Flushing’s Finest Part 1- Neek The Exotic
Monday October 22nd 2007,
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Remember the hyped-up kid that traded rhymes with Large Pro on “Fakin’ The Funk”? Neek The Exotic got his first shot on MC Shan‘s “Don’t Call It A Comeback” / “Pee-Nile Reunion” single from the (never released) Hip Hop Roughneck album, as he went for his over a Large Pro/G Rap beat. Thanks to a handy accapella version, this verse also provided the choruses to half of Neek’s future songs – “Top Billin'” style – and introduced some classic Neek-ism’s such as “rip ’em flip ’em” and “backs ‘n necks”.

It’s hard to pin down what exactly sets this Wastelandz resident apart from the pack, but Neek’s combination of excitable semi-Shout rap delivery, unique timing and occasionally ignorant content over banging tracks is a good combination in any situation. His duet with Paul Sea over superb J-Love and co. production is also worth checking, not least of all to hear Large say “for real you know the deal this is unkut” and Neek to let us know that “me and rap stick together like hookers and patent leather”. “Exotic’s Raw” and “Rip ‘Em Flip ‘Em” are taken from his first solo single, which was the first in a series of indy vinyl drops he released with musical assists from Xtra-P and Yusef Lateef. More of these to follow in Part 2….

MC Shan feat. Neek The Exotic, Diesel & Kool G Rap – “Pee-Nile Reunion”

Main Source feat. Neek The Exotic – “Fakin’ The Funk”

The Sqwad feat. Large Pro & Neek The Exotic – “Rhyme Mania ’99”

Neek The Exotic – “Rip ‘Em Flip ‘Em”

Neek The Exotic – “Exotic’s Raw”

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nice drop as always robbie.

shans flow reminds me of raekwon on that pee-nile reunion joint.

Comment by KQ 10.22.07 @

I always liked this cat, and it’s a shame he never had an album (with all Large Pro production thanks)

Robbie, do you have the Big Ran (Wastelandz) No Love joint please?

Comment by Jaz 10.22.07 @

That “Rhyme Mania ‘ joint, got a lot of burn back then….I have his L.P. but he didn’t seem focused throughout……”Fakin the Funk” will always make me spazz out…Who would of thought things would get this bad…….The beauty of that era is, that was commercial Hip Hop at the time…..It was accessible, but not overkill…Dudes with skills could actually make a living in Hip Hop, now it’s a liitle backwards….Looking forward to seeing part 2……Thanks

Comment by shamz 10.22.07 @

‘Who would of thought things would get this bad……’

I think that a lot, De La did Stakes Is High quite a while back and in the mid-late 90s plenty of people were complaining about shit but look at it now………….

Comment by silent minority 10.22.07 @

Totally underrated MC. That “Money, Thugs” track with Large Pro and Royal Flush is dope as hell.

Comment by Eons 10.22.07 @

dope drop, i had completely forgotten about that exotic’s raw joint

Comment by spotrusherz 10.22.07 @

Yeah it’s funny, “Fakin’ the Funk” was commercial (as far as being popular/mainstream) back in the day and I didn’t really like it much at the time.

But today’s commercial rap is a whole other beast. Hip hop was much different when Hip Hop Hooray, Fakin the Funk, and Crossover were commercial hit singles.

Even “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em” sounds like Ilmmatic next to the likes of WIPE ME DOWN and A BAY BAY!

Comment by Finally 10.22.07 @

What was the Money, Thugs track on, Eons? Was it a 12? I’m wondering whether I’ve got it, was it on Exotic’s Raw?

A few years back Large Pro had a website up mentioning he was doing work with Royal Flush but those tracks never materialised, wonder what happened with that………..

Comment by silent minority 10.22.07 @

nice one…
anybody happens to know if this producer Yusef Lateef is maybe a son or something of the jazz-cat Yusef Lateef? Or maybe just coincidence..?

Comment by Kris 10.22.07 @

I can’t recall, I’d have to check. I know I have a Neek test press and it may be on that.

I can send it along to Robbie if he needs/wants it for pt. 2 otherwise I can do a zshare or something. Don’t want to steal his thunder though, y’know?

Comment by Eons 10.22.07 @

“Money, Thugs” will be in the next drop, and that Big Ran/Royal Flush song will be featured in the Flush piece which will follow soon.

Comment by Robbie 10.23.07 @

Neek is dope…and the non album version of Exotic Is Raw is ..well…raw as fuck

Royal FLush got a new album coming out…shit should be dope…that new Fake Rappers joint is ill

Ghetto Millionare is a certified classic

Comment by AFFEX 10.23.07 @

Always been a fan of Flush, he could really do with all Large Pro production on an lp, wonder what happened with that……

Flush and EZ-Elpee were a dope combo.

Comment by silent minority 10.23.07 @

Wicked post..!! Neek the Exotic kinda appeared from nowhere and killed that jam. I still got an old Yo MTV Raps, with Main Source performing Fakin The Funk(with Neek)some cats here may recall that show..Ed Lover goes over the credits reeling off a list off wack rappers who are Fakin The Funk like vanilla ice, Hammer.lol.classic beat

Comment by P.M.ES 10.24.07 @

Yeah I was going to post that MTV Raps performance.

Comment by silent minority 10.24.07 @

“muthafuckin’ man” and “hardcore” were the neek joints for me.

it was bizarre how large pro went from tracks of the quality of those 2, “exotic is raw”, “i sparkle” for slick rick, “coochie” for akinyele, “what you want” for the u.n and “you’re da man” for nas from ’98 – 2001 and then dropped that shitty “first class” album in 2002

Comment by brian beck from wisconsin 10.25.07 @

Your not completely wrong Brian.

“Shitty” is quite harsh statement. Give it another earing and you may discover some joints you like?

Comment by P.M.ES 10.25.07 @

LP changed his sound for a lot of First Class but his rhymes were on point.

I liked some of the beats, maybe 40%.

Comment by silent minority 10.25.07 @

Maybe not 40%, some of the beats I thought were good (The Man), some were OK and a few I didn’t feel at all.

Comment by silent minority 10.25.07 @

stay chisel and that’s it, a 12″ would of sufficed, is there a 12″ of that?

Comment by Curator 10.25.07 @

Yeah there’s a 12 of “Stay Chisel” and “Akinyele”.

Neek on MTV Raps was classic.

Comment by Robbie 10.25.07 @

1st Class was utterly worthless. Except for “In The Sun” which I think was like 5 years old anyway by the time the album dropped.

Comment by Finally 10.25.07 @

In The Sun was a nice track, and you’re right I think it was quite old.

Am I the only one who like ‘The Man’? Or the rhymes on HipHop, Kool, etc?

Comment by sielnt minority 10.25.07 @

that track ‘Kool’ on the 1st Class was nice! As for ‘In The Sun’ – the source got it right for once when q-Tip’s verse got verse of the month. The 1st class album was RAW – all the drum programming and all that was some throwback flavour that was still evolving! ha. whatever! anyway it was a bad ass record when i heard it. This site is sooo dope! nice one fellas. I was just listing that pee-nile reunion on ebay the other day – i forgot how good that 12″ was. guess I’ll have to hoard it now like all the other shit i never listen too

Comment by AO 10.26.07 @

kris, maybe its a yusef lateef loop? i dunno, sometimes they are credited as a composer…. maybe not though

Comment by idris intifada 10.27.07 @

1st class was kinda dope. too bad u cant find a copy now.

Comment by MERCILESZ 10.28.07 @

There are copies everywhere, try: http://www.hhv.de.

Comment by The Funkologist 10.29.07 @

good looks i guess i was limiting myself to the us

Comment by MERCILESZ 10.29.07 @

I was limiting myself too, but I get my records from all around the world nowadays.

Comment by The Funkologist 10.30.07 @

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