Flushing’s Finest – Neek The Exotic Part 2
Thursday October 25th 2007,
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Whether it was the fact that he uttered the line “keep it moving like Soul II Soul” on two different songs on his album with little concern, or his boast of being willing to “straight piss on bitches”, Neek comes off like the thinking man’s version of NORE, minus the shitty music.
In classic indy vinyl style, each release was on a different label – Wastelandz Entertainment, Large Entertainment, Freeze Records, From Da Bricks Ent. etc. – although I’m assuming these just reflected who paid to get the record pressed more than anything else (there’s a shout out to “Motherfuckin’ Man” crooner Joe Flav thanking him for the $1500 on the Backs N Necks EP).

“Pump Ya Fist” might just be Neek’s finest moment, as he instructs the ladies “to shake that ass while you’re rolling the grass” (you have to support that kind of multi-tasking) over an ill beat. “Money, Thugs” is a dope combination of Royal Flush, Neek and Large Pro, while “Hardcore” is one of the “modern” style Xtra-P beats that win (as opposed to some of the stuff on his solo). “Real Hip-Hop” is a bit of a throwaway, as the BBQ/”Nautilus” break is reheated with some “spacey” sounds, but Neek still brings his trademark gusto to the table.

When the Neek solo album dropped in 2003 it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, as it featured a couple of older tracks from the EP and an inferior remake of “Exotic’s Raw”, while some of the new joints just didn’t hit as hard as the previous singles. Nevertheless, “N.E.E.K.” and the Large Pro monster “Prepare To Get Stomped” (flipping yet another line from “Pee-Nile Reunion”) both brought the goods. This was to be the last we’d hear from Big Neek, until he suddenly resurfaced on the new album from Norway’s Tommy Tee for a song with Large Paul called “Overseas With Officials”. Here’s hoping he continues to “skate on niggas like the Icecapades” into 2008.

Neek The Exotic feat. Large Professor – “Hardcore”

Neek The Exotic – “Pump Ya Fist”

Neek The Exotic feat. Royal Flush & Large Pro – “Money, Thugs”

Neek The Exotic – “Real Hip-Hop”

Neek The Exotic – “N.E.E.K.”

Neek The Exotic – “Prepare To Get Stomped”

Bonus: Tommy Tee feat. Large Pro & Neek The Exotic – “Overseas With Officials”

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Dope…thanks Robbie

Comment by Jaz 10.25.07 @

Do you have the Neek The Exotic song Rock The Mic

Comment by Mob 10.26.07 @

LP and Neek had beef at a certain moment. I remember Neek and Flush were clownin’ Large on a radio show a few years ago. Kinda odd, since Neek pretty much owns his whole carreer to Paul.

Goodlookin’ on the Tommy Tee joint tho, havent heard it before. 1

Comment by The Funkologist 10.26.07 @

Hardcore and the rest of that EP was my personal favorite for years at a time when there wasn’t much to smile about in Hip Hop at all.

No one seems to have acknowleded that release so thanks for giving it the light it deserves.

Comment by Ausar 10.26.07 @

sick like this shit never heard him b4 thanks for the heads up

Comment by dre 3000 10.27.07 @

By the way, where did Large sample those vocals from 5 seconds into Fakin The Funk? You know, the buh buh buh buh buh buhhhhhhhh part.

Comment by Tray 10.29.07 @

He did it on ‘Funky 2 Listen To’, from The LP.

Comment by The Funkologist 10.29.07 @

Good to hear some joints from Neek and Large Pro. I never heard that joint from Tommy Tee, that was a definite banger.

Comment by Bronxbred 10.29.07 @

Ow my bad, you mean the Main Ingredient joint: ‘Magic Shoes’.

Comment by The Funkologist 10.30.07 @

I don’t know where you be finding these joints fam, but that’s why I just mailed your ass my never before wore Hydra records promo tee in thugged out QB black.

Comment by DP 11.01.07 @

^ A Hydra shirt? That’s getting framed.

Comment by Robbie 11.01.07 @

i have the Neek album if anyone wants a copy, font22@gmailDOTcom… i think it has all these except the Tommy Tee one… there are 2 different versions of that “Exotic is Raw,” i have both; one is on the album and the other was only released on vinyl. i am most definitely interested in swapping music w/ anyone. get at me cat!

Comment by onthaStrenff 11.19.07 @

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