was him that made G Rap leave New York. Dude may have been tough I guess, but I doubt he was some shot calling super gangster as “street history” seems to want to make him be. Great post.

Comment by d 09.19.07 @

I heard something different. I heard that G Rap was on the run cuz some NY gangsters tried to force management on him and get a peice of his budget which was real big for the 4,5,6 album. ($400 grand)
I heard that these same cats are the ones who set up 2pac in the ny shooting. They tried to force management on him too. Just what I heard. Who knows what the truth is.

Comment by DOC SAMSON 09.19.07 @

So… is it meant to be a secret who you’re quoting there? Or incredibly obvious from some unnamed context?

Comment by Werner von Wallenrod 09.19.07 @

Maybe it’s T-Ray?

Comment by silent minority 09.19.07 @

damn did i miss the article or what?

Comment by Tabauri 09.20.07 @

yo why they shut that article down what the heck, can y’all hook me up with the stuff otherwise?

Comment by aziz 09.20.07 @

why do i feel like i’m back in the school yard?

Comment by Tiny Tyrant 09.20.07 @

I felt that the G Rap remeixes with the clean lyrics still sounded better than the original, but so be it, lol.

And I suspect that the man behind the now-deleted quote was in fact Mr. Ray.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 09.20.07 @

He was out on a dairy farm sabbatical. He had a job with the mob. Makin’ cheese.

Comment by Daddy Bones 09.20.07 @

Maybe Joe Fatal said it

Comment by Grand Invincible 09.20.07 @

T Ray mentioned it briefly in his interview so Im pretty sure its him

Comment by step one 09.20.07 @

WTF happened here? Just take the whole page down if you aren’t going to give up the goods.

Comment by Coxman 09.20.07 @

robbie, i’ll say it again, you know everytime g rap is mentioned on this site, i’ll say it, when the fuck are you gonna interview g rap, i bet this is a conspiracy with you and g rap sitting and laughing about when to drop the interview, just waiting for me to lose my damn mind… and in the news today gstat murks his self from frustration

Comment by gstatty 09.21.07 @

love the site. keep doin your thing.

Comment by 456 09.21.07 @

i missed the quote :(

Comment by brian beck from wisconsin 09.23.07 @

I missed it too, until I found the following !


Comment by monsterislandczar 09.24.07 @

I normally don’t waste me time commenting on articles but the G Rap tales have to stop…

As an insider during the whole “On the Run” fiasco, I can assure all of you that most of what you are reading is misinformation.

Comment by DrButcher 09.26.07 @

Yo I got a question. On the backcover of Paid in Full there is the picture everybody is talking about because the original 50 Cent is in it.

When I looked at that picture I see someone which looks exactly like G Rap. I’m sure it is him, but can someone confirm it ?

And which person on that picture is the original 50 Cent ??

Comment by Machine 09.28.07 @

That is definitely G-Rap.

50 cent is the cat squatting down holding chains.

Comment by drbutcher 09.29.07 @

That is definitely G-Rap.

50 cent is the brown skinned cat that is squatting down holding his chain.

Comment by drbutcher 09.29.07 @

uh oh. we defenitely need a butcher interview!

Comment by bbatson 09.29.07 @

Haha I was thinking that to but I thought Robbie might have a full schedule, or something.

I was tempted to say it though.

Comment by silent minority 09.29.07 @

“drbutcher” as in Dr. Butcher who did production on 4, 5, 6 album?

Comment by Perttu 10.02.07 @

No doubt….it’s yours truly.

Comment by Dr. Butcher 10.12.07 @

its a shame remix is my shit
peace dr butcher original x-men
that would be good interview

Comment by nes 11.27.07 @

Words can`t express my anger for this peice of shit. He`s an abusive retard and can`t rap for shit. I hope he sees this.

Comment by me 09.07.10 @

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